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Latest Forum Threads in SAP NetWeaver Technology Platform

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    Hi Friends


    Could you please guide me how to check /access Business content queries for SAP  BW - EHSM (  Environment, Health and Safety )  Module




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    I need help in configuring the relation between DMS and SAP Content Server. I need to make documents to be stored in a Content Server Repository and can't see clearly how to configure it from SPRO transaction.




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    I try to install Solution Manager 7.0 EHP1 SR1 on AIX 6.1 and want to use xming on a windows PC  for X-windows.


    After starting sapinst on aix  I receive the normal  short window with the SAP people, then only a empty screen, where you normally type in the User and password for sapinst.


    I have found Xming doesn't work with sapinst , but resizing of the windows didn't help.

    Any ideas  or experiences  with xming ? I also tried MobaXterm, which was recommended by a collegue, but had the same problems


    Best regards,



    P.S: My windows host and the SAP server are separated by firewall. Port 22 (ssh) is opened and xclock from sap-server is correctly started on my windows pc.

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    Hi All,


    We are using  suse linux X86_64 bit OS

    All the instances are present in distributed environment. Eg we have one DB,1 ASCS(Message server and Enqueue), 1 PAS and 1 AAS

    In CRM there are 100 end users are there.

    Database is also 64 bit (Oracle)

    Ram size is 32 GB.

    CPU is:4

    Theoretically I know that the

    RAM:Virtual memory should be 1:2 ratio

    How to find the Virtual memory size in the existing system If it is a freshly installed means then how can we estimate it?

    How to find the SWAP size allocated in the existing system If it is a freshly installed means then how can we estimate it?

    How to find the size of virtual memory is allocated for the live SAP system and DB? And explain how to calculate if it is a freshly migrated system?

    How to find the size of RAM is assigned to SAP and the same for DB?

    If anything is increased in sap level like work process why should we need to increase the process and sessions in oracle and how?

    Kindly help to me to find the solution for this questions?



    Priyanga G

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    Hi All,


    I am looking forward to look at a sample SAP Netweaver Architect Documument or a Template and want to understand the scope and all details included in the perview of this document.


    I understand that Tech Architect Document will be prepared in SDLC after the blueprint is generated.


    And a Tech Architect document has the entire landscape integration details along with Non Functional details like performance , scalability etc.


    Can some one please send a sample Technical Architect Document based on SAP Netweaver ( Portal ) and explain where does it commence in SDLC .


    Many Thanks,


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    I do apologise if this has been answered elsewhere - I did do quite a bit of searching first. I have completed the technical configuration of ITSM in our Solution Manager system (7.1 SPS10) and have created BP's for all the SAP users in the default client. Technically, everything seems to be working, but I am now tasked with the "fine tuning" where I need to be able to specify users to belong to a distribution list that must be the first level support, etc. We only really want to use the Service Desk functionality of the ITSM and I don't know how to limit the ITSM configuration to just the Service Desk where a user can log an incident, it must be auto forwarded to the 2 users that are 1st level support and then whatever workflow that needs to be driven from there. I'm open to correction, but this is more the CRM/BP aspect of configuration and I can't seem to find a guide that explains how to do this just for Service Desk on Solution Manager. Can anyone please point me in the right direction?



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  • 04/02/14--05:49: Activity Report in NWBC
  • Hi All,


    We are in a process of creating a report wherein we will be showing the services accessed by the user in NWBC.


    Before doing this, we would like to know is there any standard reports available in the system.


    Thanks in Advance.




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  • 04/03/14--01:09: NWDS 7.02.11
  • Hi All,

    I have portal version 7.02 SP11 installed, and i want to develop some webdynpro applications for Portal. So i installed NWDS version 7.02.11 which has windows 7(32 bit) as the OS, but the issue iam facing is, i dont see Webdynpro Perspective.

    Iam aware of 1566977 - NWDS on Windows 7, but can anyone suggest any workaround for this problem?



