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Latest Forum Threads in SAP NetWeaver Technology Platform

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  • 01/10/14--11:19: Cascade of Web dispatchers
  • Hello, 


    Need some help implementing cascade of web dispatchers as per note 740234 - Cascade of SAP Web dispatchers

    This note was still in unreleased state, got that resolved.


    Anyway, my scenario is to setup communication between a system at external vendor and our back end system. We have a web dispatcher in the dmz to receive an initial request and pass that on to the backend system via another web dispatcher sitting on the same host as the backend system. This was in place for load balancing....


    I found this note and followed it as its close to what I was doing. But this note says under example for the internal web dispatcher sitting in front of the backend system-


    An SAP Web dispatcher with the following profile is placed in front of the BIN system:

               SAPSYSTEMNAME = BIN

               SAPSYSTEM = 66

               rdisp/mshost = binmain

               ms/http_port = 8081

               icm/server_port_0 = PROT=HTTP,PORT=8083


    Not sure if I am reading this right - are they saying the webdispatcher's profile would have the system name and system number of the backend system in its profile???


    If anybody implemented this scenario using this note or in general, then please share your knowledge.



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  • 01/11/14--09:06: Fed-up with SCN Point
  • Dear Scn Team,



    Today i first time fed up with the scn points , I dont know why its automatically reduce almost 100 point ...It this behavier regarding of SCN point i only feel or any other person??? ,,, Please help regarding the same or metion me what i had did frod to get the points ,,


    Thanks in advance,





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    A very useful document for SAP Architects:


    Planning Guide: SAP Business Suite Landscape Implementation - Technical Planning Guide


    SMP logon needed.


    Document date: August 2013

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    Hello all,

    We are planning to migrate our old SAP system from old platform to the new one, it will be a heterogeneous migration that the operating system will be changed to Linux. Here I have several questions:

    1. We would like to installed as HA with two nodes, for Windows I know that we can use MSCS for cluster software, but for Linux, could you kindly let me know how we can establish the HA environment? the HA software was integrated in the linux distribution or we should buy 3rd party tools?


    2. We will use oracle database, is it possible and is it necessary that we install Oracle database on RAC? How difficult it would be??


    3. I don't know much about RAC, is it the HA method for oracle database? As I know if we install SAP on HA, both SAP system and oracle database should be setup as HA, does SAP provide the HA method for oracle database? or we must use RAC? or the way SAP provide for oracle HA is exactly - RAC?


    4. For HA environment, I have installed on Windows MSCS, but actually I found that failover doesn't working, for example, if I am currently logged on hostA, and then hostA was corrupted, then, all resources were failover from hostA to hostB, but my SAPGUI screen doesn't change to hostB smoothly, instead it got stuck and no response, I should re-logon SAPGUI to logon to the system (hostB). I would like to know whether it is normal or abnormal? for each time hostA got crash, the users logged in hostA will be stuck?


    Thanks a lot for all.


    Fresh man

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    I used to think this was possible under the old SPAM update method, but with NW 7.40 SP05, you have to use SUM.


    I need to apply SAP Netweaver 7.40 SP05, to an SAP SEM-BCS system.

    The SEM-BCS is the one which is included in a stripped down ERP 6 EHP 7 install.


    The stack for ERP 6 EHP 7 SPS02 includes Netweaver 7.40 SPS04.

    I need SPS05 which requires Kernel 7.41.


    How the heck can I generate a stack in MOPz to just update the underlying Netweaver components and not the ERP/SEM-BCS layer?

    I thought that support package stacks were introduced to ensure you only upgrade to a complete consistent and compatible stack.

    I don't know if I need to go back to SAP and tell them I can't apply their suggested upgrade path.  (That's right, SAP suggested this).



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  • 01/15/14--07:04: SSF and digital signatures
  • Hi Guys!


    I need to exchange XML document with third-party. Unfortunately, we need to sign this XML using XADES digital signature and smartcard reader. The default SAP Crypto does not suport devices like smartcard readers and we should use different company product.


    Did you ever create such solution? Could you please help me in this area? Currently I cannot even find a software that could replace SAP CryptoLib.


    Best regards


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    We have very old system 4.6C(MSSQL/Windows) and we have to move it to a


    new hardware and DC.

