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Latest Forum Threads in SAP NetWeaver Technology Platform

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    the developer studio can not be started and the error which is shown is "jvm terminated. exit code = -1"

    My system is windows7, I am using oracle java 1.6, NWDS  (7.3 SP01).


    This is my .ini file:


    C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_21\bin\














    Very strangely, I actually succedeed to run the NWDS once when saving the .ini as unicode. But then I could not update the studio with new features, I got "Unsupported major.minor version 49.0u2033. I suspect that actually the studio could not be started properly with java 1.6, but with java 1.4, which was also installed on my system. After deinstalling java 1.4.2, the studio can not be started again.

    Please, help me to resolve it.

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    Hi Experts,


    I am facing an issue in SAP EP Portal which when images is used in webdynpro abap the application asks user name and password ( R/3 ) for loading images through popup.


    Image is not loaded unless username and password is provided.


    Portal is accessing ABAP server with SSO ticket.


    This Issue is not faced when accessed in local network.

    This Issue is not faced when accessed via Webdynpro URL.



    Thanks in advance


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    Dear experts,


    I was trying to install netweaver 7.02 32 bit on windows 7. I did get a message that the operating system version is not supported. I clicked cancel and it went on. After this I have also installed the GUI front end. However, when I open the SAP Management Console and expand the 'Console Root' , I only see    'SAP Systems' under it. And in the right pane it shows 'There are no items to show in the view'. What could be the problem? Can't we really install 32 bit version on windows 7 ultimate? Any help will be appreciated.




    ajith C

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    Dear Expert,


    I would like to define a HTTP Port on a NW 7.01 AS Java that is only accessible from one specific source IP address. Only that specific IP address should be able to access the AS Java via HTTP. All other clients should access the system via HTTPS.

    I searched the SCN, Help and SAP Notes, but I could not find any useful information that it is even possible. I know that for NW7.3 AS Java it is possible, but that's not the version we got.


    Do you know how to configure the HTTP port on a NW 7.01 AS Java to only accept calls from one source IP?


    Thanks a lot for your help.



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    Hi experts


    I want to copy a new client in productive environment with only customizing and master data and no transaction data can any one please suggest me what profile should i have to copy is SAP_APPL is the right profile for it.







    Nirvikar Saxena

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    I want to know weather SAP Netweaver CE ( Compsite Environment) 7.3 Version was released or not.


    Because SAP Netweaver 7.3 CE trail version was downloaded from below path and installed one of our test machine.




    Now we want to install Development server, for SAP Netweaver CE 7.3 .


    So, Please let us know weather Netweaver CE 7.3 actual version was released or not.


    Because in SAP Portal it is not showing SAP Netweaver CE 7.3 it is only showing SAP Netweaver CE 7.2


    Please any body clarify on this.


    Best Regards,

    Siva Rajesh.

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  • 04/12/13--21:03: Restore is taking long time
  • Hi,


    In every 1 month i did data refresh from production to quality .......Offline Backup take 4 hour (data size 380 GB) database db2 9.7 fp5....and once i put for restore it always takes 20 hours to restore ....what may be the problem.




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    Hi All,


    We are planning to migrate local webdynpro applications from SAP portal 7.0 to 7.3. I want to inform you that existing webdynpro application developed local DC's and planning to migrate the same local DC's to NWDI .


    Could you please provide some inputs on below queries.


    how to migrate WDJ apps from EP 7.0 to 7.3 ?

    how to migrate local DC's to NWDI?



    Thank you,




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    Hi All,


    We are planning to integrate Windows 2008 r2 active directory with SAP ECC Server running on RHEL 5. Now in transaction LDAP, while creating LDAP Server, we cannot find Product Name "Windows 2008 Active directory". We found SAP Note, Note 1168727 - LDAP Certification ABAP: Windows Server 2003 and 2008. Now Inside this note we found Windows Server 2003 R2 Active Directory Application Mode - Schema and Windows Server 2003 R2 Active Directory Application Mode - Mapping file.