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    Dear colleagues,


    Issue: During installationof Netweaver SAPInst interrupts
    by theinstallationstep "InstallJava engine" with error code 1


    Backround infromation:

    Standard installation of a AS Java Netweaver 7.4 SR1:

    Application Server : Windows 2008 R2

    Database: Oracle


    More Info on Error Code:

    An error occurred while processing option SAP NetWeaver 7.4 Support Release 1 > Oracle > SAP Systems > Application Server Java > Standard System > Standard System( Last error reported by the step: Process call 'C:\usr\sap\LVM\J00\exe\jstart.exe pf=\\irv-sapecc2\sapmnt\LVM\SYS\profile\LVM_J00_irv-sapecc2 -file=C:\usr\sap\LVM\J00\exe\ -nodename=bootstrap -launch' exits with error code 1. For details see log file(s) jstart_bootstrap_J00.log.). You can now:

    Choose Retry to repeat the current step.

    Choose Log Files to get more information about the error.

    Stop the option and continue with it later.

    Log files are written to C:\Program Files/sapinst_instdir/NW740SR1/ORA/INSTALL/NW740SR1/ORA/STD/.

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    the developer studio can not be started and the error which is shown is "jvm terminated. exit code = -1"

    My system is windows7, I am using oracle java 1.6, NWDS  (7.3 SP01).


    This is my .ini file:


    C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_21\bin\














    Very strangely, I actually succedeed to run the NWDS once when saving the .ini as unicode. But then I could not update the studio with new features, I got "Unsupported major.minor version 49.0u2033. I suspect that actually the studio could not be started properly with java 1.6, but with java 1.4, which was also installed on my system. After deinstalling java 1.4.2, the studio can not be started again.

    Please, help me to resolve it.

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  • 03/15/13--07:05: SAPHOSTAGENT install
  • We havethe newkernel720extwithSAP Netweaver7.0 EHP1in use.

    Must we installthenewSAPHOSTAGENT(saphostexec)orcan we use the oldSAPCCM4Xagents?

    SAPNote1636252saysanything other thansuch the currentSAPHelp.




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  • 03/24/14--00:57: SAP STARTUP FAILED: TIMEOUT
  • HI,



    I have SAP ECC6 EHP6 ON SYBASE ( it is High Availability system on RedHad Linux)


    when I try to start SAP  with startsap <VHOSTNAME>, i get the error


    /home/SIDADM/startsap_ERS10 log



    I had tried with other possible options like

    > startsap <INSTANCE_NAME>

    > startsap


    it says no profiles found


    my ERS log in /usr/sap/SID/ERS/work/disp_enrepsrv.log


    [Thr 140737353979680] Fri Mar 21 17:44:43 2014

    [Thr 140737353979680] Replication server start with instance number 00

    [Thr 140737353979680] Enqueue server on host <VHOST>, IP-addr, port 50016

    [Thr 140737353979680] ***LOG Q0I=> NiPConnect2: connect (111: Connection refused) [nixxi.cpp 3286]

    [Thr 140737353979680] *** ERROR => NiPConnect2: SiPeekPendConn failed for hdl 1/sock 8

        (SI_ECONN_REFUSE/111; I4; ST; [nixxi.cpp    3286]

    [Thr 140737353979680] *** ERROR => EncNiConnect: unable to connect (NIECONN_REFUSED) [encomi.c     447]

    [Thr 140737353979680] *** ERROR => RepServer: main: connect failed with return code -7 [enrepserv.cp 760]



    need some light on this.


    thanks & regards,


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    Hi All,


    I am trying to configure SSO between Microsoft active directory 2008 and SAP JAVA 7.31 on Windows 2008 Server.


    Now we are trying to generate keytab file using Microsoft Windows KDC:


    >ktpass -princ host/ -pass ******* -out C:\krb5.keytab -mapUser newuser +DesOnly -crypto DES-CBC-MD5 -ptype KRB5_NT_PRINCIPAL


    After that when we are moving the file krb5.keytab to "JAVAHOST" system and used the ktab command to add the SPN to a default keytab file. Created krb5.ini file and copied to c:\winnt\ location and executed the below command from SIDadm user.