    While doing the export, we are getting weird error as shown below.

    Anyone experienced this error?

    What is RC 99 means?




    #START: 20140114124434


    (EXP) ERROR: DbSlExeRead: rc = 99, table "STXL"


    (SQL error 1)


    error message returned by DbSl:


    #STOP: 20140114124441

    #START OF LOG: 20140114130048


    # R3load version @(#) $Id: //bas/46D/src/ins/R3load/R3load.c#40 $ SAP


    # Compiled Aug 16 2007 22:05:05


    # R3load -e SAPAPPL1.cmd -p SAPAPPL1.log -r





    (GSI) INFO: vname = "MSSQL "


    (GSI) INFO: sysname = "Windows NT"



    (GSI) INFO: release = "5.0"


    (GSI) INFO: version = "2195 Service Pack 4"


    (GSI) INFO: machine = "Intel 80686 (Mod 7 Step 6)"


    (EXP) WARNING: no INT type length field for RAW field in table "D020L"


    (EXP) ERROR: DbSlExeRead: rc = 99, table "D020L"


    (SQL error 1)


    error message returned by DbSl:


    #STOP: 20131227122345


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  • 01/15/14--23:59: Something about ST02
  • Hello All,

    My system always running well but today I found there are lots of swaps in ST02, but the hitratio is almost beyond 95%, may I know whether this is normal or abnormal? and how can I reduce them? or is it possible that there is no any red area in ST02?

    For details please have a look at the picture attached. Thank you very much.


    Best regards,

    Fresh man

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    This discussion is a container for a very nice blog written by Owen Pettiford,


         Why your Enterprise Architects need to understand what is inside SAP

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    Hello everybody


    A bit of a puzzler for me. We are geting a situation where some users are being presented with the message "The kernel does not match the mimes version" and further warning hat results will be unpredictable. It seems to have started immediately afer a server restart for Windows patching last Thursday. The system was patched with SUM tool at the beginning of May and this was the first restart since then.


    Something that I do see is that on our QA system the ITS.SAR file is 10 MB larger than the file on this (production) system. So tried replacing the file with the larger file but still no joy.


    I anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would be grateful.


    Regards - Raymond.

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  • 01/16/14--14:49: upgrade portal 702 to 7.40
  • i am doing an upgrade from portal 702 to 740.


    but when i downloaded the software through solman , in the xml isn’t this dvd.


    i need to know what is the number of dvd?


    please help me, iwas reading the master guide of 740, but the dvd doesn’t appear in the guide.


    could you tell me the  number of dvd'




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    we've currently updated our SAP Netweaver 7.30 (formerly known as Composition Environment => is this name obsolete now?) to 7.4.


    My questions:

    Is there also a new NWDS for NW 7.4 or do we have to use Eclipse with a SAP Plugin as for the ABAP development?

    Do we have to use the SAP HANA Cloud Developer Center?


    We use this 7.4 instance for BPM only.


    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi All,

    we have requirement like Proxy -to-file and file will be sent to third party server with below file format.

    -use windows line endings (the line ending is shown by the two byte LF sequence 0x0A 0x00,

      it needs to be the four byte CRLF sequence 0x0D 0x00 0x0A 0x00)

    - include a byte order marker (two bytes - 0xFF 0xFE -  at the start of the file)


    1.I have done configuration at receiver side as text type : UTF-16LE but not accepting by target system.

    Could you please tell me, how to implement below options

    1. To add the BOM to the beginning of the file using a message mapping

    2. Developing your own custom adapter module.

    if anyone already worked on above options, can you please guide me.




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  • 01/16/14--14:48: Upgrade NetWeaver portal 7.4
  • Hi gurus,


    We are planning to do upgrade EP 7.4 or 7.31


    I checked ECC EHP7 (base on NW 7.4) can’t communicate with lower version (under NW 7.3).


    We are using ECC 7.01 (EHP4) with portal 7.0, can I do
    upgrade portal 7.4 with ECC EHP4?


    If we want 7.4, we have to upgrade ECC EHP6 or EHP7?


    Please give your advice.

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    Hi expert,

    I have need to schedule the Report standard report of organizational sign-off status ( Report Standard of GRC Process Control ).

