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Latest Forum Threads in SAP NetWeaver Technology Platform

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    Hi All,


    I need to install SAP Productivity pack in my landscape which is a single box. I have downloaded uPerform_4.10 productivity kit.

    I went through the Administration document provided with it for the installation. From that, I understood I need a seperate Database server, Search server and Application Server.


    My question is whether I can install all these in my single box or I should have all these servers separately?


    If I can install in single box, Can u ppl help me to get some document for it?


    Thanks in advance.





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    Hi Experts,


    I would like to know about the software procurement of SAP uPerform productivity kit.

    Do i need to opt/have separate license for this or does it come under any package???




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    Hey Guys,


          I've been doing some programming for connectivity between C/C++/C# and ABAP. I've tried the classic RFC sdk, NW RFC sdk and .NET connector and I ran into this problem now.

          For an RFC server program, with .net connector, I'm able to register multiple threads for a single server program in gateway, which results in the multiple entries in tcode SMGW, it can be done by specifying the "REG_COUNT" parameter. However, with classic RFC sdk or NW RFC sdk, I didn't find this option anywhere, there's no corresponding parameter in the .ini files for "registration count", nor in the input pameters of methods like RfcRegisterServer.  Is there a way to achieve this with the C/C++ sdk?



    Thanks a lot!


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  • 01/08/14--22:39: Planning BW upgrade
  • Hello everyone,


    I'm planning a BW upgrade from release 7.0 to 7.31 (ABAP Only). The system has the following components:


    BI_CONT - version 7.04

    PI_BASIS - version 2005_1_700

    SAP_ABA - version 7.00

    SAP_BASIS - version 7.00

    SAP_BW - version 7.00



    FINBASIS - version 6.00

    SEM-BW - version 6.00


    Plus ST-A/PI and ST-PI


    My questions are the following:


    1) As the system has FINBASIS + SEM BW, can it be upgraded in one step to 7.31 with SUM?

    2) The system is still using the authorizations from BW 3.5, Do I have to update the authorizations to BI 7.0 before the upgrade? or It can be done after the upgrade? Which is the best approach?

    3) If the SW components FINBASIS and SEM-BW are upgraded in BW system, Does the ERP has to be updated to an EHP? (assuming ERP is 6.00)

    4) I was checking SAP Note 1326576, What are the differences between scenario 4 and 5, If your BW is ABAP Only?





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    Hi ,


    I am looking for a way to do a simple form of SAP jobcontrol from a script on os-level (dos or powershell on Windows 2008R2) . This is required to control a batch schedule in a landscape of sap and non-sap systems.

    With sapevt I can raise events which triggers jobs in the sapsystem, however then I will not get feedback.


    Is it possible to get this by using a script which makes the job start and returns a result (rc=0 job finished, rc=8 job cancelled)  ??


    I have checked and could not find anything better than sapevt, maybe you know a smart solution for this?




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    We use the Retrofit Functionality of Solman 7.1, sometimes the system cannot to do Retrofit,for the workbench Requests that have an standard object that it was modified (we requested  the Key Object for this standard object in the SAP Marketplace).
    When we try to perform the retrofit, but in that moment it again the systems request  the Key Object .
    We have question about it.

    1. If the system closes the retrofit screen, because we don't have  the object key in that moment. we log again the solman system, but not is possible the perform Retrofit to the same workbench Request.
    For this case, Are there any OSS Note to allow perform the Retrofit again? or Are the any OSS Note that to avoid the system requests Key Object when we are performing the Retrofit?

    Best regards
    John Angulo

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    We have very old system 4.6C(MSSQL/Windows) and we have to move it to a


    new hardware and DC.

    While doing the export, we are getting weird error as shown below.

    Anyone experienced this error?

    What is RC 99 means?




    #START: 20140114124434


    (EXP) ERROR: DbSlExeRead: rc = 99, table "STXL"


    (SQL error 1)


    error message returned by DbSl:


    #STOP: 20140114124441

    #START OF LOG: 20140114130048


    # R3load version @(#) $Id: //bas/46D/src/ins/R3load/R3load.c#40 $ SAP


    # Compiled Aug 16 2007 22:05:05


    # R3load -e SAPAPPL1.cmd -p SAPAPPL1.log -r





    (GSI) INFO: vname = "MSSQL "


    (GSI) INFO: sysname = "Windows NT"



    (GSI) INFO: release = "5.0"


    (GSI) INFO: version = "2195 Service Pack 4"


    (GSI) INFO: machine = "Intel 80686 (Mod 7 Step 6)"


    (EXP) WARNING: no INT type length field for RAW field in table "D020L"


    (EXP) ERROR: DbSlExeRead: rc = 99, table "D020L"


    (SQL error 1)


    error message returned by DbSl:


    #STOP: 20131227122345


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  • 01/15/14--23:59: Something about ST02
  • Hello All,

    My system always running well but today I found there are lots of swaps in ST02, but the hitratio is almost beyond 95%, may I know whether this is normal or abnormal? and how can I reduce them? or is it possible that there is no any red area in ST02?

