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Latest Forum Threads in SAP NetWeaver Technology Platform

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    Hi Experts,


    Our BW system is on SAP_BW 701. Recently Our ECC system got replaced by a new upgraded system. So I ran BDLS from old system to new system. It went successfully and data sources were active.

    Later we found there is one data source that had two entires. One with old logical system and one with new logical system.Could anyone please advise how I can find why old logical system name entry still appears there even after BDLS.




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    when i try to install this Version of SAP everything goes ok up to point ABAP Start Instance?


    I got this Message in a error box:

    An error occurred while processing option SAP NetWeaver 7.0 including Enhancement Package 3 > SAP Application Server ABAP > MaxDB > Central System > Central System

    ( Last error reported by the step: Instance NSP/DVEBMGS00 reached state UNKNOWN after having state STARTING. Giving up.). You can now:

    Choose Retry to repeat the current step.

    Choose Log Files to get more information about the error.

    Stop the option and continue with it later.

    Log files are written to C:/Program Files/sapinst_instdir/NW703/AS-ABAP/ADA/CENTRAL


    how can i fix it.

    Thanks for any help


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    I  d like to know what is teh difference between Netweaver and Basis. The only thing I know is that both are application platforms on which various SAP apps run.


    Secondly how does linux, Web Application Server and  Databases fit into Netweaver or BASIS for that matter.


    Pls elaborate.


    Kind Regards

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    since a few days ago i have problems with a clean installation of Netweaver 7.42 ABAP using Software Provisioning Manager.


    The prerequisites checks are all OK, but when i try to install Netweaver 7.4 SR2 with MSSQL Application ABAP Standard system. All the times stuck at the same point.




    At the attached files you will see the Developer Trace of disp+work.exe.


    Any suggestion?


    The system is a Windows Server 2012 R2 and MS SQL server 2012 installed with the bat file. Firewall is disabled in all zones


    Any help will be appreciated.


    Best regards

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    If users logon to sapgui and then launch transaction code nwbc, it launches NWBC for HTML.  We have NWBC for Desktop installed but it does not use it.  Is there a way to force SAP to use the desktop version?


    Warm Regards, CM

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    As we are delving into Fiori we find that we need SAP Web Dispatcher.  Can I just add this to my gateway server?  The gateway server is already externally facing so a lot of the work seems to have already been done.

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    I successfully installed ABAP Netweaver 7.3 and used it with DDIC user account for a while and I also activeted and used BCUSER about a 2 months.


    Yesterday I tried to login in with BCUSER as always but i got an error message: Logon Not Possible (Error in License Check).


    Could you kindly advice me, where could be a problem and how should I solve it?


    I would really appreciate any of your kind suggestions.

    Thank you, Tereza

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  • 12/23/08--06:57: sql server
  • Hi


    How can I change sql server recovery model to simple,



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  • 03/16/16--15:19: Fiori app in S/4
  • Hello, I want to implement this fiori app into my S/4 HANA system



    But I'm getting this error in SAINT tc


    the obvious part about dependent addons it's ok for me, but why appears an error regarding SAP_ABA75A component? My S/4HANA system has that component, is this fiori app compatible with my system? (front end and backend systema are contained into my S/4)

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  • 02/24/16--17:16: oversea performance issue
  • Hi all,


    Our company's SAP server deployed in the head office of China. Now we have an US company need to use SAP system.

    But in the US company , SAP system response  is always slow.

    If we deploy a Dialogue Instance in the US , is it can solve this performance issue?


    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello together,


    I am just searching for an easy way to automatically collect the expiry date of all installed licenses within Netweaver AS JAVA systems. Has anybody ever come accross this issue and has a nice solution?


    Is there a way to do it on the Operating-system level or from within the database? If not may I use some kind of java-code to request the data using the JMX-interface?


    Best Regards and thanks in advance,



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    Hi ,


    Server is down and getting this error "ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied"
    in R3trans.log, I found this note 400241, but not clear about the solution given. also I found that when i execute this "SELECT username,account_status FROM dba_users;" SAPSR3 user is missing. kindly help me to fix it.





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    Dear Experts,


    I have faced an issue in Development system(EHP-5 - UNIX-DB2) when a customizing Transport request releasing by Abaper it is showing below error.

    Test Call of Transport Control Program(tp) ended with return code 0232.

    I have shred a screenshot of Abap dump analysis.

    Abap dump.png


    Please help me regarding this.

    Thanks & Regards,

    P.Pratap Kumar.

