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Latest Forum Threads in SAP NetWeaver Technology Platform

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  • 10/07/14--07:29: Issue with Deletion of DSO
  • Hi Gurus,


    I have a problem in deleting the DSO from the Production Environment.


    It is a customized DSO which loads data to 4 Infocubes. I have deleted the data from the DSO , and deleted all the Up level  and low level transformations and DTP's..  But still iam unable to delete the DSO.


    Can any one plz give a light on this.




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  • 10/08/14--07:27: Upgrade processing question
  • I am upgrading from NW7.0 EHP1 Java stack only to NW7.4 SP8 and have encountered an error in step confirmcomponents. The problem centers around our deployment of Business Package of BP_ERP4ESS R60.2. This package generates a warning that list a solution as the operation "scan inbox" I can then find the upgradeable component and put it in the inbox for the upgrade.  I am not sure why solution manager didn't calculate the needed upgrade component. Where do I find the version I would use to replace this one, or do I have the option to ignore this error, if I do ignore it what will happen to our ESS/MSS customization. We do not use the NWDI structure at this time but I think the developement team would like to keep what has been implemented so far. I apologize if this is the wrong place for this thread I just wasn't sure where to put it. Attached is a screen print of the message


    Thanks in Advance


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    Hello I am trying to make a system rename of  a solman 7.1 service 1 on oralce in the same server windows 2008 r2 on a virtual machine.


    I configure the steps but at the phase remove instance services the installation stop.


    I am using the Provisioning last sp and last version (70SWPM10SP06_5-20009707).


    I will appreciate any help.


    Regards and thanks in advance.

    Luis Solis


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    Hi all experts,


    I have just installed NWCE 7.3 (trial). The installation has been completed without any problem! If I try to create a query in QD, exactly at the moment, if I am accessing to some Info provider, than I get a short dump with following Error; "Error analysis     A RAISE statement in the program "SAPLRRSI" raised the exception     condition "X_MESSAGE".     Since the exception was not intercepted by a superior     program, processing was terminated. the same shortdump occurs if I start a query with T-Code "RSRT"  !  I would be very happy if someone could help me.  Is there a guide to configure  RSA1 / BW? I think something is wrong in the configuration? Thanks for every help "

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    Hi Experts,



    I have installed a webdispatcher through bootstrap method and i have configured four servers SID in the order


    1. EGS

    2. ECE

    3. EGP

    4. NSP


    My point is while using the command "sapwebdisp pf=<profil> -checkconfig",it displays all the above servers Message server,ABAP,

    JAVA instances.


    1.When ECE is down the other two which is EGP and NSP configurations are not getting displayed. Why is it so .

    2.When EGS which is configured as server_0 is down all the other servers configurations is  not getting displayed and it ends with an error.



    Can you please provide a fix for this above issue .


    C:\usr\sap\webdisp\wd>sapwebdisp pf=sapwebdisp.pfl -config

    IcmHandleArgs: Illegal option config

    IcmProcessAlive: Found process 41788, command sapwebdisp

    *** FATAL: SAP Web Dispatcher process 41788 still alive

    *** FATAL: I better exit now to prevent any damage



    C:\usr\sap\webdisp\wd>sapwebdisp pf=sapwebdisp.pfl -checkconfig

    Checking SAP Web Dispatcher Configuration


    maximum number of sockets supported on this host: 8192

    Server info will be retrieved from host: wi

    th protocol: http

    Checking connection to message server of system EGS...

    [Thr 92888] Thu Oct 09 11:26:01 2014

    [Thr 92888] ***LOG Q0I=> NiPConnect2: connect (10061: WSAEC

    ONNREFUSED: Connection refused) [D:/depot/bas/740_REL/src/base/ni/nixxi.cpp 3325


    [Thr 92888] *** ERROR => NiPConnect2: SiPeekPendConn failed for hdl 1/sock 33276



        (SI_ECONN_REFUSE/10061; I4; ST; [nixxi.cpp    3325]



    ERROR: Connection to message server failed:




    Check ended with 1 errors, 0 warnings


    Once this server EGS is up , all the other servers are getting displayed .



    Satheesh E

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  • 01/23/12--22:51: DLL registry for N-Computing
  • Hi expert,


    I am using SAP-B1 (using client )as  an  N-Computing and working fine. However when I am installing Add on then its working on server but not on N-Computing ( using as a client ) and following error through. Is this DLL problem or something else ? kindly help.


