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    We need to cts+ configuration for our BI portal and NW portal using Solution manager as a communication system.

    My question here is do i need to use same transport directory for solution manager+enterprise portal+BI portal to perform this.

    Is there a way to use one common directory between solution manager+enterprise portal and a different common directory between solution manager+BI portal.


    If this is possible can some one help me with some documentation related to this.




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    Is it possible to override the JAX-WS implementation provided by NetWeaver 7.1 SP3 using the “heavy resources” classloader?


    On JBoss, using a different runtime implementation for JAX-WS as that of JBoss is not a problem. You can correctly use the class loader hierarchy to solve this problem.


    I need JAX-WS 2.1.3 because I’m using its streaming implementation for MTOM.




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    Is it possible for the ASCS Services to Listen only on one host address? For the icm I can controll that with icm/server_port_x HOST=..., but how can I control this on the other Services. I see in the worklog follow entry:


    GwPrintMyHostAddr: my host addresses are :

      1 : [10.x.x.x] hostname_main (HOSTNAME)

      2 : [] loopback (LOCALHOST)

      3 : [10.x.x.x] anothernichostname (NILIST)


    But I don't want entry 2 and entry 3 .



    bash-4.2# lsof -i | grep "SIDadm.*LISTEN"

    igspw_mt   4194400 SIDadm    7u  IPv4 0xf1000e000745ebb8        0t0  TCP *:40002 (LISTEN)

    jstart     5898384 SIDadm   36u  IPv4 0xf1000e00058053b8        0t0  TCP *:50020 (LISTEN)

    jstart     5898384 SIDadm  200u  IPv4 0xf1000e000cbe43b8        0t0  TCP *:47072 (LISTEN)

    gwrd      10616862 SIDadm    8u  IPv4 0xf1000e00032853b8        0t0  TCP *:sapgw01 (LISTEN)

    igspw_mt  12779566 SIDadm    7u  IPv4 0xf1000e00063573b8        0t0  TCP *:40001 (LISTEN)

    igsmux_mt 21954634 SIDadm    7u  IPv4 0xf1000e00032a83b8        0t0  TCP *:40080 (LISTEN)

    igsmux_mt 21954634 SIDadm    9u  IPv4 0xf1000e0003312bb8        0t0  TCP *:40000 (LISTEN)

    sapstarts 23265336 SIDadm   11u  IPv4 0xf1000e00027fc3b8        0t0  TCP *:50113 (LISTEN)

    sapstarts 23527664 SIDadm   12u  IPv4 0xf1000e0006c1d3b8        0t0  TCP *:50013 (LISTEN)

    jstart    25428020 SIDadm    9u  IPv4 0xf1000e001509c3b8        0t0  TCP *:64993 (LISTEN)

    msg_serve 25493742 SIDadm   10u  IPv4 0xf1000e000352b3b8        0t0  TCP *:nimsh (LISTEN)

    msg_serve 25493742 SIDadm   12u  IPv4 0xf1000e000721fbb8        0t0  TCP *:8101 (LISTEN)

    enserver  28639240 SIDadm   19u  IPv4 0xf1000e0003490bb8        0t0  TCP *:sapdp01 (LISTEN)



    It would be nice if this is possible with a parameter to listen only on one hostname (hostname_main). I don't want to control this via IPSec/IPChains.



    Thank you.


    Best regards,


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    Dear Experts,


    As per the note 27320 - keepalive and gui_auto_logout profile param we have configured the parameters for rdisp/keepalive to 10 hours and rdisp/gui_auto_logout to 0.


    But still the sessions are going logout for every 10 mins.


    Kindly suggest on this.






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    Hi Experts,


    we have a requirement to enable the hindi language in enterprise portal & R/3. Portal configured as a hub system and aslo communicating backend with R/3 system. As per the recommendations for supporting hindi in R/3, we have upgraded R/3 from EHP4 to EHP6 SP09. We have enabled Hindi language in R/3 system. Similarly portal system also, we have upgraded  from 7.0 SP24 to 7.3 EHP1 SP11.



    We are not sure Netweaver 7.3EHP1 SP11 will support Hindi for enabling in netweaver system?. Else need to upgrade any other SP level?. Waiting for your valuable solutions.





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    windows 2012+MSSQL 2012

    when I install ehp7 ides,the error occur


    INFO       2014-08-07 01:36:21.848 [iaxxrfcimp.cpp:607]


    Function module INST_EXECUTE_REPORT set successfully.



    INFO       2014-08-07 01:36:21.869 [iaxxrfcimp.cpp:1011]


    Executing function call INST_EXECUTE_REPORT.