    We wanted to know, where these files are imported and how to import these files so that we can configure LDAP to Windows 2008 R2.


    Please correct me if I am wrong.




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  • 04/15/13--04:48: ADS configuration in Ecc 6.0
  • Hi,


    We have Ecc 6.0 Abap stack , Our HR team need Adobe Document Services to be installed on the server .....I am new to this configuration ,,,please guide me on how to proceed with the same..




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  • 04/14/13--19:30: NWBC & Kerberos
  • Hi,


    I am trying to find a clean way of setting up Kerberos with NWBC. I have seen few discussion on SSO with NWBC and noticed different suggestions based on the current infrastructure which is already available at client place.


    In my landscape, I have an NW Portal 7.3 and an SAP ERP system. Kerberos is already setup for the Portal and SSO is established between Portal and ERP. Hence, when a user logs into PC, they can launch the Portal and access backend ERP applications without the need to re-authenticate.


    Now, NWBC comes into picture and the client wants to use it to access the ERP system. I am aware of  Kerberos setup on the SAPGUI which could allow access to ERP system. Since the users would not be using the SAPGUI  logon pad, where do I make the SNC settings? Do we need to make any changes to the logon Procedure for the NWBC service in SICF ?


    I also came across an interesting blog by Andre Fischer where he mentions "The SAP NetWeaver Business Client supports Windows Integrated Authentication as the initial authentication if the SAP NetWeaver Portal services infrastructure used is configured to use the SPNego Login Module". I am not quite sure how to achieve this.


    Can someone please share their experience.




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    I faced with problem when trying to make system copy of my NW7.01(BW) system using Software Provisioning Manager (70SWPM10SP01_6-20009706.sar) on Windows IA64 + Oracle. Sapinst on step for Oracle client medium wants me to provide a non-existing (according to official sources of information) Oracle client v 11.2 for Windows IA64. When I tried to provide the one which is available for this platform I got the following message: "Found the label ORACLE:10.0G:CLRDBMS:Oracle RDBMS 10g CD:WINDOWS_IA64:IA64:CD51030xxx but need the label ORACLE:11.2:CLIENT:*:WINDOWS_IA64:*".


    If anyone faced with this issue or knows how to bypass this check and supply the latest available Oracle client V3 on WinIA64 on this step,please help.

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    Hi Guys,


    On BI Production system I am getting ST22 : ABAP Run time error (TIME_OUT)


    The Parameter value of rdisp/max_wprun_time = 3600 (1hr) which is maximum value. Even then we are getting around 20 to 30 Dumps. Can any suggest a Note, so that tell my application team to run their programs in Background.


    Thanks in Advance for Reply.


    Kernel release 720


    Runtime Errors    TIME_OUT
    Date and Time      15.04.2013 14:19:05


    Short text

    Time limit exceeded.


    What happened?

    The program "CL_SQL_STATEMENT==============CP" has exceeded the maximum
      permitted runtime without

    interruption and has therefore been terminated.


    What can you do?

    Note down which actions and inputs caused the error.

    To process the problem further, contact you SAP system


    Using Transaction ST22 for ABAP Dump Analysis, you can look

    at and manage termination messages, and you can also

    keep them for a long time.


    Error analysis

    After a specific time, the program is terminated to make the work area

    available to other users who may be waiting.

    This is to prevent a work area being blocked unnecessarily long by, for


    - Endless loops (DO, WHILE, ...),

    - Database accesses with a large result set

    - Database accesses without a suitable index (full table scan)

    The maximum runtime of a program is limited by the system profile

    parameter "rdisp/max_wprun_time". The current setting is 3600 seconds. If this

    time limit is

    exceeded, the system attempts to cancel any running SQL statement or

    signals the ABAP processor to stop the running program. Then the system

    waits another 60 seconds maximum. If the program is then still active,

    the work process is restarted.


    How to correct the error

    Programs with long runtime should generally be started as background

    jobs. If this is not possible, you can increase the system profile

    parameter "rdisp/max_wprun_time".


