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Latest Forum Threads in SAP NetWeaver Technology Platform

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    We have installed SAP NW7.3 Ehp1 ( AS Java ) on HP-UX / Sybase.


    What are the post installation activities required.


    Our intention is just run Java applications on NW 7.3 Platform.




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    Dear Experts,


    In the EWA We have found "Avg. Availability per Week" value is 95% actually there is no down-time in that system. We checked available log also which is having correct value only.

    Plz let me know if there any other possibilities?




    Anvar J

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    We have a problem with the SDM

    I can launch the SDM but I cannot deploy anything I first received the following error



    Deployment exception : Cannot access SecureStore.

    Additional error message is: Cannot register class loader for SecureStore.

    Additional error message is: Configuration error of SecureStore: Library directory "F:\usr\sap\PZS\SYS\global/security/lib/tools" does not exist.


    But on disk F:\usr\sap\PZS\SYS\global/security/lib/tools exist.

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    I'm in the process of upgrading our JAVA STACK from NW 7.01 to NW 7.31.

    During the process i have an error related to a UsageType (  - Mobile) that must be removed since it doesn't exist in NW 7.31.


    I've searched around and got information that it should be undeployed using the SDM tool.


    The Java Stack is connected to a ABAP Stack and the users come from the R3 environment.


    I'm able to connect to the SDM using the master password but i'm unable to undeploy since i always receive this error:



    Undeployment started Wed May 15 17:50:37 BST 2013


    Starting Undeployment of tc/mobile/admin/ea

    Caught exception during application undeployment from SAP J2EE Engine's deploy service:

    java.rmi.RemoteException: Only Administrators have the right to perform this operation.

    (message ID:

    Undeployment of tc/mobile/admin/ea finished with Error (Duration 1076ms)


    Undeployment ended Wed May 15 17:50:38 BST 2013



    I searched and the user that is associated with the SDM is usually the J2EE_ADMIN or Administrator. I don't have an administrator user in the R3 environment but got a J2EE_ADMIN and ADMIN users that i believe that came from the Java Stack. This users already have the SAP_J2EE_ADMIN profile so they should be able to perform the operation. I don't have more ideas of what is wrong with the process.


    Any insights?



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  • 05/15/13--17:52: SAP Management of Change
  • Hello Experts,


    Can someone guide me where I can get the SAP MOC( Management of Change) config guide or notes regarding to SAP MOC.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


    Thanks & Regards


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    how can Parameters in RZ10 and in the Profile files be sorted?



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  • 05/09/13--01:34: Wrong installation?
  •   Hi


    I am starting with SAP.


    I have Sap in Trial version  (SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.02 SP6 + Windows XP) on my computer.

    I can login as user BCUSER, but when I want to create my first executable program I receive an inforamtion

    that I have no developer key. When I try register on the WWW page

    on line Customer or Installation Numbe = "SAP-INTER"

    I get answer:

    "The specified customer/installation number, 0000000000, is initial or is not assigned to a valid customer. Please correct your entry or consult with your superadministrator".







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    I have been following this article in order to create custom Layout in WPC 7.3:


    The problem is that when creating a new page I don't see the new overview layout as one of the options.


    Of course I have created a PCD object from the application and dropped it as a delta link in the WPC layout template folder.


    I've uploaded the ear file I am deploying here:


    Can someone please take a look to see if I have missed anything or try the ear in their 7.3 portal?




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    I am looking for a parameter that is telling the ICM to use a specified IP address for outgoing IP traffic. In a way like gw/local_addr works for RFC connections for the gateway. But in this case it is used for the ICM working as a client http component. Any ideas ?


    Kind regards, Hinrich

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    Hello Experts,


    Here I am facing problem in simple ALV grid. First time I am experiencing this kind of problem in ALV grid output out of my 5 years in Exp in ABAP. I have created normal ALV report using Fieldcatalog and REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY FM. I am getting the output in ALV List instead of Grid for multiple records. If I have single reord in output then it is ALV Grid. Not able to understand why its displaying ALV list instead of ALV Grid. here is my code..Please help me to solve this.




    FORM display_alv .

      PERFORM build_fieldcatalog.

      PERFORM build_layout.

      PERFORM execute_alv.

    ENDFORM.                    " DISPLAY_ALV




    *&      Form  BUILD_FIELDCATALOG


    *       text


    *  -->  p1        text

    *  <--  p2        text


    FORM build_fieldcatalog .

      DATA: lv_count TYPE i.



      lv_count = lv_count + 1.

      gs_fieldcat-fieldname   = 'VBELN'.

      gs_fieldcat-tabname     = 'GT_OUTPUT'.

      gs_fieldcat-seltext_l   = text-002.

      gs_fieldcat-hotspot     = 'X'.

      gs_fieldcat-col_pos     = lv_count.

      APPEND gs_fieldcat TO gt_fieldcat.

