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    We have solution manager in our landscape and changes go to quality through transport of copies.

    During times of quality system refresh from production we are trying to understand how to manage the changes that go to quality through this Transport of Copies?

    For released transports we will get the delta transports which went to quality but not to prod comparing the import histories and can arrive at them but how do we bring in the changes that go to quality through transport of copies ?

    Another question is How do we reimport those changes sequentially along with the released transports ?



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    Hi All,


    I recently installed SAP Netweaver 7.4 BW system and provided access to development team. By mistake one of the team member deleted all the default clients from SCC4(data in tables is intact). Now I am not able to recreate the clients in SCC4 (options are greyed out). I have full authorization but still I am not able to create the clients.


    Thanks in advance.



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    we generated a consumer proxy using the following WSDL file:


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><wsdl:definitions targetNamespace="" xmlns:apachesoap="" xmlns:impl="" xmlns:intf="" xmlns:soapenc="" xmlns:tns1="" xmlns:wsdl="" xmlns:wsdlsoap="" xmlns:xsd=""><!--WSDL created by Apache Axis version: 1.3 Built on Oct 05, 2005 (05:23:37 EDT)-->   <wsdl:message name="CreatePdfSignatureRequest">      <wsdl:part name="in0" type="xsd:string"/>      <wsdl:part name="in1" type="xsd:string"/>      <wsdl:part name="in2" type="xsd:base64Binary"/>      <wsdl:part name="in3" type="xsd:string"/>      <wsdl:part name="in4" type="xsd:boolean"/>      <wsdl:part name="in5" type="xsd:string"/>      <wsdl:part name="in6" type="xsd:string"/>   </wsdl:message>   <wsdl:message name="CreatePdfSignatureResponse">      <wsdl:part name="CreatePdfSignatureReturn" type="xsd:base64Binary"/>   </wsdl:message>   <wsdl:portType name="GlobalEsignSoapExt">      <wsdl:operation name="CreatePdfSignature" parameterOrder="in0 in1 in2 in3 in4 in5 in6">         <wsdl:input message="impl:CreatePdfSignatureRequest" name="CreatePdfSignatureRequest"/>         <wsdl:output message="impl:CreatePdfSignatureResponse" name="CreatePdfSignatureResponse"/>      </wsdl:operation>   </wsdl:portType>   <wsdl:binding name="GlobalEsignSoapExtSoapBinding" type="impl:GlobalEsignSoapExt">      <wsdlsoap:binding style="rpc" transport=""/>      <wsdl:operation name="CreatePdfSignature">         <wsdlsoap:operation soapAction=""/>         <wsdl:input name="CreatePdfSignatureRequest">            <wsdlsoap:body encodingStyle="" namespace="" use="encoded"/>         </wsdl:input>         <wsdl:output name="CreatePdfSignatureResponse">            <wsdlsoap:body encodingStyle="" namespace="" use="encoded"/>         </wsdl:output>      </wsdl:operation>   </wsdl:binding>   <wsdl:service name="GlobalEsignSoapExtService">      <wsdl:port binding="impl:GlobalEsignSoapExtSoapBinding" name="GlobalEsignSoapExt">         <wsdlsoap:address location=""/>      </wsdl:port>   </wsdl:service></wsdl:definitions>


    The coding of the test program is:

