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Latest Forum Threads in SAP NetWeaver Technology Platform

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    Hi,Recently I was doing the Oracle 11g installation in AIX 7.1 and faced a problem with Oracle installer not being able to start and perform installation.



    The RUNINSTALLER errors are as below :


    Has '' been run by root? [y/n] (n)y

    Error returned::: No such file or directoryPermission deniedsh: /command_output_4522380: cannot createPermission deniedsh: /command_output_4522380: cannot createPermission deniedsh: /command_output_4522380: cannot createError in GetCurrentDir(): 13Error in GetCurrentDir(): 13Error in GetCurrentDir(): 13Error in GetCurrentDir(): 13Starting Oracle Universal Installer...Checking temp space: 0 MB available, 190 MB required.    Failed <<<<Checking swap space: 0 MB available, 150 MB required.    Failed <<<<Checking monitor: must be configured to display at least 256 colors    >>> Could not execute /usr/bin/X11/xdpyinfo    Failed <<<<



    Log of -->


    ./ output will be logged in /tmp/rootpre.out_14-04-23.12:43:50/bin/uname -a: AIX pidbcid1 1 7 00F6DA9E4C00OSVER: 7OSREL: 1

    Environment:------------_=/bin/envMANPATH=/opt/quest/man:LANG=CLOGIN=rootCLCMD_PASSTHRU=1PATH=/usr/bin:/etc:/usr/sbin:/usr/ucb:/usr/bin/X11:/sbin:/usr/java5/jre/bin:/usr/java5/bin:/usr/symcli/bin:/usr/opt/ifor/ls/os/aix/bin:/opt/quest/bin:/opt/quest/libexec/oat:/opt/quest/libexec/vas:/opt/quest/libexec/vas/scripts:/usr/java14_64/jre/bin:/usr/java14_64/bin:/usr/lpp/admsnap:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/avamar/bin:/usr/local/avamar/bin:/usr/local/avamar/bin:/usr/local/avamar/bin:/usr/local/avamar/binLC_ALL=CLC__FASTMSG=trueHISTFILE=/var/hist/root/.sh_history.ds1adm:rootLOGNAME=rootMAIL=/usr/spool/mail/rootLOCPATH=/usr/lib/nls/locUSER=rootAUTHSTATE=filesSHELL=/usr/bin/kshODMDIR=/etc/objreposHOME=/.rootTERM=xtermMAILMSG=[YOU HAVE NEW MAIL]PWD=/oracle/stage/112_64/databaseTZ=EST5EDTA__z=! LOGNAMENLSPATH=/usr/lib/nls/msg/%L/%N:/usr/lib/nls/msg/%L/

    Checking if group services should be configured....ODMDIR=/etc/objrepos, isHACMP=       0Nothing to configure.



    I tried checking the permission in tmp folder and also for oracle folders but all seems fine.

    Can someone provide resolution steps ?




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    We are getting error when installing the SSL certificate on our web dispatcher. Please see screenshot attached.


    Kindly assist us on this.


    Thank you!




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    I am trying to set up a remote connection to the SDM and visual admin as opposed to the xwindows method.


    Any docs on making this work?



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    Our brbackup was working okay but recently we added  more filesystem and after that  brbackup is very slow.

    We have AIX 7.1

    ECC 6


    Any idea what went wrong here?



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    Hi All,


    On our ECC 6.0 system, the saposcol is running at OS Level. However when the same is checked through GUI level using ST06, it says SAPOSCOL not running.

    We have even tried restarting the system by clearing all the shared memory but no luck.


    We use db2 9.7 database and AIX 7.1. we have a single LPAR and multiple WPARS resting on this single LPAR. We have noticed that the other systems resting on all other WPARS, SAPOSCOL is running  at OS and is reflected at GUI level.


    Could you please advise.


