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Latest Forum Threads in SAP NetWeaver Technology Platform

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    Here's the scenario I'm trying to configure for outbound SAPconnect Faxes.

    I currently have 1 FAX node in SCOT configured for BC_CON protocol going to our Rightfax server RFC. That part is what we are using for daily outbound Faxes in Production and working fine.


    Now, I'm in the process of transitioning outbound faxes to Esker Cloud service which uses BC_SMTP technology and I will setup another node under SMTP for outbound faxes.


    Here's my question and problem; As soon as I configure the SMTP node to send Faxes to Esker Fax service ALL faxes are being sent to that new FAX SMTP node. How can I keep the existing (old) FAX node which uses BC_CON to Rightfax server and route ONLY specific Faxes to the new SMTP fax node? The goal is to only transition selected fax numbers to the new node going to Esker fax cloud service. Not all at ounce.


    Need help to figure this out.



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    Hi All,


    Recently I performed stack upgrade in BW and Portal. Users are getting intermittent errors. Please help to resolve the issue.



    Kavitha Rajan.



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    Dear all,


    we've a BW as a dual-stack-installation and a standalone EP. Now I want to create a system connection to the BW-Java to call BWReport iViews in the Portal via AppIntegrator Scenario from: BW Java and SAP NetWeaver Portal Integration


    But how to create system connection? What are the properties for WAS and ITS and Connector?



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  • 07/24/12--02:41: Download minisap for linux
  • Hello,


    When I try to download minisap for linux, I get the following message:


    There is no version of the SAP on Linux Test Drive available for download. Please order it from the SAP Knowledge Shop: -> SAP Knowledge Shop and search for the following material numbers:


    SAP NW2004s Testdrive MaxDB : 50077574



    I have searched on Knowledge shop.

    But I could not find anything.


    Could someone provide me the url to download abap netweaver minisap?


    Thanks in advance for your answer.

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  • 04/27/15--06:53: Life cycle of request
  • hello all,

            I am new to SAP BASIS. Can anyone please tell me that how is return request is proecessed in ABAP Stack?

    Will it go through dispatcher or not?

                             Thnak you in advance....

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  • 04/27/15--23:36: Web Dispatcher Installation
  • Hi Expert,


    I am in a confusion regarding the Web Dispatcher installation. i have Used SAP Netweaver 740 SR2 for Web Dispatcher and Have installed on a server where SAProuter is Configured.


    Here are my Question:

    1. We have 3 System ( Ecc, Gateway and Solman) for which we have to install web-dispatcher. My question is Do i have to install 3 web dispatcher for the      3 servers or i can install one Web Dispatcher and link it with all 3 server. i have never worked on Web-dispatcher Before.

    2. Also in SCN, i have came across some info on SAP Web Dispatcher for Multiple Systems (See Link Below), but couldn't figure out how to do it as while Installing the Web-dispatcher, it asked for message server host name where i had put Ms hostname of the Gateway Server. so if we can add all three system through 1 Dispatcher how will it be.


    SAP Web Dispatcher for Multiple Systems - SAP Web Dispatcher - SAP Library


    3. Also Do i have to Make Changes in Profile as Post Configuration setting for SAP Web dispatcher for Gateway system, And What could be the changes.




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    First of all I would like to begin by saying that I am new to the world of SAP NW I come from traditional understanding of SAP R/3 and ECC versions, BUT, nothing about NW.


    So i know that SAP NW is for HCM, SCM and CRM and such.

    And ECC 6.0 is for the traditional modules like FICO, PM and such



    So my question is this. Currently I have a IDES ECC 6.0 ehp4 on windows2008r2 and it is running fine. Oh, btw it is running on ABAP stack, below image might be more descriptive this is using Oracle DB btw




    So i want to install SAP NW 7.4 using Oracle, so was wondering can i install on the same Virtual Machine as my IDES ECC 6.0? or have to be on a spearate machine? Tks

    So am I right to say that this NW 7.4 can run on its own with out having a ECC 6.0 system? Cause what I am thinking is that lets say HR module is already present in the ECC version and HCM is part of NW buisness suite, so the data of HR have to be used for HCM (this might be really a silly question but sorry I am more of a HW and then slowly progressed to SAP Basis guy)

    I also know that it is possible to have dual-stack, but this has been continued from NW 7.4, except for PI, so what does that mean?

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    Hi All,       Recently took interview the interviewer asked question about kernal upgrade steps.    While saying about the backup of the current kernal folder, i was explaining the folder name as usr/SAP/SID/EXE etc., The interviewer asked what CP in EXE folder Kernel. Define the CP? Can anyone explain what is CP in EXE file and its purpose in EXE - Kernel upgrade. Explain me on this topic Please. Regards Gopinath G

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    Hi All,


    I have been installing Netweaver 7.4, using MAX DB, the install runs happily up to the step where it tries to start the SCS01 instance, however it fails after trying to start for 5 minutes.


    Looking through the error logs on the log analyser the error I have found is:


    An error occurred at step:
    ERROR 2013-12-17 14:23:33.545 [sixxcstepexecute.cpp:901]

    FCO-00011 The step startSCSInstance with step key NW_CI_Instance -> startSCSInstance was executed with status ERROR


    Logfile location: C:\Program Files\sapinst_instdir\NW740\ADA\INSTALL\ADA\STANDALONE\STD\PICP\sapinst.log


    ERROR 2013-12-17 14:23:33.545 [sixxcstepexecute.cpp:901]
    FCO-00011 The step startSCSInstance with step key NW_Java_OneHost|ind|ind|ind|ind|0|0|NW_Onehost_System|ind|ind|ind|ind|onehost|0|NW_CI_Instance|ind|ind|ind|ind|ci|0|startSCSInstance was executed with status ERROR ( Last error reported by the step: Instance J21/SCS02 [PARTIAL] did not start after 5:10 minutes. Giving up.).