    TRACE      2014-08-07 01:36:21.870 [iaxxrfcimp.cpp:1035]


    Calling function module: INST_EXECUTE_REPORT



    ERROR      2014-08-07 02:36:57.639 [iaxxrfcimp.cpp:1068]


    FRF-00025  Unable to call function. Error message: Time limit exceeded .



    TRACE      2014-08-07 02:36:57.640 [iaxxrfcimp.cpp:1069]


    RFC failure or system exception raised



    TRACE      2014-08-07 02:36:57.640 [iaxxrfcimp.cpp:1070]


    Time limit exceeded



    INFO       2014-08-07 02:36:57.667 [iaxxbjsco.cpp:546]


    RFC connection closed.



    TRACE      2014-08-07 02:36:57.668 [jsextension.hpp:143]


    Member function 'Installer.invokeModuleCall()' has thrown ERfcExcept. Converting to JavaScript exception EJS::ERfcException.




    Function setMessageIdOfExceptionMessage: modlib.jslib.caughtException



    ERROR      2014-08-07 02:36:57.673


    MUT-03025  Caught ERfcExcept in module call: Time limit exceeded.

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    We have a CAF application which has 2 Business objects. one is Parent and other is a child BO. because of which there is a Association between these 2. now we want to remove this association. is there any way by which we can achieve this?


    If that is not possible, can you tell us how to edit this Parent-Child relation and make these 2 as independent BO's. we tried drag and drop the child BO out of Parent. but that is not working.


    Can anybody help us on this.


    Thanks in advance.


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  • 09/25/14--08:51: Parameters Java
  • Hello colleagues,


    For Java 6.40/7.0 exists the note (723909 - Java VM settings for J2EE 6.40/7.0 ) but release 7.40 exist othe note for parameters Java?



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    Dear all,

             We plan to install ERP 6.0 EHP5 on windows 2012 and SQLserver 2012. We choose ExpressCluster X3.0 of NEC as Cluster software, not

    use the windows Failover Cluster software.

             Now the two servers as nodes, shared disk,virtual IP and virtual hostname are all configured in NEC and can be changed each other.Then we start to install cluster SQLserver and HA ERP,they all failed, and said no cluster service.




            At last, we know the ERP ha only used for Windows Failover Cluster, not for NEC, but NEC has the SAP HA-certifacation in windows.

            So how do we install our system in HA?

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    I'm absolutely new in credit management and have never implemented a BAdI before.

    Can anyone tell me how I can implement the BAdI "UKM_R3_ACTIVATE" as described here: <a href=""></a>


    "Implement and activate the Business Add-In UKM_R3_ACTIVATE. In the implementation, set the export parameters E_ACTIVE_FLAG and E_ERP2005 to X in the method SET_ACTIVE."


    Thank you and regards,


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    Can anyone help me to find the link to download ABAP 7.40 Trial. Download page is redirecting to SAP Stores but only Cloud Version is available.


    Thanks in advance.





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    Hello experts,


    I am facing an issue while reloading archives. I am facing a dump CREATE_DATA_UNKNOWN_TYPE



    I have created a Custom Archive Object to archive the SFLIGHT data. (Snaphsot Attached)





    Write Program Code:



    CONSTANTS: g_con_aobj TYPE typ_ar_object VALUE 'ZBSSFLIGHT'.


    DATA: g_str_params TYPE typ_f_sara_write.


    include zbssflight_sel_in.


    INCLUDE arch_write_prg_standard2.



       PERFORM standard_opt_writeprg_init.



         PERFORM standard_opt_writeprg_atoutput USING g_con_aobj.




       g_str_params-object                           = g_con_aobj.

       g_str_params-run_comment                      = p_coment.

       g_str_params-options-write_prodmode           = p_wriprd.

       g_str_params-options-write_and_deletetestmode = p_deltst.

       g_str_params-options-write_testmode           = p_writst.

       g_str_params-options-detail_log               = p_prot.

       g_str_params-options-obj_prot_output          = p_prot_o.


       cl_ar_sara=>write( g_str_params ).






    While executing using SARA Tcode, Background Job got cancelled and saying that short dump occurred.



    I know there is some error in program code, but not exactly able to find it.


    Please give your inputs on the same.


    Best regards,


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    Hi Gurus,


    I have accidentally removed central instance on distributed ABAP + JAVA system, before actually removing database instance. How can I proceed further with system removal. I need to remove the system in order to make a system copy from the production system. (Making a test system for upgrade test procedure).


