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Latest Forum Threads in SAP NetWeaver Technology Platform

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    Hi Friends,


    I have questions regarding SAP content server backup restore, we are storing our documents on sap content server file system we have created content repositories in SAP R3 and it is linked with content server file system(folders) using parameter Storage    FileSystemStorage.dll.


    We have two drives for example D and F which has all the content repositories with documents, now if i take backup of only these file systems (folders) is it enough? as we are not storing documents in MAX DB , In case of restore i can just install a fresh content server with max db and copy this file systems (folders) to the new server and link with SAP R3 again will this be ok? or i need to take backup of max db as well along with these file systems (folders)?


    Kindly advice.




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    For a customer project I am investigating if JAWS(screenreader tool) is compatible with the SAP CRM webclient. Neither or SCN provides information. Does anyone have experience with implenting JAWS for SAP CRM webclient and can you please share that? Including lessons learned?


    Kinds regards,


    Jeroen Zijlmans

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  • 09/21/15--01:12: FIORI LAUNCHPAD Error
  • Hello Expert,


    We are implementing Fiori for a client.

    We finished with the installation of Netweaver Gateway system.

    After the patching is Complete, when we try to fiori launchpad we are getting this below error.



    Service cannot be reached

    What has happened?

    URL call was terminated because the corresponding service is not available.

    The termination occurred in system with error code403and for the reasonForbidden.

    What can I do?

    Please select a valid URL.


    HTTP 403 - Forbidden

    Your SAP Internet Communication Framework Team



    My Component level


    SAP Backend System


    SAP_BASIS 700 18
    SAP_ABA 700 18
    PI_BASIS 2006_1_700 8
    ST-PI 2008_1_700 11
    IW_BEP 200 11
    SAP_BW 700 20
    SAP_AP 700 17
    SAP_APPL 600 16
    SAP_HR 600 7
    SEM-BW 600 13
    GBAPP002 600 9
    ST-A/PI 01Q_700



    SAP Front End

    SAP_BASIS    740    0008

    SAP_ABA    740    0008

    SAP_GWFND    740    0008

    SAP_UI    740    0012

    PI_BASIS    740    0008

    ST-PI    740    0000

    SAP_BW    740    0008

    UIX01EAP    100    0007


    Also i have activated the Sicf Services and IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE.




    But still getting the error.

    I have also maintained the ICM/server_port_0 parameter in Nw gateway system.

    have also maintained the entry in smicm.

    But still getting the error.

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    Dear experts,
    I'm facing the same problem as described this discussion:
    Just not in PI but in a Portal.
    We implemented patches into a 7.30 Java Portal test system and the customer reuqested a restore to the old patchlevel for he had application problems with the new patchlevel.
    So we restored DB and files and the Portal application itself seems to work properly.
    Only NWA and everthing depending on NWA (like SystemInfo etc.) doesn't work due to the following error:
    500   Internal Server Error SAP NetWeaver Application Server/Java AS

    The initial exception that caused the request to fail, was:

    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com$sap$tc$lm$co$ui$nwa$localnavigation$repository$NWAProfessionalApplication ------------------------- Loader Info ------------------------- ClassLoader name: [] Loader hash code: 9fa5a2f Living status: alive Direct parent loaders:   [system:Frame]   [interface:webservices]   [interface:cross]   [interface:security]   [interface:transactionext]   [library:webservices_lib]   [library:opensql]   [library:jms]   [library:ejb20]   [service:p4]   [service:ejb]   [service:servlet_jsp]   []   [library:tc~cmi]   []   []   []   []   []   [service:engine.dsr.facade]   []   [] Resources:   /usr/sap/PD1/J20/j2ee/cluster/apps/ ---------------------------------------------------------------






         ... 60 more

    What we already did to try to solve/analyze this problem is:
    • renaming server0 to get it rebuilt
    • trying out different sap jvm patches of jvm 6
      patch 18, 33, 57 were the one's we still had - the system originally ran on 33 - after patches on 57 - after the restore we switched back to 33
    • checked if the above mentioned jar file is exiting (it is and it has exactly the same size as in the production system which is still working)
    • tested the application in Firefox (21) and Internet Explorer (10)



    SAP note 1718566 recommends to implement the latest patch for LMNWAUIFRMRK which isn't quite an option for us because the whole reason for restoring was getting back to the old patchlevel...
    In default trace we couldn't find any helpful information - you can find it attached.
    I also attached a list of comparison between the original patchlevel and the newly implemented patches (which now has been restored to the original level).
    Do you have any idea how to solve this issue?
    Many thanks and best wishes

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    Hi Experts,


        We have to design course content to work successfully on SAP Content player 634 with LSOAE604.


        Can you please help to share the pre-requisites that should be followed while designing course content that will work properly on SAP LMS?


        Thanks for the help in advance.




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    Hi Experts!


    My scenario is AIX 7.1 with Sybase 15.6



    When running SAPinst is giving the following error SAP NW 7.40



    Unable to install database software



    Someone went through this error?





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    I Try Active Business Functions On Sfw5 ,


    why I cant Active Any BF on My D Server?



