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Latest Forum Threads in SAP NetWeaver Technology Platform

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  • 04/18/13--22:36: Error while sending mails
  • Hi ,


    We are getting some mails are not going with msg number 812.....Daily from our server nearly 1200 mails are going ....out of which 8 to 10 mails are not going with the following error. Not getting proper solution.


    No delivery to care@LOLO.IN

    Message no. XS812


    The message could not be delivered to recipient care@LOLO.IN. The node gave the following reason (in the language of the node):

    554 5.7.1 <ashokjafiya@YMAIL.COM>: Relay access

    System Response

    Processing was ended normally.

    Additional information of the node used (in the system language of the node):
    554 5.7.1 <ashokjafiya@YMAIL.COM>: Relay access


    Use the documentation of the node to check which actions are necessary.





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  • 06/17/08--15:04: SLD Crazy
  • I could not find an SLD forum so this place seems as good as any.


    An ABAP system has RFC's defined in each system and this has never been an issue.


    Now we have J2EE's with adaptive RFC's defined in the SLD rather than in the local system. These 'SM59' style connections are not transferrable between systems as far as I can see and have little value in the SLD as opposed to the local system.


    What I see most crazy of all is that after 2 hours these entries are deleted from the local cache and then fetched again fom the SLD. Surely if the fetch fails they should keep using the cached version?


    It seems mad to me that they are stored in the SLD and that they time out before they are re-fetched therefore creating significant risk to productive system availability.


    I now recommend that Portals have a local SLD that is never patched and have manually defined adaptive RFC connections. The SLD Provider service reads and writes to itself but bridges to a central SLD. These never seem to have issues and now no longer go down due to reliance on that SLD system and network between.


    I am very well versed in the SLD and would appreciate responses from people who can correct me in my ways as SAP seems to require me to have a central SLD for these even though I have no maintenance and the GUIDs are not required elsewhere.

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    Hi Guys,


    On BI Production system I am getting ST22 : ABAP Run time error (TIME_OUT)


    The Parameter value of rdisp/max_wprun_time = 3600 (1hr) which is maximum value. Even then we are getting around 20 to 30 Dumps. Can any suggest a Note, so that tell my application team to run their programs in Background.


    Thanks in Advance for Reply.


    Kernel release 720


    Runtime Errors    TIME_OUT
    Date and Time      15.04.2013 14:19:05


    Short text

    Time limit exceeded.


    What happened?

    The program "CL_SQL_STATEMENT==============CP" has exceeded the maximum
      permitted runtime without

    interruption and has therefore been terminated.


    What can you do?

    Note down which actions and inputs caused the error.

    To process the problem further, contact you SAP system


    Using Transaction ST22 for ABAP Dump Analysis, you can look

    at and manage termination messages, and you can also

    keep them for a long time.


    Error analysis

    After a specific time, the program is terminated to make the work area

    available to other users who may be waiting.

    This is to prevent a work area being blocked unnecessarily long by, for


    - Endless loops (DO, WHILE, ...),

    - Database accesses with a large result set

    - Database accesses without a suitable index (full table scan)

    The maximum runtime of a program is limited by the system profile

    parameter "rdisp/max_wprun_time". The current setting is 3600 seconds. If this

    time limit is

    exceeded, the system attempts to cancel any running SQL statement or

    signals the ABAP processor to stop the running program. Then the system

    waits another 60 seconds maximum. If the program is then still active,

    the work process is restarted.


    How to correct the error

    Programs with long runtime should generally be started as background

    jobs. If this is not possible, you can increase the system profile

    parameter "rdisp/max_wprun_time".


    Depending on the cause of the error, you may have to take one of the

    following measures:

    - Endless loop: Correct program;

    - Dataset resulting from database access is too large:
      Instead of "SELECT * ... ENDSELECT", use "SELECT * INTO internal table
      (for example);

    - Database has unsuitable index: Check index generation.

    If the error occures in a non-modified SAP program, you may be able to

    find an interim solution in an SAP Note.

    If you have access to SAP Notes, carry out a search with the following


    "TIME_OUT" " "

    "CL_SQL_STATEMENT==============CP" or "CL_SQL_STATEMENT==============CM004"


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    Hello Gurus,


    in our BI dual-stack system (ABAP 7.01 SP12, Kernel 7.20 SP300) we have ccms monitoring enabled with ccms agents.

    After the upgrade of solution manager to 7.1 we get the following errors from the ccms agents.




    ERROR: Cannot open monitoring segment 1 rtc = 245

    Last reported error: [249]  CCMS monitoring segment has wrong eyecatch: CCMS monitoring segment belongs to a non-ABAP instance.
    In current SAP Kernel release SAPCCM4X must be used to monitor ABAP or Double Stack instance only.