    Output from OS level:


    ./saposcol -s

    07:53:38 17.02.2014     LOG: Using PerfDir (DIR_PERF) = /usr/sap/tmp


    Collector Versions :

      running : COLL 21.03 720 - AIX v12.53 5L-64 bit 120109

      dialog  : COLL 21.03 720 - AIX v12.53 5L-64 bit 120109

    Shared Memory       : attached

    Number of records   : 17353

    Active Flag         : active (01)

    Operating System    : AIX BTGBSSC2TEB01 1 7 00CE8F464C00

    Collector PID       : 44040348 (2a0009c)

    Collector           : running

    Start time coll.    : Tue Feb 11 12:24:19 2014



    Current Time        : Mon Feb 17 07:53:38 2014



    Last write access   : Mon Feb 17 07:53:33 2014



    Last Read  Access   : Thu Jan  1 01:00:00 1970



    Collection Interval : 60 sec (next delay).

    Collection Interval : 61 sec (last ).

    Status              : free

    Collect Details     : required

    Refresh             : required



    Header Extention Structure

    Number of x-header      Records : 1

    Number of Communication Records : 60

    Number of free Com.     Records : 60

    Resulting offset to rec. : 61



    Trace level             : 2



    Collector in IDLE - mode ? : YES

      become idle after 300 sec without read access.

      Length of Idle Interval  : 60 sec

      Length of norm.Interval  : 10 sec





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    Hi Experts,


            We are facing this issue since last one week. Due to this we are unable to send the data to the Target server.




      We have recently upgraded to SAP ECC 6.0 from 4.6B (Both are diff servers).


    We have Java Interface (Middleware) Server which communicates b/w SAP and Non-SAP Server. All In-bound & Out-bound Java Scripts were working

    perfectly in 4.6B Version. However when we upgraded to ECC 6.0, Some Out-bound Java Scripts are not working with mentioned below error


    "JCO.Server could not find server function '&#21062;&#17247;&#20553;&#20039;'




    Sap Version : 4.6B


    Sap-JCo Version: 2.0.12


    Java Version(Interface Server): 1.4.2_12


    Java Server Operating System: Linux


    Non-unicode SAP Version


    (No issue and Working Perfectly)






    Sap Version: ECC 6.0


    Sap-JCo Version: 2.0.12


    Java Version(Interface Server): 1.4.2_12


    Java Server Operating System: Linux


    Unicode SAP Version


    (Out-bound RFC is not working)


    Note: We are using the same Java Interface server for ECC which were connected previously with 4.6B Version SAP system. Same Programs and Same scripts all are same...



    I have attached the word document which contains the screenshots of RFC


    Status and ST22 Dump.








    If I set “Communication Type with Target System” to “Unicode” then getting below error….



    Observed Points:

    1. All java programs are perfectly working with 4.6b server (means that java programs contains methods, functions, properties etc all are supported for non-Unicode version)

    2. If we upgrade the JCO Version to 3.10, Need to update the JDK to 1.5 or 1.6 . We can do these but java programs may not work because all these may not support for Unicode Version (I think we have to re-write the java code related to Uni-code which is more difficult)

    3. Only Outbound RFC are not working (Data is landing to SAP but From SAP no data has not been passing)

    Kindly help me and confirm me if you still need any further clarification. Waiting for your reply....

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    I have set up the platform locally and am a trying to make functions group Z_****


    Unfortunately, I get the error message :


    "You are not registered as a developer. Please register in the Online System Service. In the OSS you will receive an access key"



    I also tryed to get apply a licence key NSP.txt, but when i tryed to apply it it is not possible because my installation number is SAP-INTERN and the one in the key is DEMOSYSTEM. If I change it manually it does not work either.


    Can you give me a hint on this matter ?


    Thank you !

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    We are performing a Dual Stack system copy of PI 7.11 using a recent SWPM version and a distributed installation on four hosts


    Host1 - ASCS installation phase

    Host2 - SCS installation phase

    Host3 - DB installation phase

    Host4 - Primary Application Server installation phase

    All four installations are on different hosts.