    For details please have a look at the picture attached. Thank you very much.


    Best regards,

    Fresh man

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    Hello Gurus.


    Looking for some help.


    We need to run SAP Web Dispatcher to forward requests from public internet, to our internal server. That's fine when it's an SAP server, but we want to access a web-based Business Objects server.


    When I use icm/HTTP/redirect_0 pointing to the destination, it's a URL redirect and thus will not work from public internet. Works fine when on VPN.


    Can Dispatcher forward (rather than redirect) to another URL? Such as:





    If so, how is this configured? Thank you

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    I have created a Role using

       IRoleFactory roleFactory = UMFactory.getRoleFactory();
       IRole newRole = roleFactory.newRole(uniqueName);;


    This is visible on the NW administrator console.


    Now i want to add some Actions to this Role.

    Using the following.


             IPrincipalMaint principalMaint = principalFactory.getMutablePrincipal(newRole.getUniqueID());

       principalMaint.setAttribute("", "actions", {"SomeAction"});;


    This adds the attribute to the Role. But it doesnt come as Action when viewed in the Action TAB on the Role Page of the NW web administrator page.


    Is the API used for creating Role different from creating and setting Attributes?




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    Does anyone know how to integrate a link to external website or intranet site from within the text maintained via t-code se61

    I want to use document class general text.

    I also want to see if we can create a link via standard text.

    Thanks in advance


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    Dear All,


    We have used the parameter icm/HTTP/error_templ_path=/usr/sap/**/**/data/icmerror for defining the custom error page for web dispatcher and it is working fine.


    Our requirement is if any user is entering the wrong URL like  it should dispaly the custom error page instead of standard error page


    Please help us in procedure to follow for custom error page for wrong url.




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  • 01/29/14--21:36: SAP NetWeaver 7.00 to 7.02

  • Hi Experts,


    We are considering installing Duet Enterprise in our environment for which the minimum SAP NetWeaver version is 7.02 SP08. We are currently on 7.00 SP18. To avoid any confusion, the move to 7.02 will be a full upgrade or is this achievable through applying latest SP stack?


    Kind regards,



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    Can someone help me.

    I need to find time window to re-initialize 2LIS_02 extractors.

    For this I go to LBWE - Job control - Job overview and netx I open all Jobs LIS-BW-VB_APPLICATION_02_400 and copy row with number of LUWs (screenshot).

    But it need a lot of time to collect information for 2-3 weeks.


    Thats why I try to find, may by all this information is save in same table, but can't.

    Some one know it?



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    Hello Experts,


    Could you please through some light on the below issue.


    I have problem with my Bookmark.  I have created bookmark with some filter values and and when I try to refresh my bookmark it does not bring the filtered values but it brings all values.


    Hope there might be some parameter setting at web template level.Appreciate your help on this.


    Thanks and Regards,

    Saravanan Payani.

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    Dear consultants,


    When selecto "buy on behalf of" in shopping cart, the open list is empty.

    We configure REQUESTER attibute in PPOMA but the searching doesnt show any result.


    Thanks in advance!



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    Hi all,


    We have added some custom properties to Content Model in DMWB, but

    SRM_DOCUMENT_GET_PROPERTIES function module does not return those properties.



    Is there any function to read those properties?


    Thanks in advance!




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    Hi Guys,


    We have this newly upgraded portal system 7.4 from EHP2 NW 7.0, on which ADS is not starting up.

    On further digging up, it was observed that one of it's dependent service i.e document services license manager is not starting up.

    Excerpts from the log:

    Caused by: <--Localization failed: ResourceBundle='', ID='ejb_0023', Arguments: ['LicenseDatabaseEJBBean']--> : Can't find resource for bundle java.util.PropertyResourceBundle, key ejb_0023


    Prior to upgrade, it was all working fine.


    Any clues?


    Thanks and Regards,


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    Hi Experts,


    I am doing export/import client copy from Production to Sandbox system... I have taken an export of Production system client and i have copied datafile and cofile in target system manually.... As when i tried to add the import request from other request option then that time it is showing the error that "System is unknown in transport management system".... Our Sandbox system is not having any RFC connection with other system.... Can you guide me with this....


    Early reply should be appreciated....



    Thanks & Regards,

    Prasad Deshpande

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  • 02/02/14--01:06: SAP Duet Enterprise 2.0

  • Hi All,


    We intend to install SAP Duet Enterprise 2.0 add-on in our environment to integrate with Share Point. According to the master & installation guide, the minimum required version for NetWeaver is 7.0 EHP 2 SP07. My question is... can we install Duet Enterprise 2.0 on NetWeaver 7.0 EHP 3 or NetWeaver 7.3 EHP1?


    Kind regards,



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