    There is some transaction in R3 to schedule it?

    Is possible schedule this report from portal GRC?


    If I execute this report from portal, I can save the variant, but I don' t find this variant in R3.


    Can you help me?


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  • 01/20/14--04:56: Error in IW42

  • Hi all,


    We are doing a mass load byIW42transactionbefore recordingweget the following error:



    Saving not necessary - no confirmations were created


    Message no. RU441


    Does anyone knowit can be?





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    Hello All,

    We would like to upgrade our R/3 4.7EX200 system to ECC6.0 EHP6, and is now planning the upgrade path.

    Currently we are working on Windows 2000 Server SP4 32bit + oracle

    Target will be Windows server 2008 64bit + oracle 64bit


    I have checked the PAM, but not sure about the upgrade path, shall we first upgrade OS/DB and then SAP, or first upgrade SAP then OS/DB?


    I think we should first upgrade the OS/DB, that is to say, do a migration task from the old platform to the new one

    R/3 4.7 + ORACLE9 + Win2000 ==> R/3 4.7 + ORACLE11 + Win2008

    and then, upgrade the R/3 release on the new server.


    But the problem is: whether windows server 2008 and oracle 11g supports R/3 4.7??? as I checked on the PAM, R/3 4.7 only support Windows server 2003 + Oracle 11g, so that means we should first migrate as below:

    R/3 4.7 + ORACLE9 + Win2000 ==> R/3 4.7 + ORACLE11 + Win 2003

    and then upgrade R/3 4.7 to ECC606 based on ORACLE11 + Win 2003, and finally do a OS upgrade (2003 to 2008) based on Ecc606 + ORACLE11g???


    If this is feasible, there will be another problem, that is, ECC606 doesn't support Windows 2003 as checked in PAM, so it is not possible to upgrade R/3 4.7 (Win2003+ORACLE 11g) to ECC606 (Win2003+ORACLE 11g)...


    Could anyone give some suggestions? Thanks a lot.


    Best regards,

    Fresh man

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         We are in the middle of an upgrade cycle to move to BW 7.31 Level 5. The upgrade has been done in our DEV and QA. I made a
    small change (adding one DTP) to a process chain in DEV. I sent the transport to QA. In our previous version (7.01 Level 9), when you went to the target system ( QA for example) after transporting a process chain, and you double clicked the process chain, the Modified version had to be explicitly activated in the target system for it to become the Active version.


    After transporting the slightly altered process chain from DEV to QA, I went into QA and double clicked the process chain. I saw that the Active
    version already included the new DTP. Great. Apparently in 7.31 you no longer have to activate a process chain after a transport. However, I also discovered that the process chain executed as soon as the Method Execution (0) Successfully Completed entry was in the transport log. That’s not good. This particular chain is a Local chain that is called from another process chain. It is not a Periodic job and is set to Immediate start. To be absolutely sure of this behavior, I later needed one more DTP in the process chain. I added the DTP in DEV and transported the process chain to QA. When I saw the transport complete, I logged in to QA, went to RSA1, and did a Manage on a cube I knew would be loaded by the process chain. Sure enough there was a new load request running. I never even went into RSPC, so I know I did not execute the process chain. Have any of you experienced this behavior? If so, is there an OSS Note that corrects this issue? I did a Notes Search but couldn’t find anything.


       Thanks in advance,


      Ben Fitzgerald

      Senior Engineer

      NIIT Media Technologies, LLC

      Augusta, GA

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    Dear All,


    We have used the parameter icm/HTTP/error_templ_path=/usr/sap/**/**/data/icmerror for defining the custom error page for web dispatcher and it is working fine.


    Our requirement is if any user is entering the wrong URL like  it should dispaly the custom error page instead of standard error page


    Please help us in procedure to follow for custom error page for wrong url.




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    Hello all!

    I have some problem with Process Chain:

    When some process is error, adn I want to rerun it I select Right click - repeat and this process is rerun but next process doesn't run.

    The same problem when I select Right click - Skip.

    And process chain is in ellow and don't go to green or red after 1 day waiting.



    This problem is onli in BWP system (Production).

    In BWD (Development) and BWQ (Test system) Repeat aтв Skip work good.




    Help me, please!

    What I need to do to correct this problem?

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