      CLEAR  gs_fieldcat.



      lv_count = lv_count + 1.

      gs_fieldcat-fieldname   = 'PLNUM'.

      gs_fieldcat-tabname     = 'GT_OUTPUT'.

      gs_fieldcat-seltext_l   = text-003.

      gs_fieldcat-col_pos     = lv_count.

      APPEND gs_fieldcat TO gt_fieldcat.

      CLEAR  gs_fieldcat.



      lv_count = lv_count + 1.

      gs_fieldcat-fieldname   = 'AUFNR'.

      gs_fieldcat-tabname     = 'GT_OUTPUT'.

      gs_fieldcat-seltext_l   = text-004.

      gs_fieldcat-col_pos     = lv_count.

      APPEND gs_fieldcat TO gt_fieldcat.

      CLEAR  gs_fieldcat.



      lv_count = lv_count + 1.

      gs_fieldcat-fieldname   = 'MESSAGE'.

      gs_fieldcat-tabname     = 'GT_OUTPUT'.

      gs_fieldcat-seltext_l   = text-005.

      gs_fieldcat-col_pos     = lv_count.

      APPEND gs_fieldcat TO gt_fieldcat.

      CLEAR  gs_fieldcat.

    ENDFORM.                    " BUILD_FIELDCATALOG


    *&      Form  BUILD_LAYOUT


    *       text


    *  -->  p1        text

    *  <--  p2        text


    FORM build_layout .

      gs_layout-zebra = 'X'.

      gs_layout-colwidth_optimize = 'X'.

    ENDFORM.                    " BUILD_LAYOUT


    *&      Form  EXECUTE_ALV


    *       text


    *  -->  p1        text

    *  <--  p2        text


    FORM execute_alv .





          I_BUFFER_ACTIVE          = 'X'

          i_callback_program       = gv_repid

          i_callback_user_command  = 'USER_COMMAND' "To call the VA03 tcode on click of delivery number

          i_callback_pf_status_set = 'PFSTATUS'        "To display standard PF Status

          is_layout                = gs_layout

          it_fieldcat              = gt_fieldcat


          t_outtab                 = gt_output.


    ENDFORM.                    " EXECUTE_ALV



    *       FORM PFSTATUS                                            *


    FORM pfstatus USING ut_extab TYPE slis_t_extab.


    ENDFORM.                               " PF_STATUS_SET




    *&      Form  user_command


    *       text


    FORM user_command USING r_ucomm TYPE sy-ucomm

                            rs_selfield TYPE slis_selfield.

        IF rs_selfield-fieldname EQ 'VBELN'.

        SET PARAMETER ID 'AUN' FIELD rs_selfield-value.



    ENDFORM.                    "user_command

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    Hello ,


    Can someone please let me know , in which system tables does the values of 'tp parameters' get stored ?


    Thanks ,


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    Hi Everyone,


    I am unable to create Program id in NWA. The system is single stack JAVA only PI 7.31. Its has different way of creating the program id and is

    not in the same way created for dual stack. I am clueless.. plz help


    The navigation:


    Configuration -> Infrstructure ->  JCo RFC provider -> JCo RFC destination




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  • 03/25/13--08:04: NWDS Build Error
  •      Hi Experts,


    I have created a workspace in NWDS 7.0. I got all the tracks from NWDI properly. While building a DC ,i am facing problem.

    Error status: No JDK_HOME_PATH defined for key 'JDK14_HOME'


    Could any one suggest some way to resolve this. Please help me as it is very urgent to me.




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    we are using toinsert datain SAPare
    stateful. The reasonis thatwe have to performa distributed transactionin which theclientdecideswhen to
    commit.SAP WebAS
    allows you to assignservicesthe property to bestatefuland exposethe methodscommit
    / rollbackthatthe
    client can use
    at the appropriate time. This obviouslyimplies creating
    sessions on the WebServerSAPand as consequenceallocated
    . We observedthat the
    hasanexpiration timethan equalto the value setforall
    types of
    sessionofSAPandtherefore equal
    about 35 minutes.



    Thiscircumstance does notgo very wellbecause itdoes not allowthe applicationto scale, in fact the memory allocation, due to multiplecalls, may run the server out of memory.

    Fortunatelyexits alreadyaSAPLibrarythatprovides APIsto
    open sessions




    We usedthese APIsand the session isactuallyclosed andalso
    the transactionis successful. The strange thingis thatsimultaneouslyan exceptionis thrownwith a "dump" on the server thatwe do not understand.



    Server error message :






    "CX_SOAP_CORE"   |  
    |    "FINALIZE_TX"















          <faultcode> soap:Server </faultcode>



          <faultstringxml:lang="en"> RABAX occurred on server side </faultstring>









              <MESSAGE>Error when calling SOAP Runtime
    functions: SRT: ASSERT failed: field values are not

















































































              <MESSAGE>Error when calling SOAP Runtime
    functions: SRT: ASSERT failed: field values are not

























    sessionInterfacecannot beresolved
    Protocolname is[Unknown].
    for details.