    Logfile location: C:\Program Files\sapinst_instdir\NW740\ADA\INSTALL\ADA\STANDALONE\STD\PICP\sapinst_dev.log

    I have tried all the usual things like restarting the install, trying a completely fresh install, starting the instance manually but it will always fail at this point.


    Has anyone else encountered this error, or can suggest further logs to inspect?


    Many thanks in advance!



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    Hi Expert,

    I am stuck after the installation of Web Dispatcher. SAP Web Dispatcher is installed on SAProuter

    Now We have ERP(Abap), CRM and SRM System connected to Gateway

    Now the Idea is to connect to the gateway – through gateway we can connect to ERP, CRM and SRM systems for the corresponding Fiori apps.

    I have a few Question and need help :

    1. How will we connect the Web Dispatcher to the Gateway which in turn Connect to other System.
    2. Why is Web Dispatcher needed when we have a gateway System.
    3. Is there any configuration done on the Gateway System and the Other System (ERP, CRM and SRM).
    4. Also Since our ERP System is an ABAP System, how can we access through URL.
    5. Can Anybody Suggest me the best method for the Web Dispatcher configuration for this scenario.


    Thanks & Regards,

    Xherdan Romeo

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    Hi Gurus,


    Recently we had a System Copy to our Source system.


    After that all the Data sources in the BW production environment are showing as " Not Executable" and all the transfer structures are showing as inactive.


    I have  tried replicating the datasources with the program RSDS_DATASOURCE_ACTIVATE_ALL and the transfer structures with the program RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL  but still the problem hasn't fixed.


    Can anyone help me on this...




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    While executing ST04 -> Performance -> Wait Event Analysis -> Filesystem Requests


    The following error comes


    Exception CX_DBA_ADBC in function unit C_GET_DB_ORA_FILESYSTEM_REQUES ( function group S_ORA_COCKPIT_5 include  line 0  )


    The database is Oracle.


    I have seen SAP NOTE 1262645 under which the correction is delivered in the support pack SAPKB700018 but we already are on that support pack level.


    Please suggest.

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    We have a sandbox environment where I can create incidents but once created (either by myself or someone else) I cannot open the incident record. I get a message at the bottom left hand corner of my screen 'javascript:void(0)'


    For example, in the above image when I click on Incident ID 42, I cannot open it

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    Hi all

    We have a problem with a Zebra TLP 2844 barcode printer. I can´t print any document(common documents or barcode levels Sapscript).


    I read and applied the note: "Note 179534 - Label printing with Zebra printers (SAPscript)" without sucesfully (and import ZLB_ZEB2 and zlb_ZEB non sap native drivers)


    1) printer is attached to pc-windows host with sapsprint and is shared resource

    2) from R/3, access method is S 

    namepcprinter   and  Device Type: ZLB_ZEB2

    3) From R/3, the spool request for Zebra are finished ok but they aren´t printed

    4) if connect a HP printer using this procedure, then the document are printed ok.


    The documents sending from Windows (words,txt docs) are printed ok !!!

    There aren´t errors for sapsprint log.



    Does anyone help me, is this model of "Zebra" compatible for SAP?






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  • 08/27/13--04:48: EHP7 features
  • Hi,

         Can somebody help me to get the features of ECC 6.0 EHP7?



    Sandy Sam

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  • 05/08/15--05:35: EHP7 Features - FICO
  • Hello Guys,

    One of our customer would like to updgrade pac to SAP ECC 6.0 EPH7,  can anyone help me to get more info about  new feature for FICO in ECC6.0EHP7(New Featuresin FI).

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    Dear Friends,


    We've customized LPD_CUST as per our need.

    We've created an application of type transaction and assigned Quota generation T-code ( PT_QTA00) to it.


    While executing the application from ESS portal, it is directly displaying the results instead of 1st selection screen as we get in ECC systtem.



    Absence Quota.JPG




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    Hello SCN members,

    I have purchased in 2008 the SAP NetWeaver Development Subscription.Unfortunatelly I was busy the last years and I din't install the product.

    I have tried to install the product few day ago and I need the Solution Manager key in order to complete the installation....

    Does anyone know if SAP still support this subscription  ? It was a one time pay subcription...

    MOre info :

    SAP NetWeaver Development Subscription Comparison with Sneak Peek Previews and Trials




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    Hi guys,


    while trying to install the SSL Certificate to the SAP Web Dispatcher  through CMD I am getting an import Error Installation


    "import_own_cert: Installation of certificate failed"



    I checked the expiration certificate and it's good to go.



    Thanks in advance.

    Kaushik G

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  • 05/19/15--02:48: Eclise Luna 4.4.2 - NWDS 7.3
  • Hi there,


    I use Eclipse Luna SR2 (4.4.2) and I would like to know if it's possible to install some plugins to NWDS 7.3 (SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio 7.3).


    Recently I downloaded the last NWDS version in this link, but I notice it's almost the same Eclipse that I use:



    I tried this tip, but it didn't work to Eclipse Luna:



    Does anyone know if is it possible? It's a bit strange to maintain two Eclipse versions here... (Luna I use to SAPUI5 and others things)



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