    *& Report  Z_SOAP_PDF_SIGNATUR
    REPORT  z_soap_pdf_signatur.
    *------ Type pools
    type-pools: sai.
    *------ Class definitions and references
    DATA: lo_zpdf_sign    TYPE REF TO zpdfco_global_esign_soap_ext,      lo_system_fault TYPE REF TO cx_ai_system_fault,      lo_appl_fault   type ref to cx_ai_application_fault.
    *------ data
    DATA: output TYPE zpdfcreate_pdf_signature_respo,
          input TYPE  zpdfcreate_pdf_signature.
    DATA: wa_controller TYPE prxctrl.
    DATA:  pdfout(255) TYPE c  VALUE
     'C:/TEMP/pp-20080229-93ES-40010-0013439840-1690000005.pdf',       pdfsign(255) TYPE c  VALUE
     'C:/TEMP/pp-20080229-93ES-40010-0013439840-1690000005-sign.pdf',        wa_objcont TYPE soli,        objcont LIKE soli  OCCURS 0.
    DATA: xlines TYPE string,
          buffer TYPE  xstring,      x_msg  TYPE c LENGTH 100.
        CREATE OBJECT lo_zpdf_sign      EXPORTING        logical_port_name = 't_systems'.  CATCH cx_ai_system_fault .
    * read unsigned pdf
                        IN BINARY MODE.
        READ DATASET pdfout INTO xlines.  CATCH cx_sy_file_open_mode.    EXIT.
    CLOSE DATASET pdfout.
    * convert string
      EXPORTING    text           = xlines
    *   MIMETYPE       = ' '
    *    encoding       = 'UTF-8'
     IMPORTING    buffer         = buffer  EXCEPTIONS    failed         = 1    OTHERS         = 2  .
        input-in0 = 'user'.    input-in1 = 'password'.    input-in2 =  buffer.    input-in3 = 'affilinet'.    CALL METHOD lo_zpdf_sign->create_pdf_signature      EXPORTING        input  = input      IMPORTING        output = output.  CATCH cx_ai_system_fault INTO lo_system_fault.    DATA: lv_message TYPE string.    DATA: lv_message_long TYPE string.    CALL METHOD lo_system_fault->if_message~get_text      RECEIVING        result = lv_message.    CALL METHOD lo_system_fault->if_message~get_longtext      RECEIVING        result = lv_message_long.    WRITE lv_message.    WRITE lv_message_long.  CATCH cx_ai_application_fault into lo_appl_fault.    DATA: lv_messaap TYPE string.    DATA: lv_messaap_long TYPE string.    CALL METHOD lo_appl_fault->if_message~get_text      RECEIVING        result = lv_messaap.    CALL METHOD lo_appl_fault->if_message~get_longtext      RECEIVING        result = lv_messaap_long.    WRITE lv_messaap.    WRITE lv_messaap_long.
    LOOP AT output-controller INTO wa_controller.
      WRITE:/ wa_controller-field.  WRITE:/ wa_controller-value.
    * store signed pdf
    OPEN DATASET pdfsign FOR output MESSAGE x_msg
                        IN BINARY MODE.
             to pdfsign.



    Processing the soap call in the test programm ends in a system exception (cx_ai_system_fault)  with the message:

    "General Error Es ist ein Fehler bei der Proxy-Verarbeitung aufgetreten (  PART UNKNOWN (NULL)    )"


    It seems as if there is no response or a response in a wrong format given by the webservice.


    We had a look at the ICF-Trace.

    The request seems to be a proper soap-call.

    But the response is not in XML-format and therefore could not be completely displayed.

    it says:

    Ungültig auf der obersten Ebene im Dokument. Fehler beim Bearbeiten der Ressource 'file:///C:/Dokumente und Einstellungen/S...


    HTTP/1.1 200 OK



    Could anybody help ?


    Kind regards




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    Dear Experts,


    I am getting the following error (please look into the attachment for the same) while creating a Discussion Iview in KM portal. Please help me on the same.


    Thank you in advance.



    Vikash Kumar.

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    Dear Community,

    my Users get the Error TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED when performing several tasks or Transactions in SAP.

    Our SAP System is on Windows 2008 r2 and the DB is Microsoft SQL


    The VM has 48 GB Memory and 24 GB are assigned to the SQL Server.

    The memory parameters in SAP are:



    abap/heap_area_total                  6000000000

    abap/heap_area_dia                    6000000000

    abap/heap_area_nondia              0

    abap/heaplimit                              40894464

    em/initial_size_MB                       20480

    ztta/roll_area                                3000000

    ztta/roll_extension                        2000000000

    ztta/max_memreq_MB                 2047

    abap/shared_objects_size_MB    20

    PHYS_MEMSIZE                         20480

    I hope I didn’t forget any relevant parameters.