    Depending on the cause of the error, you may have to take one of the

    following measures:

    - Endless loop: Correct program;

    - Dataset resulting from database access is too large:
      Instead of "SELECT * ... ENDSELECT", use "SELECT * INTO internal table
      (for example);

    - Database has unsuitable index: Check index generation.

    If the error occures in a non-modified SAP program, you may be able to

    find an interim solution in an SAP Note.

    If you have access to SAP Notes, carry out a search with the following


    "TIME_OUT" " "

    "CL_SQL_STATEMENT==============CP" or "CL_SQL_STATEMENT==============CM004"


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    I am getting a Windows Security Popup and prompts for user credentials when I click Logoff.


    I have a CRM Role along with some other Roles, if I go into CRM Role and click Logoff then I get this popup after a usual confirmation dialog "Are you sure you want to Logoff?"

    Actually, it supposed to logoff when I click "Yes" button in the logoff dialog, but it displays a Popup.


    Request you please help me to resolve this issue.




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    We want to install SAP NW 7.3 Ehp1 ( AS Java) on HP-UX /Sybase


    Before installation of the above software on HP-UX is it required any java version at OS level or not.


    If we required JAVA / JDK / JRE please let us know which version we need to install.



    Siva Rajesh

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    Ihave the following problemwith the newSAPHOSTAGENTS7.20 (SAPCCMSR via webservice) for non-SAPsystems (host).

    The agentsstartover again(aboutevery hour). The status in RZ21(CEN) isthencommitfailedor shutdown.

    If the agentsrun, I have access to everything(agentsdirectory, etc.)

    The other Agents (SAPCCM4X) works fine.


    In theST11following errormessages for the NON-SAP Server exist:


    XRFC> SY_SID     : SOM

    XRFC> SY_MANDT   : 000

    XRFC> SYS_NR     : 77

    XRFC> APPLSERVER : sapxxx_SOM_77


    XRFC> DURATION   : 17









    XRFC> REQ_ID     : E2xxxxxxxxxxE36005056AE021E

    XRFC> RESP_ID    : 00000000000000000000000000000000

    XRFC> MSG_STATE  : 117


    XRFC> IF_NS_E    : urn:SAPCCMS




    XRFC> TRC_SSID   : SOM_77


    XRFC> TRC_TS     : 20130417134900

    XRFC> TRC_COUNT  : 63

    XRFC> TRC_EXT    :




    XRFC> CONF_ID    : E295428ED81xxxxxxxxxxGFDE8JS2

    XRFC> BIND_ID    : E295xxxxxxxxxxxxEHG2U

    XRFC> OP_NAME    : MtCustomizeWrite

    XRFC> COMM_PATRN : Method:MtCustomizeWrite

    XRFC> OP_NS      : urn:SAPCCMS





    XRFC> WSHOST     : SAPOTxxx

    XRFC> WSPORT     : 1128

    XRFC> WSPROT     : http



    XRFC> PXYHOST    :

    XRFC> PXYPORT    :

    XRFC> USEDRFCDES : E2954295B2E3FHT6AE36005056AE021E

    XRFC> BONAME     :





    XRFC> TRACE SOAP RUNTIME - trace records



    XRFC> E CONTEXT 20130417134901.9180000 : CL_SOAP_CONTEXT ->SET_FAULT

    XRFC> SOAP Runtime Fehlerbehandlung beim SOAP Fault



    XRFC> E SOAP_RUNTIME 20130417134901.9180000 : CL_SOAP_RUNTIME_CLIENT

    XRFC> ->EXEC_PROCESSING Ausnahmebehandlung innerhalb der SOAP Laufzeit



    XRFC> E HTTP_TRANSPORT_BINDING 20130417134901.9180000 : CL_SOAP_HTTP

    XRFC> _TPBND_ROOT ->HANDLE_STATUS_CODE Received return code 401 (

    XRFC> Unauthorized )



    XRFC> E CONTEXT 20130417134901.9180000 : CL_SOAP_CONTEXT ->SET_FAULT set

    XRFC> fault loop detected



    XRFC> E SOAP_RUNTIME 20130417134901.9180000 : CL_SOAP_RUNTIME_CLIENT

    XRFC> ->EXEC_PROCESSING SOAP Fault Exception caught: : HTTP Error:

    XRFC> 'Unauthorized'






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    Hi Experts.