    I did severaltestswith more than oneWeb Serviceand environments: bothSAPNetWeaver
    Developer Studio(NWDS) andEclipse importingproxies
    generated byNWDSbutI get the sameresult
    successful transaction, closed sessionbutexceptionand
    dumpon the server).

    Of courseI triedthe suggestionofSAP
    that says(exact words):



    The standard SAP solution to
    terminate the session is to send a


    technical Web Service message with the following content:






























    It is notas
    trivialas it soundsbecause itis not enoughto send theshort messagebecauseyou have to putthe session cookieandthe
    user /passwordin
    the header
    of theHTTP post
    that holds the messageand send it
    by openinga socket on theURL of theservice. However
    I have
    written a programin Eclipsewho writes thecorrecthttpPOST.
    The errorgeneratedis identicalto the previous case.

    Reading thedump fileI realized thatSAPreceives
    this message
    when callingSOAP
    library APIsmentioned above.So in practicelast experimentI did nothingbut writethe codeimplemented bytheAPIor at least
    an equivalent codeso do notbe surprisedthat generatesthe same error.






    Any ideas onhow to solve theproblem?




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  • 05/20/13--02:42: SAP PI system refresh
  • Dear team,


    Apparently One o our customer has taken drastic action for which I need suggestion


    Landscape is ECC-----> PI -----> FTP.


    While Upgrading Database of Development PI system,(Backup Tape is Missing now) issues were reported and since Backup was missing; "DBA" at the client side Restored DB with Production PI system Backup. ( DB = Oracle; O.S. = Solaris).


    Now I see all configuration is lost. Can anybody Suggest me If there is any chance to get this things fixed. I mean to say Can we just change SID's Logical System name and all to get it fixed.


    I am not sure if there is anything called "PI system refresh" (as it is interface system) But please help me what can be done.


    Appreciate your help.





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  • 07/05/08--18:38: IMG SAP Learning Solutions
  • Hi all


    I have installed ECC 6.0 and works fine but in the IMG reference guide(SPRO) i cant see in the node Training and Event Management the subnode SAP Learning Solution. In the SAP Menu Easy Access (default menu s000), i cant see the functional menu SAP Learning Solution. When i run the transaction lso_activate in the system status  appear SAP Learning solution is activated, and the transactions of this module runs fine if  i write in the command field.


    what is the procedure for activate SAP Learning Solution in the IMG and in the SAP Menu for all users?


    thanks in advance



    Alberto Gil

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    My requirement is i want log off the SAP user based on the time maintain in ZTABLE. Kindly provide any solution regards this issue




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    who knows a lot about the mapping of GDSN Trade Item extension to SAP message types?

    Does somebody know whether it for the Trade Item Extension also a mapping gives, how for the base message types?

    Who can say me, if changes of the GS1-GDSN XML business message standards also be integrated into the SAP message types.
    And if so, how i can implement this in my SAP system (OSS-Notes or Patches)?

    I hope anawhere can help me.


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  • 05/07/13--01:39: EA-HRGXX 607
  • Hi Experts,


    We need to upgrade  EA-HRGXX to level 607 . It is an ECC EHP6 system and current level EA-HRGXX is 606 . Can I go ahead with this single package upgrade or whole EA-HR ?  The reuirement is to get a new business function delivered with EA-HRGXX 607 . Please advice.





    Nibu Antony

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    Hi ~  We are in the process of upgrading our portal landscape from NW 7.01 to NW 7.3. As part of this upgrade we also need to migrate our JSP based PCR's to NW 7.3 complaint versions. We migrated PCR "par" files to "ear" files using PAR Migration Tool and deployed them in our  NW 7.3 sandbox portal. The migrated PCR's are not working which includes out-of-box PCR Team Viewer,  PCR Selection Page etc. We checked in NWA "Start & Stop: Java Applications" page to confirm if the applications were running and noticed they were stopped. We were able to restart some apps however PCR Team Viewer would not restart and the error we see in NWA is - "Implicit stopped (dependency failed)". The associated error from the log is pasted below (in bold letters). The root cause or atleast part of the problem appears to be a utilility ear "" which was missing after NW 7.3 upgrade. Gabbed copy of this utility from Dev portal and migrated / deployed it in Sandbox. The system for some reason does not recognize this util is deployed, and this is affecting many HCM applications some of which are listed below.



    Just wondering if you anyone has noticed this type of issue during your NW 7.3 upgrade project, and if so what you did to resolve them. Appreciate any information you can share in regards to this issue, and other PCR related issues.




    Application cannot be started. Reason: it has hard reference to the following resources, which are currently not available on the system: hard to SAPPORTAL/ (public) (f=true, cl=true); .
    In order to start the application, components...

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