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    Hi Guys,


    Do we have any specific T-code to update different PO numbers in multiple Assignment field in one go? Or is there any way that we can create dummy t-code to do this like ZAR or something? Had tried the above procedure of mass update but it will update the single value in multiple transaction. Which we not required. Would appreciate if someone can come up with the resolution.


    Thank You

    Anshul Shrivastava

    Mob. - 8878727115

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    I am configuring Zebra network printer configuration ,i am configured completely according to the steps.But i am getting two errors


    First error :After configuring all the steps while saving and connection test below mentioned error i m seeking


                          "unable to reach the remote host spool system sap ".if i ping to required destination host ip it showing request timed out.Printer is in                              different location.




    Second error:If i given a print request to print the required label it showing below mentioned error


                         " error in spool c:error from temse 2048".




    Please i request to suggest the solution asap.




    Thanks & regards


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    Hello experts,


    We have a question related to NWBC, I am not sure if someone can help me


    We have running a SAP tool using SAP portal. The user name appeared as part of the header. Now we are running the same SAP tool using NWBC,, is it possible the user appears on the header?


    Thanks a lot,



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    Would like to know to start the SAP WebDispatcher is it have 2 method?

    1) startsap

    2) sapwebdisp pf=<profile>


    Problem now is, earlier I'm using startsap and stopsap to start WD instance. It working fine, but then I run sapwebdisp command. I kill the sapwebdisp process, but now I can't use startsap. Whenever I run the command it will like normal start the instance and said it started. But when I check, it is not started.


    Now I'm using sapwebdisp to start the instance. But I need to use the startsap method.

    Would like to know is it because there are 2 method of starting the instance, and is because I use command sapwebdisp therefore it switch the starting mode?


    Or any reason in behind and how can I fix it.


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    Hi Team,


    We are getting this error "Operating system call connect failed (error no. 79 )" in our ERP system in SM21 and when we check the gateway log it shows below log. Our instance number is 93 and gateway runs properly. But we see in the log that it is trying to connect to port 3330 instead of 3393.


    Can anyone help me out in fixing this issue. I have checked all RFC connection and no where we have used sapgw30.


    Need help as there are thousands of error in an hour time. I have checked all post on SCN but not able to get the solution.




    ***LOG Q0I=> NiPConnect: connect (79: Connection refused) [nixxi.cpp 2896]

    *** ERROR => NiPConnect: SiConnect failed for hdl 2129/sock 179

        (SI_ECONN_REFUSE/79; I4; ST; [nixxi.cpp    2896]

    *** ERROR => GwIAsyncConn: GwBufConnect to / 3330 failed (rc=NIECONN_REFUSED) [gwxx.c       1281]

    ***LOG S0T=> GwIAsyncConn, GwBufConnect (-0010) [gwxx.c       1283]

    ***LOG S0R=> GwIAsyncConn, GwBufConnect () [gwxx.c       1285]

    ***LOG S0S=> GwIAsyncConn, GwBufConnect (3330) [gwxx.c       1287]





    *  LOCATION    SAP-Gateway on host / sapgw93

    *  ERROR       partner 'loopback:sapgw30' not reached


    *  TIME        Wed Mar 23 21:33:57 2016

    *  RELEASE     721

    *  COMPONENT   NI (network interface)

    *  VERSION     40

    *  RC          -10

    *  MODULE      nixxi.cpp

    *  LINE        2896

    *  DETAIL      NiPConnect:

    *  SYSTEM CALL connect

    *  ERRNO       79

    *  ERRNO TEXT  Connection refused

    *  COUNTER     4909664





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    Dear TREX experts,


    We have found in the SAP help the way to setup and visualize traces to capture search activities used by TREX



    However, SAP mentions that you have to specify every user you have to trace activity for. Does anybody know if there is a way to trace ALL activity regardless of the particular user running the search? We have thousands of potential users and we are trying to determine how often they use the TREX-related tool, so specifying the user is not really an option for us.


    Any suggestion is very welcome




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    we are planning to migrate from NW7.0, ERP6.0 to NW7.5, ERP6.18. We are currently running under Windows Server 2012 an i would like to know if somebody knows if it is possible to do an inplace upgrade to Windows Server 2012 R2.


    SAP Note 1732161 (SAP Systems on Windows Server 2012 (R2)) does not give me an answer on that question.

    Is there an upgrade path for that scenario?

    Thank you a lot.

    Best regards

    Jan Weidhaase

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