    Bets Regards.

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    Hi All,


    Need some help in understanding the session cookies in the SAP NW AS Java. I am using SAP NetWeaver Application Server 7.20 / AS Java 7.30

    I have a web page that makes concurrent requests to the NW server using jQuery-Ajax every 30seconds.

    I am seeing the JSESSIONMARKID is getting updated very often(mostly every 30secs-1 min but not consistently)and the JSESSIONID gets updated every 1-2 mins but this is particular pattern.


    My doubt is does the JSESSIONID gets updated every 1 or 2 mins? My assumption was that once JSESSIONID is issued it remains same and the server keeps track when was the last user activity and based on inactivity for configured period of time the session gets timed out and if user comes back after session out with a JSESSIONID, he will be redirected to login page.


    Kindly help me in understanding the JSESSIONID and JSESSIONMARKID cookie update process.


    Thanks in advance for your valuable reply.




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    Hi all








    I've ran an archival of IDOCs via SARA/RSEXARCA for one specific day, for IDOC status 03,



    which was successful - 1238 IDOCs were archived.








    I've then ran SARA/RSEXARCD on that archive file to delete the archives - this was also











    However, when I look in SE16 at tables EDIDC & EDIDS they still show 1238 entries for that day



    and status 03.








    Shouldn't those entries have now been removed?








    I thought that SE16 may be showing buffered information, so I ran /$TAB and went back into



    SE16, but it's still the same.








    Any ideas?

















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  • 09/30/14--23:49: SAP Content Server access
  • Hi,


    We have installed SAP Content Server 6.50 and the installation went smooth and successful. However, when trying to check the status via 'http://<host name>:<port no.>/ContentServer/ContentServer.dll?serverInfo', page cannot be displayed error occurs.


    We have an ERP installed on the same host, and checked if HTTP port is accessible via Telnet and the host with ERP system HTTP port 8000 is accessible.


    Tried same for the content server port 1090 and Telnet too fails to connect on this port/host!


    Have checked to see Firewall too is disabled, so nothing should be blocked. Can anyone advise on what else can be checked (Any process/service that should be running etc. ?).


    Thanks in advance!




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    Trying to configure a Web Dispatcher to SSL with VCLIENT=2 option. So basically the frontend client should supply a certificate otherwise access is denied. We intend to terminate SSL after the Web Dispatcher.


    For some reason I cannot get the client cert to work. What steps do I need to take to config the certificate on the frontend and for it to be accepted by the web dispatcher.




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  • 03/31/09--10:36: SAP Web Dispatcher SSL Error
  • We are having issues with our SSL connection to the SAP Web AS.  Below is the error in the log files:


    [Thr 472] =================================================

    [Thr 472] = SSL Initialization  on  PC with Windows NT

    [Thr 472] =   (700_REL,Jul 14 2008,mt,ascii,SAP_UC/size_t/void* = 8/32/32)

    [Thr 472]   profile param "ssl/ssl_lib" = "C:\Program Files\SAP\SAPWebDisp\DEV\<Our Site>\sapcrypto.dll"

               resulting Filename = "C:\Program Files\SAP\SAPWebDisp\DEV\<Our Site>\sapcrypto.dll"

    [Thr 472]   profile param "ssl/server_pse" = "C:\Program Files\SAP\SAPWebDisp\DEV\<Our Site>\sec\<Our PSE>.pse"

               resulting Filename = "C:\Program Files\SAP\SAPWebDisp\DEV\<Our Site>\sec\<Our PSE>.pse"

    [Thr 472]   profile param "ssl/client_pse" = "C:\Program Files\SAP\SAPWebDisp\DEV\<Our Site>\sec\SAPSSLC.PSE"

               resulting Filename = "C:\Program Files\SAP\SAPWebDisp\DEV\<Our Site>\sec\SAPSSLC.PSE"

    [Thr 472] =   found SAPCRYPTOLIB  5.5.5C pl24  (Jun 11 2008) MT-safe

    [Thr 472] =   current UserID: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM

    [Thr 472] =   found SECUDIR environment variable

    [Thr 472] =   using SECUDIR=c:\program files\sap\sapwebdisp\

    [Thr 472] *** ERROR =>   secudessl_Create_SSL_CTX():  PSE "C:\Program Files\SAP\SAPWebDisp\DEV\<Our Site>\sec\<Our PSE>.pse" not found! [ssslsecu.c   1354]

    [Thr 472] secudessl_Create_SSL_CTX: SSL_CTX_set_default_pse_by_name() failed --

      secude_error 1824 (0x00000720) = "Wrong or Missing PIN for PSE"