    System.runtime.interopservices.COMException (0x8000401A): retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {6CF0D1E0-470B-4684-B9B5-70F9A5ACBB06} failed due to the following error: 8000401a.

    at New _ExciesCls.setApplication ()

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    Hi all,

    I have a problem when i try to install (SAP_NetWeaver_703_Installation_Master)

    I got this error

    Hope to get the help here

    Thanks all...

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    Hello SDN!


    On a number of occasions I've seen large solution integrators recommend having separate clients for customizing and workbench requests.  I don't quite understand why this is a recommendation because it could potentially lead to having quality issues given that there are two different versions of the "truth".  I'm sure there is a rationale behind it, but in my research I haven't found anything tangible.  Can anyone shed any light on this? 

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Gurus,


    Recently we had a System Copy to our Source system.


    After that all the Data sources in the BW production environment are showing as " Not Executable" and all the transfer structures are showing as inactive.


    I have  tried replicating the datasources with the program RSDS_DATASOURCE_ACTIVATE_ALL and the transfer structures with the program RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL  but still the problem hasn't fixed.


    Can anyone help me on this...




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    Hi Gurus,


    When we try to run the IP in the Production environment with the standard datasource .


    It is getting failed with the error " Express document Check load from infosource"


    And when we check the details in the error message it is giving as " Job terminated in the sources system and request has set to red"


    The Source system is the BW Production system only.


    Can any one plz give light on this...




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    Hi All,


    I am installing database instance on a seperate database server for Netweaver 7.0 EHP 2 , the databse servers has several drives . For NW 7.0 installation 2 drives are reserved


    Drive N : 200 GB

    Drive O : 200 GB


    During DB Instance installation after selecting the Datafiles ( Ex : 4 databfiles ) in the next screen SAPinst throws error


    " The Drive N : does not exist or is unaccessible for MS Sql Server "  however I can continue installation if I select any other drive except N & O . Kindly suggest what might be the reason for the error.

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  • 03/05/08--07:31: MDX Parser doesn't work
  • Hello, everybody.


    Standart TCP/IP connection named "MDX Parser" doesn't work. It says "timeout during allocate / CPIC-CALL: 'ThSAPCMRCV' : cmRc=20 thRc=456 Timeout dur".


    When I try to run mdxsvr in command line it says that librfc32.dll could not be found.

    And there is no such dll in the directory with mdxsvr, but there is a librfc32u.dll.


    How can I solve this problem?



    My server parameters:

    - IA64

    - Windows 2003

    - SAP NetWeaver 2004s



    best regards,


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  • 10/16/14--12:48: WSNavigator authorizations
  • All,


    I have been tasked with ensuring that we appropriatly restrict the WSNavigator tab for our offsite support groups as currently we have to assign them the administrator role to grant them access which is not acceptable.


    I have created a custom role in our Dev environment called:




    and provided it with the following actions:




    All options in WSNavigator seem to work for the moment except the "services Registry" option.




    To which i get the above error message.


    Q:  What action (if any) controls this option?




    I really don't feel like adding all of the administrator actions to my test role and slowly removing them all to validate which one grants the access, and there is absoluting no documentation as to the necessary roles that will grant access to each option.


    This access used to be granted pre-74 via the visual content editor tool but that is now obsolete to my understanding in 7.4.




    Note***   I have added all of the SAP_JAVA_WS roles and none of them grant the access either.


    Any help would be appriciated.    

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    Hi gurus,


    Im trying to migrate SAP ERP EHP7 from MaxDB to DB2 database and while import ABAP phase I received error, that migration key is wrong. I was generating key via OSS, but it is always wrong. In log file I see something weird:


    process id 3722

    (DB) INFO: connected to DB

    (GSI) INFO: dbname   = "NAO                                                                                                                             "

    (GSI) INFO: vname    = "DB6                             "

    (GSI) INFO: hostname = "UNKNOWN                                                         "

    (GSI) INFO: sysname  = "Linux"

    (GSI) INFO: nodename = "bpx-nao"

    (GSI) INFO: release  = "3.0.13-0.27-default"

    (GSI) INFO: version  = "#1 SMP Wed Feb 15 13:33:49 UTC 2012 (d73692b)"

    (GSI) INFO: machine  = "x86_64"

    (VK)  INFO: installation number = "0000000000"

    (VK) ERROR: invalid migration key


    /usr/sap/NAO/SYS/exe/uc/linuxx86_64/R3load: job finished with 1 error(s)

    /usr/sap/NAO/SYS/exe/uc/linuxx86_64/R3load: END OF LOG: 20140825185045



    I think that this is the problem, how can I solve it?