    The installation runs without error on all four.


    The problem is a SECOND abap message & a SECOND abap enqueue server are automatically created on Host4. The Message and Enqueue server on Host1 (ASCS) are no longer utilized and this has been verified by shutting down the instance on Host1 and opening a record for change.


    This seems to be SWPM program error with the install. Please assist with making this installation successful across the four hosts as designed above.

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    where and how can I find the correct kernel "NW740" for my SAP Web Dispatcher installation?


    I proceeded like this:


    Software Provisioning Manager -> SAPinst -> SAP Netweaver 7.4 -> MS SQL Server -> SAP Systems -> Standalone Engines -> Web Dispatcher.


    Now during step 2 "defining parameters" I need to provide a software package calles "Kernel NW740". My server is a MS server 2008 x64.

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    Hi All,

    Greetings to all


    While upgrading our Development ECC system from EHP6 to EHP7 for HR

    Renewal 2.0. we are getting an error.

    Issue Description:

    Tool used : SUM 1.0 SP 10 Patch 2

    Activity: Upgrade from EHP6 to EHP7

    Current Phase : Configuration

    Issue: "Decision about Add-on IW_FND". SUM tool is asking a decision

    about component IW_FND. We have gone through a couple of notes and it

    seems IW_FND is not there for EHP7(NW 7.40) and is replaced with


    ref: SAP note 1569624 - Installation/Delta Upgrade of SAP NW Gateway 2.0

    This seems like a bug in Solman Mopz which doesn't handle the IW_FND

    component properly.




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    I know this question has been asked,

    but I still cannot deploy my EAR to

    AS Java 731.


    My question: is there anywhere in NWDS

    that you configure the port number

    it short connect to (other than specifying

    your instance number when you create

    your new sap system).




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    Dear all,


    I am about installing an SAP NW PI based on SAP NetWeaver 7.4 SR1 on AIXand Oracle


    In the Execution phase, step 'Install Instance Basics of ASCS01', we get the error:

    "Last error reported by the step: Instance SID/ASCS01 [PARTIAL] did not stop after 2:00 minutes"


    In the sapinst_dev.log, we can see:


    <html> <head> </head> <body> <p> An error occurred while processing option <i>SAP NetWeaver 7.4 Support Release 1 > Oracle > SAP Systems > Process Integration > Standard System > Standard System( Last error reported by the step: Instance SID/ASCS01 [PARTIAL] did not stop after 2:00 minutes. Giving up.)</i>. You can now: </p> <ul> <li> Choose <i>Retry</i> to repeat the current step. </li> <li> Choose <i>Log Files</i> to get more information about the error. </li> <li> Stop the option and continue with it later. </li> </ul> <p> Log files are written to <code>/tmp/sapinst_instdir/NW740SR1/ORA/INSTALL/STD/AS</code>. </p> </body></html>


    Could anyone help to solve this issue.


    Many thanks

    Kind regards

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    I developed an application with a BPM-, lib-, dict-, bpm-wdp (bpm-tasks with WebDynpro), another WebDynpro and two ear-DCs. The WebDynpro- and one of the ear-CDs have a dependency to the lib-DC which contains a couple of libraries such as xalan-2.7.0. When deploying the ear with the lib-dependency the deployment is successful but starting of the component fails. After a couple of hours it is suddenly running fine.

    When deploying (which does an application-startup) I get the following exception:

    Could not start managed object for application  xxxx/yyyyyy~ear: Clusterwide exception: [server ID Problem in appclient deployment. Cannot create application client environment into naming. Application "xxxx/yyyyyy~ear" will not be deployed because of NamingException.

    Caused by: Path to object does not exist at appclient-environment, the whole lookup name is appclient-environment/xxxx/yyyyyy~ear/xalan-2.7.0.

    On another host with same NetWeaver-version I can deploy this component and it starts up fine. Only restarting the app causes this exception and redeploying works fine again.