    When in look in st02 I see the max use values as follows:



    Do you have any suggestions for me, how to configure the parameters?


    I don't want to just increase one value an causing a lack of perfomance at other circumstances.


    I already ordered a book about SAP Performance analysis, but the Problem is to serious to wait for it.


    Do you need any other information?


    thanks for your help


    Kind regards



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    Hello All,


    Iu2019m in search of SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio v7.0+  and/or v7.1+ (or both). I did try looking on SAP website but was unable to find a direct download (not sure if there is any). What other methods should I try?




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    Hi everyone!


    I'm having trouble with solman system preparation procedure at step 5.


    The transaction NGTRACE shows the following error:

    “Class CL_E2E_DPC_SP_MIGRATION returned "Successful? FALSE!" “MAI Data Migration ended with "Error? TRUE!"

    In transaction SLG1 for the parameters "Object" = E2E_ALERTING  and "Subobject" = DPC_SETUP, the error message 'DPC Migration SP9 completed with failure.' is displayed



    I have already applied the sap note 2061752  but still do not working.


    My envirorment:  Solution manager 7.1 with SP13!


    I'll be very grateful for any help you can provide,

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  • 08/28/15--04:53: Solman doesn't display image
  • Dear Experts ,



    We are facing a strange issues in Solman 7.1 SP13.


    When im trying to setup system preparations or access LMDB the soman doesn't display image!




    Appreciate your answers and help.

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    We have solution manager in our landscape and changes go to quality through transport of copies.

    During times of quality system refresh from production we are trying to understand how to manage the changes that go to quality through this Transport of Copies?

    For released transports we will get the delta transports which went to quality but not to prod comparing the import histories and can arrive at them but how do we bring in the changes that go to quality through transport of copies ?

    Another question is How do we reimport those changes sequentially along with the released transports ?



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  • 08/31/15--23:29: SAML2.0
  • Hi All,


    Can any one provide documents for how to use SAML2.0 in SSO configuration.





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    I´m facing a problem generating credential for a .pse file,, i´m trying to import certificates for Digital Invoice... implementing this sap note:



    pkcs8 -inform DER -in C:\netadmin\CSD_0_CTP060127HZ0.key -passin pass:caja060127 -outform PEM -out C:\netadmin\CSD_01.key.pem -passout pass:caja060127

    openssl x509 -inform DER -in C:\netadmin\00001000000302715470.cer -outform PEM -out C:\netadmin\CATRAPECOCER.cer.pem

    openssl x509 -inform DER -in C:\netadmin\AC-Sat1070.cer -outform PEM -out C:\netadmin\AC-Sat1070.cer.pem

    openssl x509 -inform DER -in C:\netadmin\raizBM.cer -outform PEM -out C:\netadmin\raizBM.cer.pem


    copy C:\netadmin\CSD_01.key.pem+C:\netadmin\CATRAPECOCER.cer.pem+C:\netadmin\AC-Sat1070.cer.pem+C:\netadmin\raizBM.cer.pem C:\netadmin\CSD_01_chain.pem

    pkcs12 -in C:\netadmin\SAPMXDI_CATR_800.pse -passin pass:caja060127 -export -out C:\netadmin\CSD_01.p12 -name SAT -passout pass:caja060127



    sapgenpse.exe import_p12 -p C:\netadmin\SAPMXDI_CATR_800.pse -x caja060127 -z caja060127 C:\netadmin\CSD_01.p12


    Then i apply the credentials and everything seems to be  ok


    But when i run the program ZSSF_TEST_PSE it says no credentials for the pse


    No Credentials.jpg

    Any Idea??

    Thank You!!!

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  • 09/01/15--19:13: Netweaver 7.0
  • According to SAP PAM, Netweaver 7.0 Java stack will be out of support in end 2017.

    The latest released version of 7.4 java stack is supported to end 2020. (+3 years)


    Are there any of the customers here  on SCN on version 7.0 ? are you moving onto NW7.4 or waiting for the soon-to-be-announce NW7.5?