    ERROR: Cannot open monitoring segment 1 rtc = 245

    Last reported error: [249]  CCMS monitoring segment has wrong eyecatch. Possible causes:
         a. CCMS monitoring segment belongs to an ABAP or Double Stack instance.
         b. CCMS monitoring segment was created by a release other then 7200.



    We used ccms agents 7.20 SP413, tried UC and NU.

    It is not possible to reregister the agents.

    We tried, unicode, non-unicode, delete agent at solman, but we get always the same error.


    has someone a suggestion?


    Following notes we checked without success: 1163719, 1029770, 1013331

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  • 06/21/12--12:26: JSP based PCR on EP 7.3
  • Hi,


    I am on 7.3 EP Portal and trying to use old JSP PCR forms on this portal. I migrated all of the standard and custom par files to ear files.  I have added PCRUtiles.jar file to the standard par file and then converted to ear file.


    I have deployed following ear files on portal:


    But after deploying I am getting following error:


    java.lang.ClassCastException: class incompatible with interface










    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.connection.ServletConnection.handleRequest(


    at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(



    Can we somehow get this deployed to EP 7.3 Portal?




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    Hi all.


    I've a question between two option for unlock objetcs. I always have locked/unlocked objects with System Administration > Monitoring > Portal > Objetc locking but i have seen another option Content Administration > Administration > Objetc locking

    ¿Are the same?¿Do the same?



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    How to authenticate the SAP users with out using HTTP redirect.


    For Example, if i  make a HTTP call to SAP CRM Application Server, i need to be authenticated using Net weaver portal. How to achieve this without using HTTP redirect.


    Thank You


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    Hello Experts,

    I need your inputs on system architecture while we are undergoing upgrade from BW 3.5 to BW 7.31.


    Current BW 3.5 system is used for SRM reporting. WAD 3.5 is used to publish BEx reports to the reporting roles in BW, BW roles are then distributed SRM roles. Ultimately, reports are accessed through SRM web application. We are NOT using portal and do NOT have Java stack.


    My questions are -


    - While we are upgrading to BW 7.31 (technical upgrade), do we need to have a Java stack in addition to ABAP stack for WAD to remain accessible through SRM Web Application (it's not a portal application)?


    - What will be the java stack requirement in both the cases where we decide to migrate WAD 3.5 to 7 and to let WAD templates remain in 3.5 as it is?


    - What functinality of 7.3 will we miss out if we don't have the Java stack?


    - What is the best practice in case Java is required - dual stack or seperate instance ?


    I will appreciate you can share the some doc link along with your suggestion for me to have clarity on post upgrade landscape.


    Thanks & Regards.

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    I am working on SAP EP upgrade from 7.0 to 7.3


    Current environment:


    SAP Netweaver 7.0 SP 26

    SQL server 2005 SP 4

    Windows 2003


    Target environment:


    SAP Netweaver 7.3 Ehp1 SP 6

    Sql server 2012

    Windows 2008 R2.


    I plan to do below steps:


    1. Copy the current system to new system which is running in windows 2008 R22.

    2. Upgrade Sql from 2005 to 2012

    3. Upgrade SAP from 7.0 to 7.3



    1.      For the step 1: can I use the system copy OR backup restore. What is the SAP recommended version for EP

    2.      Can i do step 1 and step 2 together. Meaning can i install new OS (2008 ) and db (2012) and restore the data. In this steps i am doing OS, db and 32 to 64 bit upgrade. Is it recommended by SAP


    Thanks and Regards,

    Suganthi AN

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    Where can I get the BASELIBS.SCA?

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    Hi All,


    I have one query regarding SAP SSO Configuration on NW Java Stack.


    We have our EP Server running for almost 2 years and now we wanted to integrate EP Users with LDAP users for SSO Configuration.


    Right now, EP SSO is running fine for LDAP Users, but user mapping is not happening with existing EP Users.


    Please help me on this issue on how to map existing EP User. Do I need any other tool to integrate users, we can go for options like any standard SAP Server/Tool like NW IDE Server.


    Thanks in Advance.



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  • 04/15/13--04:48: ADS configuration in Ecc 6.0
  • Hi,


    We have Ecc 6.0 Abap stack , Our HR team need Adobe Document Services to be installed on the server .....I am new to this configuration ,,,please guide me on how to proceed with the same..




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  • 04/30/13--23:03: Moving Landscape to VM
  • Dear All,


    We are planning to move our ECC Dev , ECC Qas and EP Dev , QAS, and solman also on VM ,,,,How to plan for that ....Whether we have to migrate from the OS ,,,,or db backup we have to restore....and Then all the step like License and all.




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    Hi All,


    I am trying to configure SSO between Microsoft active directory 2008 and SAP JAVA 7.31 on Windows 2008 Server.