    >ktab.exe -a HTTP/ ******* -k c:\winnt\krb5.keytab


    Service key for HTTP/ is saved in c:\winnt\krb5.keytab.


    But when we check the klist command it shows the below output:


    Current LogonId is 0:0x1737b1

    Cached Tickets: (0)



    No default key table exists.


    Please let us know, where I am making mistake.


    Thanks in Advance,





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  • 04/09/14--00:01: MDM server DB password reset
  • Hi All,


    I am working on SAP MDM 7.1 and would like to reset the password of my MDM DB user which is use to connect to DB. I don't remember the old password and would like to reset it to new.


    Could you please support and feedback. 




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  • 08/03/11--23:14: orabrcopy error
  • Dear expert,


    I'm doing system copy of the following enviroment.

    - SAP NetWeaver 7.3 ABAP

    - Oracle Database

    - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0


    I have run orabrcopy script, but it stopped for the below error.

    Kindly help me for teh solution.


    sapvm05:oranw7 53> ./ -generateFiles -forceLogSwitches -targetSid NW7 -password XXXX -listenerPort 1527
    + /usr/lib/jvm/jre-1.6.0-openjdk.x86_64//bin/java -showversion -cp ./.:./orabrcopy.jar:/oracle/NW7/112_64/jdbc/lib/ojdbc5.jar '' -oracleHome /oracle/NW7/112_64 -sourceSid NW7 -generateFiles -forceLogSwitches -targetSid NW7 -password XXXX -listenerPort 1527
    java version "1.6.0_17"
    OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.7.4) (rhel-1.21.b17.el6-x86_64)
    OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 14.0-b16, mixed mode)
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: Oracle JDBC driver must be loaded
            at        at        at        at        at        at        at        at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)        at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(        at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(        at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(        at        at        at


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    Is it possible to override the JAX-WS implementation provided by NetWeaver 7.1 SP3 using the “heavy resources” classloader?


    On JBoss, using a different runtime implementation for JAX-WS as that of JBoss is not a problem. You can correctly use the class loader hierarchy to solve this problem.


    I need JAX-WS 2.1.3 because I’m using its streaming implementation for MTOM.




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    In a hospital time is essential , so taking time to logon is not appreciated. Recently I visited a hotel and catering industry provider and saw during the demonstration that a waitress logged in with a wrist rfid watch like device. Thus uniquely identifying herself to the system.

    This only took 3 sec. Than a light bulb moment struck me. Could we do the same trick with a SAP system? It could be faster but also no keyboard action required.


    I read some articles dealing with RFID technology and SAP.


    Who has some experience or could point me in the right direction?


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    This thread is a container to a fantastic blog which lays out the steps involved in migrating

    an on-premise SAP system to the Hana Enterprise Cloud.


    The blog is here.






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  • 04/07/14--02:24: SAP CLUSTER ISSUE
  • Hi experts,


                   we have SAP in Redhat LINUX Cluster environment with 2 nodes.  version: EHP6 on sybase ASE.


                   sap is on a Virtual host. we have all the instance ERS, ASCS, Central Instance and Dailog Instance all on same Virtual


                  Host. on individual nodes SAP is coming up and running fine.


                  but when i move the resource (cluster service ) from first node to second node. my whole sap application(including database) is shuting

                  down. Is this a cluster related issue, or is there any parameters need to be set from SAP side.


    please let me know if you require more details.




    thanks & Regards,


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  • 04/11/14--13:34: SAP 7.3 Installation error
  • I am getting an error during the installation of SAP net weaver 7.3.


    At phase 20 during the installation process


    task running is Starting NSP/DVEBMGS00 ABAP UNKNOWN Elapsed time 7:10 minutes



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