    From what I am reading, Netweaver 7.5 java stack is based on Java EE8 whereas 7.4 is based on Java EE6,

    so does that mean the support end date will be beyond 2020 for NW7.5?

    Will be nice if any SAP employees here can share some insights,

    Thank you!

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    Hello all,


    Does anyone know how to configure NW AS Java with HANA DB with Host Auto-Failover? The problem is how to configure multiple IP addresses of Hana hosts.


    I would appreciate any insights on this topic.



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    when i try to install this Version of SAP everything goes ok up to point ABAP Start Instance?

    My configuration is like follows:

    Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

    RAM: 8 GB

    HDD: 150 GB free disc space

    loopback adapter installed with ip:

    Host-File: <machne name>

    Virtual Memory 16GB

    I got this Message in a error box:


    An error occurred while processing option SAP NetWeaver 7.0 including Enhancement Package 3 > SAP Application Server ABAP > MaxDB > Central System > Central System( Last error reported by the step: Instance NSP/DVEBMGS00 reached state UNKNOWN after having state STARTING. Giving up.). You can now:

    • Choose Retry to repeat the current step.
    • Choose Log Files to get more information about the error.
    • Stop the option and continue with it later.

    Log files are written to C:\Program Files/sapinst_instdir/NW703/AS-ABAP/ADA/CENTRAL/. "


    Next, when i open the Database Manger, there is "only" a MaxDB Database to see, earlier a have both, MaxDB and NSP Databases in the list?

    SAPmmc: msg_server.exe -> running, disp+work.exe -> stopped.


    For short time they are both running, and disp+work.exe goes offline after a while.


    I cant resume installation until i solve this problem , just for note: on 32 bit Windows 7 installation is complete and i can login to SAP System.

    Problem still if i try manually to start the instance, after while disp+work.exe is stopped.

    Under "Services" i can see that MAXDB and NSP ist started.



    Thanks for any help


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    I have downloaded SAPCAR.exe from marketplace (SAPCAR 7.10 -> Windows on IA64 64bit)

    I have to use this to extract .SAR file.

    In command window I came to the path with .SAR file and write SARCAR -xvf <filename.SAR>

    But I got error: 'SAPCAR' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.


    I have also rename SAPCAR.exe to just SAPCAR. I also have place the SAPAR file in the same path as the .SAR file.

    Is there anything else I should do?

    Where should I place the SAPCAR.exe file? And with what name?


    Thank You






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    Hello everybody,


    I have copied the standard query 0BBP_BID_Q004 to my namespaceI run this query it gives me the following error


    Variable 0N_GURI could not be replaced.

    Error Specify  a value  for variable 0N_GURI.

    Please help

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    Hello all,
    hasreceivedthe guide:"LAW2_GettingStarted_EN2.pdf"
    butthe systemindicates that thetranscation"SLAW2" does not exist.

    Note(1995778), theguideis notsupportforour version.

    Pleasehelpmesolvethis problem

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  • 09/02/15--06:12: SPAD printer shortnames.
  • Hello All


    Could you please let me know how shortnames are generated automatically while creating printers in SPAD.]

    Actually I have a problem that while creating printers from SPAD,it is automatically picking the existing shortname.

    Please let me know how it can be avoided.




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    Hi everybody...


    I'm looking for a file named  'TutWD_UI_Init'.


    I've been trying to complete an excercise in Web Dynpro about User Interfaces but I haven't been able to achieve it due to this file.


    I would appreciate if somebody knows where can I get such file.


    I would be grateful for your help, people.



    Thank you very much...


    Edited by: omar.roa on Mar 30, 2009 10:17 PM


    Edited by: omar.roa on Mar 31, 2009 12:44 AM

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    Hi Experts!


    My scenario is AIX 7.1 with Sybase 15.6



    When running SAPinst is giving the following error SAP NW 7.40



    Unable to install database software



    Someone went through this error?





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