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  • 09/23/15--03:50: SAP Simple finance
  • Hi All,


    Could you please tell pre-requisites for SAP simple finance installation, is HANA required for this or can we install it on ECC6.0 EHP7.


    please help on this




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  • 09/24/15--22:48: INSTALL ECC6.0 EHP7 ON HANA
  • Hi All,

    To install SAP ECC6.O EHP6 on HANA, can any one please list required dvd's and procedure to install ecc6.0 ehp7 on hana.



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    Hi heroes,


    Wich is the best pratical way to move a user to another computer without losing his favorites ?

    Can you copy this user settings somewhere from the old computer to a new computer ? (personal settings & favorites)




    I allready test it with a copy of the appdata folders for a specific user but that doesn't work.





    Best Regards,

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    After executing a MaxDB backup/restore system copy with SWPM, there's a request for MIGEXPORT - any idea which media I shall provide?



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  • 09/29/15--01:59: Autostart sap on Linux
  • Hi,


    We have an SAP system mounted on a Linux machine and want to reset and start sap automatically using a script or some other way in which I did not ask for the user's password <adm>.


    Do you know some method to do this?




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    There is one requirement, business need to use existing NW (Abap) 7.4 system (with GRC-Add ON) to copy some master data table from ECC system.

    We have already NW - Abap system installed and requirement is to install ECC business component on top it so that it can ECC table can be copied here.


    Need your help/expertise on how to achieve this ?


    Found one documnet for special installation , but it mainly deal with NW portal.…


    Message was edited by: Prabhat Mishra

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    Hi Friends,


    In our ERP system we found that there are wrong entries in PAHI table for column System ID. there are number of single digit entries in SystemID in PAHI.


    -Can you guys let me know why there are wrong entries or single digit values for system id in PAHI?

    -How we can trace this single digit values to find out from where these wrong entries are coming ?.




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    Hi Experts,


         We have successfully migrated BW system this weekend.

    There are both  ABAP and Java Systems with separate databases.


    The system details are as below.

    Operating system     :     Windows 2008

    Database                 :     Oracle 12.1C

    Netweaver               :     7.02

    Type                        :     Distributed system


    After migration the Java status is not available from SAPMMC, but the JAVA system is up and running(checked from jcmon and users are logging in).

    In mmc it only shows for jcontrol : status info unavailable. In AS Java processes nothing is shown.

    Restarting the OS or closing and opening mmc has not solved it.

    Result of sapcontrol -nr 00 -function GetProcessList:

    30.09.2015 03:57:31



    name, description, dispstatus, textstatus, starttime, elapsedtime, pid

    jcontrol.EXE, J2EE Server, YELLOW, Status info unavailable, 2015 09 20 00:56:59,

    243:00:32, 5048

    igswd.EXE, IGS Watchdog, GREEN, Running, 2015 09 20 00:56:59, 243:00:32, 648

    Kindly help in resolving the issue.


    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi Experts!


    My scenario is AIX 7.1 with Sybase 15.6



    When running SAPinst is giving the following error SAP NW 7.40



    Unable to install database software



    Someone went through this error?





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    Greetings! Please help me find the answer to a question about the secure way of automating the copying of transport (cofiles and data files) in SAP ABAP systems if the requirements do not permit /usr/sap/trans to be NFS mounted from prod in one data center to QA and DEV in another data center. The second url below from SAP talks about a more secure option of using rfc connections in TMS for allowing its automation to copy transport files from dev to qa to production. However, this requires opening firewall ports and so some colleagues feel that this approach is risky and instead prefer rsync to sync up the transport directory for the client. I have read rsync's man page at the first url below and to me this appears to be more risky in terms of the broad scope of things that can be done through it, including the ability to overwrite any file in any directory owned by adm. It still requires ports to be open versus the limited scope of opening rfc ports that SAP recommends. Please advise and let me know if there is any document or white paper at SAP that delves into the security aspect of this rfc connection solution for more security conscious customers. Regards, Shekhar

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    Hi collegues, I hope my question is not fully "out of scope" in this group. One of my daily tasks is to check for the help of our SAP EPR system, by using among others transaction sm51. Our system is on SAPKB74010 -- however, in the selection screen it got a check mark "Nur Mel.m.hohem Schweregrad" (Only Messages with high importance). Now, even with this check mark set I get a flood of entries in syslog displayed with text "Transaktions-Abbruch 14 027 ()" (transaction canceled 14 027 (). The reason is, that users tried to open more GUI sessions then allowed in system settings. I would regard this as an error, as this only leads to missing realy important syslog entries -- it only filles up the syslog. But bevore opening a support message -- is there a simple solution for this, which I (more used to SAP ERP module PM) do miss? May be some customizing, which messages are to be treated as "m.hohem Schweregrad" (high importance), which one should be in syslog, which one should not be stored in syslog at all? Thanks, kind regards, Holger

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  • 10/06/15--23:24: Chipersuites in SAP
  • Hi All,


    Can any explain about chipersuites in SAP, how can we find out which chipersuite using SAP by can we disable particular chipersuite in SAP.


    Please help on this







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    Hello Experts,


    We have a query regarding generating a wsdl file from sap inbound proxy.


    We have generated an inbound service interface. And we want to generate a wsdl file from sap proxy it self.  we have achieved it through function modules and bapis. i searched all the scn forums and didn't found any suitable thread,Please post your comments.



    Thanks in advance.


    My requirements is to generate a wsdl file from sap proxy and that wsdl file should work in soap UI.

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