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Latest Forum Threads in SAP NetWeaver Technology Platform

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    I am trying to install SAP Netweaver XI. I sucessfully installed ABAP system but whenever I try to install the Java Plug-In.


    I get the followign error:


    ERROR 2007-01-05 16:06:49


    CJS-20057 Starting J2EE Engine DVEBMGS00 of SAP system XI3 failed: after 22 seconds the state of the engine changed from "Stopping" to "Stopped".




    changed from "Starting" to "Stopped"


    I tried all the solutions suggested through the forum like :


    1) Increasing the Java heap size using the Java Plugi-In from


    50 MB to Unlimited.




    2) Increasing the heap size through the config tool with the following entries:


    Run the configtool.bat


    For the instance_ID:-

    Message Server and Bootstrap tab

    256MB memory

    no Java parameters set


    Servers General Tab

    Max heap size 256MB








    General TAB

    Ensure the max heap size is 64



    Bootstrap TAB

    Max heap size 384

    (no JAva parameters set)


    the SERVER ID

    General TAB

    Max Heap Size 528

    Java parameters as below....











    Bootstrap Tab


    -no java parameters set


    Shut down the Java stack in MMC, pressed the Retry button


    3). Edited the profile parameter to include


    jstartup/vm/home = <your jdsk> location


    4). Retrying and resatring the server many times also was not of any use.



    I am installing SAP XI on a Virtual Machine with Windows 2003 Server and 1900MB of RAM and 80 GB of HardDisk.


    The VM is running on a Pentium IV 2.8 GHz system.



    I request you to kindly reply to this problem ASAP as I am working on it for the last one week without any result.





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    Hi guys,


    I'm trying to import Development Configurations, and the following message is appearing: "Could not get system landscape directory client". I'm sure is not an authorization issue, because I was able to do it with my user using a remote desktop of an external consultant. I've followed and installed everything included in the NWDS 7.3 installation guide. Is there something else that I need to do?





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  • 03/04/13--13:50: Transferencia de stock
  • Buenas tardes,


    Cuando se hace un translado de mercancia, el me mueve el inventario de una bodega a otra.

    El problema es que necesito que en el asiento contable me salga que sale de un centro de costos a otro.


    Como prodria realizar dicho proceso,


    De antemano gracias por la atención prestada,



    Juan Camilo Gomez

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  • 09/25/07--19:33: SM04 session
  • Hi all,


    I noted that SAP R/3 session does not automatically ended after a user logs off from the ESS Frontend. This will result in a increase in session in SM04 eventhough the users had logout from the portal.


    I have adjusted some timeout parameter in transaction RZ10 in R/3 including rdisp/plugin_auto_logout and restarted the services. To test, i accessed the ESS Portal and access some IAC IVIEW. Thereafter, i logged off the portal and observed the session created in R/3 (SM04) and noted that the session including the RFC connections are not released at all.


    Anyone face this issue before? How can i control so that after the user logoff from the portal, the session in SM04 is end.


    Thanks in advance

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  • 12/14/07--22:18: hai expert
  • i am new in sap i want to do client copy (transport) in operating system level.

    (using R3trans). any one help me to give the steps for doing client transport....



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  • 12/29/07--02:32: Message Server Port
  • How to get Message Server Port of a J2EE Engine

    Using java

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    Hello All ,


    We are facing a situation that our PI / SAP webservices are not reachable because of our systems being in MZ zones behind our corporate firewall.


    I have looked for different options to make them accesable without compromising on security . The best solution i found until now is to use SAP webdispathcer.


    But i am not clear on how it works. I get it that it must be installed in DMZ and it is the entry point for all Http communication , I am not sure how it talks to SAP servers in MZ .


    Which protocol does it use ?


    Are ny port need to be opened in the corporate firewall ( between webdispathcer & SAP servers )


    If so which ones?


    If the ports are opened , what big value is webdispathcer serving ?


    Are there any other solutions for my problem ? (I already know about the AEX option ) .


    Would be interested to know about your current topology and its advantages/disadvantages.





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    Hi Gurus,


    The changes on the portal are not updated in the back-end. I booked for leave and training via the portal but I noticed that the 2 bookings are not reflected in SAP. The Overtime workflow still not working nothing happened when pressing the “submit button”. Has anybody encountered this before, what must I look at.




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    Dear Expert


    this is inform your that our new client by sap with Sybase database, I have done installation on MS SQL & Oracle database this is new for us.

    how to Install SAP ECC6 with Sybase database, I gone with Installation guide but not satisfactory process perform


    Kindly help me.



    Sanjay C.

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    Can anyone tell me about how to check transported requests


    in one server(ie transport took fromone client to another client).


    I tried through scc1 and the result which the system shown


    is "sucessfully transported".


    Also if that request belongs to functional guys so how shud I


    check  for the data.


    also when I release both the child and parent requests then


    at OS level no files are created under data and co-files.


    So any one who has good knowledge about Requests plz


    do reply.


    Thank you.

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  • 03/21/08--04:40: data and cofiles....
  • Hii all ,


    I have a Query regarding data and cofiles.actually we have


    requests in SE03 right if at all I choose these any one


    of these request to transport ..I am able to release them but


    after that I am not able to understand what next.....???


    ok I even want to know how are data and cofiles generated


    regarding a can we create them in


    usr\sap\trans ....I observed only when data and cofiles


    regarding requests are there in the file system we can import


    them in the STMS level.


    also any other information regarding requests let it be a basic


    thing plz do share ..


    Thank you.

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  • 03/21/08--10:23: optimize remote client copy
  • Hello All,


    We are going for a remote client copy to make our newly created sandbox system in sync with out development box.

