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Latest Forum Threads in SAP NetWeaver Technology Platform

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    On our BI Production server, in job overview there are 5 of these jobs running for almost a day now and they are taking all job spaces so no other process cant be completed. Our BC guy is on vacation so there is no one I can actually ask what to do, so please advise. Thanks

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  • 08/02/14--07:43: Export of Central instance


    Hello All,

    I have a sap distributed  system , the central instance is on windows 2003 and DB instant on windows 2008, I need to move import, export this central instance to OS win 2008.

    If it possible to take a system copy only of central instance and importet on Os WIN 2008 and used the same DB instance?

    Thanks for any advice


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    What is meaning of controlling Area in mm

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  • 08/03/14--18:33: 503 service unavailable
  • Dear Colleague,


    we have a NetWeaver Server installed in our team. It worked fine for a long time , and services activated in SICF could be accessed from browser before.


    However, today when I tried to start service in web browser , it does not work.  so I tried the service, <localhost>:8000/sap/public/ping?sap-client=001, and I find  an ‘503 service unavailable’ error. I am sure the url is correct, so I checked if the port number 8000 is being listened, and the state is 'listening'.


    I have no idea where is the source of the issue.  could you please provide me with a trouble-shooting path , so that I could have at least a clue.




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    Hello, i read a lot in order to find out how to change, just default theme of portal. But seems i am doing something wrong, can you help me with step by step directions. Maybe i missed something. Thank you!

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    Hi All,


    What are the commands using in SAP ECC 6.0 ehp on SYBASE Database? Backup and restore commands?

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    Dear all,


    I am trying to configure standalone web dispatchers for several SAP systems.


    I have give the wdisp/permission_table parameter a value in the profile file.


    After running sapwebdisp -checkconfig, I get the following errors:


    [Thr 2196] ICR: update server info from description file.

    [Thr 2196] *** ERROR => could not open server description file 'C:\usr\sap\<SAPSID>\profile\<SAPSID>_saprouttrab.txt'. [ictxxtool.c  115]

    [Thr 2196] ICR: IcrIUpdatePermissionTableFromDescrFile() -> 20

    [Thr 2196] *** ERROR => IctUpdatePermissionTableFromDescrFile() failed 20 [icrxx.c      3737]

    [Thr 2196] *** ERROR => IcrMain: IcrInit failed (rc=-1) [icxxman.c    782]


    I have tried to google those errors but with no success.


    Any suggestions on how to proceed?


    Thanks & regards,

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    I am curious how other customers are addressing this issue.

    We go through at least two planned outages per year (for enhancement pack upgrades, functional enhancements etc) during which SAP is unavailable for a better part of the weekend.


    I would like to hear from those of you who have critical business processes, (like outbound deliveries etc), what you are doing to ensure the least business disruption during such outages.


    I have heard manual processing and near zero down time options, but these still do have down times and end up disrupting the business.


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.



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    windows 2012+MSSQL 2012

    when I install ehp7 ides,the error occur


    INFO       2014-08-07 01:36:21.848 [iaxxrfcimp.cpp:607]


    Function module INST_EXECUTE_REPORT set successfully.



    INFO       2014-08-07 01:36:21.869 [iaxxrfcimp.cpp:1011]


    Executing function call INST_EXECUTE_REPORT.



    TRACE      2014-08-07 01:36:21.870 [iaxxrfcimp.cpp:1035]


    Calling function module: INST_EXECUTE_REPORT



    ERROR      2014-08-07 02:36:57.639 [iaxxrfcimp.cpp:1068]


    FRF-00025  Unable to call function. Error message: Time limit exceeded .



    TRACE      2014-08-07 02:36:57.640 [iaxxrfcimp.cpp:1069]


    RFC failure or system exception raised



    TRACE      2014-08-07 02:36:57.640 [iaxxrfcimp.cpp:1070]


    Time limit exceeded



    INFO       2014-08-07 02:36:57.667 [iaxxbjsco.cpp:546]


    RFC connection closed.



    TRACE      2014-08-07 02:36:57.668 [jsextension.hpp:143]


    Member function 'Installer.invokeModuleCall()' has thrown ERfcExcept. Converting to JavaScript exception EJS::ERfcException.




    Function setMessageIdOfExceptionMessage: modlib.jslib.caughtException



    ERROR      2014-08-07 02:36:57.673


    MUT-03025  Caught ERfcExcept in module call: Time limit exceeded.

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  • 08/07/14--10:00: STMS restriction in PRD
  • Dear All,


    We are having the issue  , If our User is having authorization in quality server for stms , they are able to do the transport in PRD also , please let us know how to restrict ..?