    Now we are trying to generate keytab file using Microsoft Windows KDC:


    >ktpass -princ host/ -pass ******* -out C:\krb5.keytab -mapUser newuser +DesOnly -crypto DES-CBC-MD5 -ptype KRB5_NT_PRINCIPAL


    After that when we are moving the file krb5.keytab to "JAVAHOST" system and used the ktab command to add the SPN to a default keytab file. Created krb5.ini file and copied to c:\winnt\ location and executed the below command from SIDadm user.


    >ktab.exe -a HTTP/ ******* -k c:\winnt\krb5.keytab


    Service key for HTTP/ is saved in c:\winnt\krb5.keytab.


    But when we check the klist command it shows the below output:


    Current LogonId is 0:0x1737b1

    Cached Tickets: (0)



    No default key table exists.


    Please let us know, where I am making mistake.


    Thanks in Advance,





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    I want to know weather SAP Netweaver CE ( Compsite Environment) 7.3 Version was released or not.


    Because SAP Netweaver 7.3 CE trail version was downloaded from below path and installed one of our test machine.




    Now we want to install Development server, for SAP Netweaver CE 7.3 .


    So, Please let us know weather Netweaver CE 7.3 actual version was released or not.


    Because in SAP Portal it is not showing SAP Netweaver CE 7.3 it is only showing SAP Netweaver CE 7.2


    Please any body clarify on this.


    Best Regards,

    Siva Rajesh.

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    Hi ~  We are in the process of upgrading our portal landscape from NW 7.01 to NW 7.3. As part of this upgrade we also need to migrate our JSP based PCR's to NW 7.3 complaint versions. We migrated PCR "par" files to "ear" files using PAR Migration Tool and deployed them in our  NW 7.3 sandbox portal. The migrated PCR's are not working which includes out-of-box PCR Team Viewer,  PCR Selection Page etc. We checked in NWA "Start & Stop: Java Applications" page to confirm if the applications were running and noticed they were stopped. We were able to restart some apps however PCR Team Viewer would not restart and the error we see in NWA is - "Implicit stopped (dependency failed)". The associated error from the log is pasted below (in bold letters). The root cause or atleast part of the problem appears to be a utilility ear "" which was missing after NW 7.3 upgrade. Gabbed copy of this utility from Dev portal and migrated / deployed it in Sandbox. The system for some reason does not recognize this util is deployed, and this is affecting many HCM applications some of which are listed below.



    Just wondering if you anyone has noticed this type of issue during your NW 7.3 upgrade project, and if so what you did to resolve them. Appreciate any information you can share in regards to this issue, and other PCR related issues.




    Application cannot be started. Reason: it has hard reference to the following resources, which are currently not available on the system: hard to SAPPORTAL/ (public) (f=true, cl=true); .
    In order to start the application, components...

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    Hi All,


    While checking the status of content sever by using the T-code CSADMIN I am getting the following error message.



    Error : - HTTP error: 404 Not Found

    Message no. CMS025


    Error in accessing via HTTP

    404 Not Found




    I have done the installation of Content server 640 on Red Hat Linux / MaxDB.

    Moreover I am using the following connection data in CSADMIN.


    HTTP server :-

    Port Number:- 1090

    HTTP Script :- ContentServer/ContentServer.dll

    Version no. :- 0046



    Please help me.


    Thanks ,



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    How to authenticate the SAP users with out using HTTP redirect.


    For Example, if i  make a HTTP call to SAP CRM Application Server, i need to be authenticated using Net weaver portal. How to achieve this without using HTTP redirect.


    Thank You


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    Hello all,

    I would like to add a new text variable or <tag> to the standard list of tags available in Bex Broadcasting.

    E.g. when creating an email type broadcast, the "Texts" tab allows you to enter a "Subject" and "Contents" of the email message that will carry the query results or workbook to be broadcast. Available for users creating this broadcast, we have the option to include a number of <tags> to go in the subject or body of the message. There are currently 18 standard tags that can be used from OBJECT_TYPE ... to ... YEAR.

    My question is, is it possible to permanently create a new one to appear in this list for use going forward? i.e. I would like to create one for fiscal week, as currently, there is just calendar week available.

    I have read some other discussions where a process chain is used to run ABAP to load entries in the RSRD SETT NODE table just before the chain triggers the broadcast.  This does not permanently create a new tag in the list so I do not want to do it this way.

    Does anyone know where these standard tags are stored, the code behind it, and how to create a custom fiscal week tag that will permanently be added to the standard list?

    Thanks, Manson.

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    We have solution manager in our landscape and changes go to quality through transport of copies.

    During times of quality system refresh from production we are trying to understand how to manage the changes that go to quality through this Transport of Copies?

    For released transports we will get the delta transports which went to quality but not to prod comparing the import histories and can arrive at them but how do we bring in the changes that go to quality through transport of copies ?

    Another question is How do we reimport those changes sequentially along with the released transports ?



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