    If I remove the lib xalan from the lib-DC the same exception shows up with some other library from the lib-DC.

    We're using NetWeaver 7.2 SP9.

    Any ideas are appreciated how to fix this behaviour.


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    Hello every one,

    Thanks for reading this email. I have a couple of questions. It would be great if you can help me out by answering these.

    1. How to start a SAP training institute?

    2. What would be the cost of the SAP software ,that one needs to buy for training ?

    3. Should we contact SAP to get permisson to conduct SAP training ?


    Thanks in advance.


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    We are getting the Yellow (Warning ) Status in EWA and wanted to green ,,,As we can,t take risk with production , we wanted to apply the soluion plz reply the exact solution to remove the warning.


    0.0.1 Gateway and Message Server Security Gateway Security

    Gateway Security Properties

    The parameter GW/REG_NO_CONN_INFO controls the activation of certain security properties of the SAP gateway. It is defined as a bit mask with one bit per property.

    SAP Note 1298433“Bypassing security in reginfo & secinfo” is not activated in your system. The bit mask value for bit 1 is not set.


    Recommendation: Enable the missing property by adding the bitmask value to the current value of GW/REG_NO_CONN_INFO. For more information about GW/REG_NO_CONN_INFO, see SAP Note 1444282.










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    Hi Friends,



    After we perform the client refresh i am not able to see the description in LPD_CUST as a result it is not even appearing in ESS portal


    in LPD_CUST i can see as : Application No (Description in Language English doesn't exist) instead of description,



    Kindly suggest on this.




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    We are getting error when installing the SSL certificate on our web dispatcher. Please see screenshot attached.


    Kindly assist us on this.


    Thank you!




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    Hoping this is correct forum for Basis related questions, if not, please guide me forward to correct one...

    Note provides following steps for implementation:

    1. Run transaction SE54

    2. In Table/View field, write : SAPFTP_SERVERS_V , choose the radio button

    ABAP Dictionary. Click on Create/Change .

    3. In Maintain Structure Pop-up, Click on View.

    4. In Table/Join Conditions tab, write SAPFTP_SERVERS in Tables

    5. Write short description: Maintenance View for SAPFTP_SERVERS table

    6. Go to View Fields tab and click on Table Fields button

    7. Choose all the entities: Client, FTP_SERVER_NAME, FTP_SERVER_PORT and Description, and click on Copy

    8. Go to Maint. Status, Access: read,change,delete and insert, Delivery Class : C, Data Browser/Table View Maint.: Display/Maintenance Allowed

    9. Activate the View.

    10. Go to Transaction : SE54

    11. In Table/View field, write : SAPFTP_SERVERS_V , choose the radio button

    Generated Objects. Click on Create/Change .

    12. In Create Maintenance Module Pop-up, Click on Yes.
    13. Authorization Group :
    14. Function Group : SAPFTP_SERVERS_V
    15. Package : SFTP
    16. Maintenance Type : One Step
    17. Click on Find Scr. Number(s) --> Propose Screen Number --> OK
    18. Recording Routine : Standard Recording Routine
    19. Compare Flag : Automatically Adjustable
    20. Click on Create (F6).
    21. Click on Back (F3), activate the view. Maintenance View is created successfully.

    My problem is latter part from 10) onwards that I cannot get done with these instructions. In this case Package-field is disabled and does not accept input, anohter issue, that may be consequence of earlier, is step 21. F3 does nothing, propably because of missing package...




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    When calculating a stack for the upgrade EhP6->7 we encounter the following error:




    In long text, it says:




    Any ideas? Do I have to include the SPs manually?

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    The Netweaver trials(7.02, 7.03) from aren't sending links via email at this time.


    We are aware of the problem and have mentioned it to the relevant departments. Keep an eye on this page to see when this known issue has been resolved.


    There are cloud trials of newer versions that are available through AWS, information on which can be found in the developer section of SCN.





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