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    Hi all,


    To migrate the perating system (redhat linux 4.5 to 6.x) and database (Oracle to 11g), what are the possible scenarios  and  considerations  to be taken to achieve the migration?


    knowing that:



    1 - the version of SAP System Landscape SAP ECC is  6.0 NUC with the following levels of SP:



    SAP_BASIS    700     0011 SAPKB70011

    SAP_ABA       700     0011 SAPKA70011

    ST-PI 0005      2005_1_700 SAPKITLQI5

    PI_BASIS        2006_1_700 0001 SAPKIPYM01

    SAP_BW         700    0012 SAPKW70012

    SAP_AP          700    0008 SAPKNA7008

    SAP_APPL     600     0009 SAPKH60009

    SAP_HR         600     0018 SAPKE60018

    SAP Kernel version is 150



    2 - The second landscape used and connected to SAP ECC 6.0 is SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0 (ABAP / JAVA).



    Thank you in advance.

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  • 08/07/14--09:59: SAP_SLD_ADMINISTRATOR Group
  • Hi everybody, I´m working on a PO system where I have two Java instances (POD + POQ) that share the same SLD, the thing is that in POD (Development) I can see the SAP_SLD_ADMINISTRATOR group and role, and we haven´t any trouble with assigning users etc, the thing is that when I want to export a user <XXXX> from POD to POQ that is assigned to SAP_SLD_ADMINISTRATOR group I can´t import it to POQ because in POQ the SAP_SLD_ADMINIISTRATOR groups doesn´t exists, just the SAP_SLD_ADMINISTRATOR role exists, the question is, do i need to create the SLD groups manually in POQ or do I miss something, any wizard, configuration ?


    I don´t remember I manually create these groups in POD...


    So, I can´t import the group to POQ because it search the user and it turns in a circular dependency.


    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Dear experts,


    I would like to ask the following question:


    We currently have an installation with the following systems:


    SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 7, ABAP

    SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 7, JAVA


    We also have an installation of SAP Netweaver 7.40 stand-alone.


    I would like to know what is the difference between the following (if any):


    SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 7, JAVA and SAP Netweaver 7.40 stand-alone


    Do we actually need the SAP Netweaver 7.40 stand-alone now that we have SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 7, JAVA?


    Thank you in advance.

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    Hi All,

           I have been asked to do the implantation of SAP WEB DISPATCHER for the integration ot SAP CFTE and ERP system at a client site.

    I have done the installation of the dispatcher on a windows system in DMZ. Please share me the steps to be followed for the configuration of SSL connectivity to be established from CFTE to ERP and from ERP to CFTE through proxy.




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    Hi , 


    We have an requirement to get the list of users who logged in with the Last Logon Information  .


    From Standard Portal activity report ...we can get only the First logon date of the users .


    Kindly let us know the other possibilities to get it .


    Thanks ,


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    I have problem with UD Connect, it appears a message


    UDCADAPTERROR::RSSDK|100|Cannot open the connectio


    when I try to open the list of Source Obj UD Connect in the Data Source


    Does anyone knows about this issue?



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    what's the difference between transport route and transport layer,Can somebody give me some explaination? thks in advance!

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  • 08/27/13--04:48: EHP7 features
  • Hi,

         Can somebody help me to get the features of ECC 6.0 EHP7?



    Sandy Sam

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    I have a PI 7.3 SP7 System running with Oracle on RHEL5. I need to install the latest SPS and therefore I have to do a

    OS-Migration to RHEL6, because of a new glibc version used in the SAP-Kernel.


    All I ever knew or heard of OS-Migrations was "Use sapinst, do system-copy, click - click"


    Then I found the "System Copy Guide Document version: 1.6 – 2014-07-07 for PI 7.1 to 7.4"


    And now, things doesn' look easy anymore....


    First question: Is this the right Guide for my system environment ?


    Second question : Is there an "easy" Guide or a howto ?


    In my opinion I'm faster if I do a clean fresh install....instead of a system-copy...






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    I am a SDN subscriber and successfully installed SAP Netweaver 7.0 SR3 on Solaris 10/08 oracle database.


    Got the new license key file (Digitally-Signed License Key) and successfully installed with user sap*.


    But when I logon with newly created user it gives an error "Logon not possible (Error in license check)"

    I tried following but did not work out.


    -- Reinstall license key twice and show license installed successfully.

    -- Cannot install license from command prompt (saplicense -install -ifile=filename.txt) it gives an error "license key file is digital" try installing by login to system".

    -- Tried to recreate another user same problem.

    -- was able to logon with temp license but once temp license deleted cannot logon with new permenent license.

    -- only one user sap* can logon.

    -- SLICENSE shows license in database with staus "Green"

    -- Harware key, installation number verified. seems ok.

    -- When I am trying to install temp license it gives an error message " There is a permenent license key for "NetWeaver_ORA" in the system but it has never been checked successfully.In this situation a temporary license key must not be installed.


    If anyone had similer problem and found the solution please post it. would be appreciated for the solution.





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