    [Thr 472] >> -

    Begin of Secude-SSL Errorstack -


    [Thr 472] ERROR in SSL_CTX_set_default_pse_by_name: (1824/0x0720) Wrong or Missing PIN for PSE : "C:\Program Files\SAP\SAPWebDisp\DEV\<Our Site>\sec\<Our PSE>.pse"


    ERROR in ssl_set_pse: (1824/0x0720) Wrong or Missing PIN for PSE : "C:\Program Files\SAP\SAPWebDisp\DEV\<Our Site>\sec\<Our PSE>.pse"


    ERROR in af_open: (1824/0x0720) Wrong or Missing PIN for PSE : "C:\Program Files\SAP\SAPWebDisp\DEV\<Our Site>\sec\<Our PSE>.pse"


    ERROR in secsw_open: (1824/0x0720) Wrong or Missing PIN for PSE : "C:\Program Files\SAP\SAPWebDisp\DEV\<Our Site>\sec\<Our PSE>.pse"


    ERROR in sec_parse_PSEInfo_cont: (1824/0x0720) Wrong or Missing PIN for PSE : "C:\Program Files\SAP\SAPWebDisp\DEV\<Our Site>\sec\<Our PSE>.pse"


    [Thr 472] << -

    End of Secude-SSL Errorstack -

    [Thr 472] *** ERROR => SapISSLAddCredential(): Error SSSLERR_PSE_ERROR trying to create SERVER Credential

            for "C:\Program Files\SAP\SAPWebDisp\DEV\<Our Site>\sec\<OurPSE>.pse" [ssslxxi.c    2278]


    [Thr 472] Tue Mar 31 13:30:06 2009

    [Thr 472] *** ERROR => Initialization of SSL library failed -- NO SSL available!

    [Thr 472] =================================================


    [Thr 472] <<- ERROR: SapSSLInit(read_profile=1)==SSSLERR_PSE_ERROR

    [Thr 472] *** ERROR => IcmAddService: SapSSLInit (rc=-40): SSSLERR_PSE_ERROR [icxxserv.c   319]

    [Thr 3744] IcmCreateWorkerThreads: created worker thread 0

    [Thr 2952] *** ERROR => IcmConnClientRqCreate: No service for protocol HTTPS started [icxxconn.c   2701]

    [Thr 2952] *** ERROR => IcmConnClientRqCreate() failed (rc=-1) [icrxx.c      5234]

    [Thr 2952] *** ERROR => Could not connect to SAP Message Server at onebase. URL=/msgserver/text/logon?version=1.2 [icrxx.c      2591]

    [Thr 2952] *** ERROR => rc=-1, HTTP response code: 0 [icrxx.c      2592]

    [Thr 2952] *** ERROR => see also OSS note 552286 [icrxx.c      2593]

    [Thr 3744] IcmCreateWorkerThreads: created worker thread 1

    [Thr 3744] IcmCreateWorkerThreads: created worker thread 2

    [Thr 3744] IcmCreateWorkerThreads: created worker thread 3

    [Thr 3744] IcmCreateWorkerThreads: created worker thread 4

    [Thr 3292] IcmWatchDogThread: watchdog started



    I've already used sapgenpse seclogin -p <PSE File> -x <PIN> to create a pin.  I've also gone and deleted the old pin that used to be there and created a new one.


    Also I noticed it says "Beware: changing a PIN of a PSE will not auto-update the SSO-credential

    Beware: adding a new credential will not auto-update an existing credential"


    So once you change it how do you update it?  Do you need to reboot the Web Dispatcher or do you just need to restarted the service?

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    I have set up a trial of SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP & SAP Business Warehouse 7.4 SP8 on SAP HANA 1.0 SP8 [Developer Edition] and am currently attempting to set up a trusted provider for SAML 2.0 Single Sign On for testing purposes.

    I have found articles such as this one - SAP NetWeaver Administrator - Administration of SAP NetWeaver CE - SAP Library, that explains that to access the administrator, you use the URI format of http://<host>:<port>/nwa. How do you find "the host where the AS Java is installed"[host] or "HTTP port of the ICM"[port] in this trial version - or is this included with the trial version?


    This article explains how to set up an AS server - How to install SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java, but you need a SAP Service Marketplace login, which appears to need a non-trial installation number. Is this required to get access to SAP Netweaver Administrator?

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    After executing a MaxDB backup/restore system copy with SWPM, there's a request for MIGEXPORT - any idea which media I shall provide?



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