    I am installing BI JAVA on Netweaver  7.31 ( EHP1), need to understant the what are the usage types need to be selected , along with BI JAVA , Should I have to select following usage type ?


    EP CORE - Applicaion Portal

    Enterprise Portal

    Application Server Java Extension




    Al Mamun

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    Hi Experts,


    We are installing HA on MSCS with Sybase ASE .We successfully installed First cluster node and the database instance on the first node.On the second we were able to install the additional database cluster.The issue is that we are not able to install the additional cluster node on the second node.

    We are getting the following error

    ERROR  2013-04-18 03:41:08.384 [iaxxejsbas.cpp:211]

    FJS-00003  TypeError: key has no properties (in script NW_SecondClusterNode|ind|ind|ind|ind, line 16692: ???)


    ERROR  2013-04-18 03:41:09.759 [sixxcstepexecute.cpp:937]

    FCO-00011  The step copyUserEnvironmentFromOtherNode with step key |NW_SecondClusterNode|ind|ind|ind|ind|0|0|copyUserEnvironmentFromOtherNode was executed with status ERROR ( Last error reported by the step: TypeError: key has no properties (in script NW_SecondClusterNode|ind|ind|ind|ind, line 16692: ???)).


    TRACE  2013-04-18 03:41:09.790 [kdxxctaco.cpp:225]
           CKdbTableContainerImpl::syncToContainerFile lib=iakdblib

    CKdbTableContainerImpl::syncToContainerFile start ...


    Kindly suggest some work around as we are unable to move ahead.Thanks in advance.



    Venkatesh Iyer

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    Hii Experts,


    we are setting up a ha on mscs with syabse database.we have successfully installed the first cluster node and the database instance on node 1.On node 2 we installed the additional database cluster node successfully.The issue here is that we are unable to go ahead with the additional cluster installation.the error that we are getting is

    ERROR  2013-04-18 03:41:08.384 [iaxxejsbas.cpp:211]

    FJS-00003  TypeError: key has no properties (in script NW_SecondClusterNode|ind|ind|ind|ind, line 16692: ???)



    2013-04-18 03:41:09.759 [sixxcstepexecute.cpp:937]

    FCO-00011  The step copyUserEnvironmentFromOtherNode with step key |NW_SecondClusterNode|ind|ind|ind|ind|0|0|copyUserEnvironmentFromOtherNode was executed with status ERROR ( Last error reported by the step: TypeError: key has no properties (in script NW_SecondClusterNode|ind|ind|ind|ind, line 16692: ???)).



    2013-04-18 03:41:09.790 [kdxxctaco.cpp:225]
           CKdbTableContainerImpl::syncToContainerFile lib=iakdblib

    CKdbTableContainerImpl::syncToContainerFile start ...


    Kindly suggest some work around as we are unable to move ahead.


    Thanks & Regards,


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    Good day to all!


    I would like to ask a question concerning post activities after completing a DB export/Import process.



    1) I installed SAP EHP1 Netweaver 7.3 ABAP in a distributed environment.

    2) I used MSSQL 2008R2 (installed in sever B).

    3) Support packages and patches were successfully applied.

    4) Using SAP provisioning manager, I was able to complete the DB export/import to SQL 2012 finished.

    5) DB02/ST04 - shows that the SAP I installed is now pointing to the target DB. SAP system looks ok after running SM51, SM50, SICK, SM66

    6) I needed to apply some more patches using SPAM but I am having error. I checked the user permissions and storage space, and it seems OK.


    May I ask if there are some other checks and steps I need to do to confirm and verify if the migration is successful?


    Thank You.



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