    The requirement is to have the config data, but without(!) the master and transactional data.


    Kindly let me know the pre-requisites/ precautions needed for a remote client copy

    Also, how do we optimize the performance of the remote client copy.


    Please share your thoughts!

    Thank You,


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  • 03/25/08--19:03: MMConsole---Restart
  • Hi 


    I have Installed ECC6-IDES on server and it was successful


    but the problem is if after adding a parameter in RZ10 we need


    to restart the Server...So when I try to stop all the tasks (i.e)


    DEV-->(Rightclick)All tasks --->stop


    then it is asking for password .....No probs I entered the same


    password which I gave during Installation ..*here the Problem*



    *is Coming the system is saying START FAILED ;INVALID*



    *CREDENTIALS*.So this is the main problem which i  am


    facing .Also I can Restart the server forcefully Which I dont


    want tooo..Any one who knows  very well this problem plz do


    suggest a solution.

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    Which installation disks are needed if I want to install a new ERP 6.0 system (not IDES)?

    Because I can´t found an installation master disk.

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    I am  new in SAP and I am trying to install  SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.02 SP6 64-bit Developer Edition . In during step 4 (Execute) and Install common system files I have next message


    An error occurred while processing option SAP NetWeaver 7.0 including Enhancement Package 2 > SAP Application Server ABAP > MaxDB > Central System > Central System( Last error reported by the step :System call failed. Error 2 (Не удается найти указанный файл. ) in execution of system call 'CreateProcess' with parameter (NULL, Program Files/sapinst_instdir/NW702/AS-ABAP/ADA/CENTRAL/hostagent, &StartupInfo, &ProcessInfo), line (569) in file (synxcchapp.cpp), stack trace: iaxxejsctl.cpp: 272: EJS_ControllerImpl::executeScript() d:\depot\bas\720_rel\bc_720-1_rel\gen\optu\ntamd64\ins\sapinst\impl\src\ejs\iaxxejsbas.hpp: 450: EJS_Base::dispatchFunctionCall() iaxxejsexp.cpp: 178: EJS_Installer::invokeModuleCall() synxcchapp.cpp: 228: CSyChildApplicationImpl::start(false) synxcchapp.cpp: 252: CSyChildApplicationImpl::doStart() .). You can now:

    • Choose Retry to repeat the current step.
    • Choose Log Files to get more information about the error.
    • Stop the option and continue with it later.

    Log files are written to C:\Program Files/sapinst_instdir/NW702/AS-ABAP/ADA/CENTRAL/.


    Can you please help me with this problem?




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    I am new to db2 database and now wanted to reorganize the indexes of table BSAD and reorganize the primary index

    Please help on the same.





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    I just got the SAP NW RFC SDK from the marketplace (Windows Server IA32 32bit).


    I created a new console application using Visual Studio 2010.


    I added the include and lib folder from the extracted archive to the VC++ Directories (include and lib directory).

    Then I added sapnwrfc.lib to the additional dependencies to linker->input.


    I used the following code from the example:


    #include "stdafx.h"
    #include <sapnwrfc.h>
    int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
        RFC_RC rc = RFC_OK;    RFC_ERROR_INFO error;    memsetR(&error, 0, sizeofR(RFC_ERROR_INFO));    RFC_CONNECTION_PARAMETER connParams[] = {                                {cU("ashost"), cU("")},                                {cU("sysnr"), cU("")},                                {cU("client"), cU("")},                                {cU("lang"), cU("") ? cU("") : cU("E")},                                {cU("user"), cU("")},                                {cU("passwd"), cU("")},                                {cU("dest"), cU("") ? cU("") : cU("")}};    RFC_CONNECTION_HANDLE connHandle = RfcOpenConnection(connParams,                                         sizeofR(connParams) / sizeofR(RFC_CONNECTION_PARAMETER),                                        &error);    if(connHandle){    }    return 0;


    So far the program compiles ok. I copied the .dll files to the debug folder and started the application. At the moment the method RfcOpenConnection is called I get the following message:


    Unhandeled exception at 0x7c93a958 in SAPRFC.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation while writing to position 0x00040ff8.


    Can anybody help me what I did wrong? As far as I see there should be everything fine. Could it be that the SAP NW RFC SDK is incompatible with Visual Studio 2010 and the toolset v100?



    Kind regards,



    Edited by: Michael Belz on Nov 25, 2011 2:56 PM

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    I am new to webdispatcher 7.3,  But I read that it is installed as part of java install.  I can access the web admin UI, but do not know how to add/change the webdispatcher parameters.  There does not seem to be a seperate webdispatcher parameter fie.  I can not change in the web admin UI.  Has anyone else used this webdispatcher and added/modified parameters ?

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    Hello Master,


    My question here is how can i clear the temporary memory of SAP? My problem is that i am trying to do some performance tests, but SAP remembers some info from the first try so the second time i start my program, it takes 10 times less time... So this is not very helpful to make an idea if i've optimized my program or if SAP simply remembered my first processing.


    From what i have been told, SAP would keep some kind of temporary memory of the database requests and i want to clear this, in fact, i want to clear anything that could make my program go faster on the second processing!


    Take you everyone!


    Best regards,


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    Hi guys, we are having an issue in our productive Enterprise Portal system, which consists of 3 instances and 5 server nodes on each. Every time we restart it the MONITORING service shows not to work properly for some server nodes on all instances. There is no pattern here as there are not always the server nodes.


    Here is an image of how a faulty server node looks after a restart:



    Here is an image of some good server nodes after a restart:




    This situation is really weird. Every time this happens we need to go node by node and restart the MONITORING service, which fixes the situation; however we would like to avoid this manual steps.


    Do you know what could be happening?


    Thanks in advance

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