    Thanks in advance

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    Hello friends


    I would like to upgrade our kernel which is 700 ( on windows) to the least one  742, I was told this can not be done.

    what is the proper way to upgrade our kernel to 742,


    what are the step I should take,


    please kindly advise


    thank you

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  • 10/17/14--00:16: SAP-HR 605 installation
  • Hello,


    we have ECC6.0 EHP5 installed. In this Release SAP_HR is on 6.04 Level. How does we have to proceed to get SAP_HR 6.05 ?. Does we have to install EHP 7 ?


    Kind Regards


    Hartwig Latz


    HYDAC GmbH

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    Hi all

    We'd like to implement Patches for SAP_BASIS and SAP_ABA in IDES EHP7 (740 SP04).

    However a patch to 74005 (and 74008) is no longer with SPAM, only with SUM.

    As I read in  799639 - IDES - General Information about the usage of IDES systems  patches and upgrades are not supported, while making it MOPZ-compatible is not possible.

    In my opinion there is a difference between not supported and not possible.

    My question is: how can I implement at least SAP_BASIS and SAP_ABA (along with other prerequisite patches like PI, BW, GW, UI) (on my own risk).


    Is it Solman I have to work with (change the technical system so it fits a NW 7.4 standalone)? Is it operating system commands like tp or R3trans? Can I change the patch-file / use debugging to skip the "FORCE_SUM"-like check?


    Does anyone have experience with that? Maybe someone already tried a specific approach and knows it won't work...




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    I need to create a role which allows the monitoring team to access just the system overview panel in nwa in READONLY mode.

    I found the NWA_READONLY_ASJO action but it is not enough, this actions actually enables "System Overview" menu in Availability and Performance tab but the panle is not able to retrieve the data.

    I've read some notes and docs but I haven't found yet what I'm missing.


    Administrator user have no trouble retrieving the system overview data, but I can't give total access to the monitoring team.


    I'm working in a 7.31 SP10 environment.


    Can anyone guide me a bit?



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    We have configured production server to send SMS using HTTP node


    When sending the SMS through a program, certain SMS messages are successfully receives to the recipient.

    Some message are failed and moves to the error queue.


    But when using SCOT and resend those errored SMS messages those will receives to the recipient.successfully.


    Error log is as follows;


    No delivery to SMS:71xxxxxxxx due to problem with communication connection



    No delivery to SMS:71xxxxxxxx due to problem with communication connection

    Message no. XS839



    The message could not be delivered to recipient SMS:716822709 due to a communication error.


    System Response

    Processing was completed as normal.


    Communication service with errors:           HTTP or HTTPS

    Parameter or error code used:




    Additional information on the node used (in the system language of the node, if available):




    Check the parameters listed for the service. In particular, note the communication parameters. With HTTP/HTTPS, the problem is probably due to an incorrect URL or incorrect HTTP proxy settings.


    The error may, however, be temporary. If a SAPconnect retry has been defined for this node, the error may be removed automatically.


    Procedure for System Administration



    see the image snap1.jpg


    If i have resend the above SMS, it will receive to the recipient with success.

    How to resolve this?


    Further , is there  any method to create a job only to error-ed list to retry to send them? (see the image snap1.jpg)


    Its possible to create a background job. But how can we mention, retry to send the messages which are in the error queue.....

    Check snap3.jpg





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    Hello SSL experts!!!


    I understand that the standard process to setup SSL is to generate a CSR and then import the response. 


    However, my company's IT folks have what they are terming a "global SSL" signed cert for *.<domain>.net"


    For other internal IIS-based web applications they were able to import this certificate ~directly. 


    In order to not have to purchase and maintain another signed cert, they would like for me to see if we can do the same thing with our ABAP ERP system (SAPKB73103).


    I'm thinking maybe sapgenpse might have some tricks to allow this??


    Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

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