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Latest Forum Threads in SAP NetWeaver Technology Platform

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  • 02/03/15--12:19: Help with installing SAP
  • Hi Everyone,


    We are currently undergoing a restructure of SAP and I have been tasked with the installation of SAP in our environment.


    The systems I have been tasked with installing is the following


    ECC (Enterprise Core Component)

    BW (Business Warehouse)

    SRM (Supplier Relationship Management)

    EP (Enterprise Portal)

    PI (Process Integration


    I have been wandering around on the SAP website and found a load of documents referring to the install however I don't seem to be able to find the correct software or guides to help me with installation of these system.


    Please could someone help me by giving me the links to the documents that I would require. Also I would like to know how do I actually install each system? Can I download all the applications on this site? Any other information you could give me would be great.



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    Hello all,
    hasreceivedthe guide:"LAW2_GettingStarted_EN2.pdf"
    butthe systemindicates that thetranscation"SLAW2" does not exist.

    Note(1995778), theguideis notsupportforour version.

    Pleasehelpmesolvethis problem

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    I'm using BAPI_USER_CHANGE for reseting a user's pass.

    The problem with this function is that it sets an initial pass => in the next logon the user will be prompted to change it.

    Is there a way to change this behavior?

    If not, do I have any other BAPI alternative?


    tx a lot,


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    I need to add Quotes "" to all mapping fields for an outbound interface.
    Can this be done with FCC parameters?

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    Hello all,


    we are using SAP Java NetWeaver Application Server 7.40. An EAR-application is running on the server. Now I have to update some pictures. Normally I have to build a new EAR-file and then deploy it on the server. How can I update the static content without new deployment? thx.



    best regards,


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    Hi All,


    I am getting error while creating a PM order on production server  with Control key PM03 (PR type)


    Error: No status object is available for ACT 10000044 0010


    It work fine when creating the same entry on preproduction which exact is replica of prod.


    I debug the code but could not get any solution.


    ST22 dump says


    Exception condition "DUMP_COMMIT_WITHOUT_ORDER_DATA" raised.

    IF NOT dbase IS INITIAL.                                                                  |

    |   * Lesen des Headers von der Datenbank                                                       |

    |      SELECT SINGLE * FROM caufv INTO CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF header                          |

    |         WHERE aufnr EQ header-aufnr.                                                          |

    |       IF sy-subrc <> 0.                                                                       |

    |>>>>>|      RAISE dump_commit_without_order_data.                                                 |




    This error occured for PM03 only but for others it works fine.



    Thanks in advance

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    We are currently in the process of upgrading our SAP Enterprise Portal 7.0 to 7.4 but we're facing an error regarding component validations (at least it seems so).


    We already generated a new MOPZ xml stack but the error persists. If someone can give us some ideas of what can be wrong we would appreciate.



    Attached to this topic is a screen of the error. Also i'm attaching a log file related to the issue.



    Sample of the errors:



    Sep 23, 2013 2:00:18 PM  Error: Deployment Exception during deployment phase [DependenciesResolvingException], cause=[ASJ.dpl_dc.006505 An unresolved dependencies error occurred while sorting the deployment batch items regarding the dependencies.]

    Sep 23, 2013 2:00:18 PM  Error: Deployment Items status: [

    ----- Sorted Items -----

    ----- Deployment Items -----

              1. Client path '/Software/UPGRADE/WDADOBE03_0-20009961.SCA'

                        Deploy status is 'Aborted'

                        SCA : name 'WD-ADOBE', vendor '', location 'SAP AG', version '1000.'

                        Composite Time statistics( ms ):

                                  1.Check composite version : 1

                                            1.1.Check version:sap.com_WD-ADOBE : 1

                                  2.Check contained Items Structure : 1

                                  3.validate : -1



                        Contained DCs:

                                  1.1 : Relative path '/Software/UPGRADE/WDADOBE03_0-20009961.SCA --> tc~wd~pdflib.sda'

                                            Deploy status is 'Admitted'

                                            SDA : name 'tc~wd~pdflib', vendor '', location 'SAP AG', version '7.4003.20130523140920.0000', software type ('primary-library', sub type ''), csn component 'BC-WD-JAV', dependencies :[none]

                                            Time statistics( ms ):

                                                      1.Check composite version : 1

                                                                1.1.Check version:sap.com_WD-ADOBE : 1

                                                      2.Check contained Items Structure : 1

                                                      3.validate : -1



                                  1.2 : Relative path '/Software/UPGRADE/WDADOBE03_0-20009961.SCA --> tc~wd~pdfsvrchal.sda'

                                            Deploy status is 'Admitted'

                                            SDA : name 'tc~wd~pdfsvrchal', vendor '', location 'SAP AG', version '7.4003.20130516123335.0000', software type ('J2EE', sub type ''), csn component 'BC-WD-JAV', dependencies :[none]

                                            Time statistics( ms ):

                                                      1.Check composite version : 1

                                                                1.1.Check version:sap.com_WD-ADOBE : 1

                                                      2.Check contained Items Structure : 1

                                                      3.validate : -1



                                  1.3 : Relative path '/Software/UPGRADE/WDADOBE03_0-20009961.SCA --> AdobeDocumentServicesEjbClientLibrary.sda'

                                            Deploy status is 'AlreadyDeployed'

                                            Description:'1. Already deployed component has version:1040.20121017114537.881796'.

                                            SDA : name 'AdobeDocumentServicesEjbClientLibrary', vendor 'com.adobe', location 'Adobe Systems', version '1040.20121017114537.881796', software type ('primary-library', sub type ''), csn component 'BC-SRV-FP', dependencies :[none]

                                            Time statistics( ms ):

                                                      1.Check composite version : 1

                                                                1.1.Check version:sap.com_WD-ADOBE : 1

                                                      2.Check contained Items Structure : 1

                                                      3.validate : -1



                                  1.4 : Relative path '/Software/UPGRADE/WDADOBE03_0-20009961.SCA --> sc~wd-adobe.sda'

                                            Deploy status is 'Admitted'

                                            SDA : name 'sc~wd-adobe', vendor '', location 'SAP AG', version '7.4003.20130516123335.0000', software type ('CONTENT', sub type 'SL-SDA'), csn component 'BC-CCM-SLD', dependencies :[none]

                                            Time statistics( ms ):

                                                      1.Check composite version : 1

                                                                1.1.Check version:sap.com_WD-ADOBE : 1

                                                      2.Check contained Items Structure : 1

                                                      3.validate : -1



                                  1.5 : Relative path '/Software/UPGRADE/WDADOBE03_0-20009961.SCA --> tc~wd~pdfobject.sda'

                                            Deploy status is 'Admitted'

                                            SDA : name 'tc~wd~pdfobject', vendor '', location 'SAP AG', version '7.4003.20130523140920.0000', software type ('J2EE', sub type ''), csn component 'BC-WD-JAV', dependencies :[none]

                                            Time statistics( ms ):

                                                      1.Check composite version : 1

                                                                1.1.Check version:sap.com_WD-ADOBE : 1

                                                      2.Check contained Items Structure : 1

                                                      3.validate : -1






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  • 02/09/15--10:06: Login via Basic Auth popup
  • Hi, i have sap fiori running and i need GBAPP_PRAPPROVAL service to display basic authentication prompt.


    Currently i have configured global settings to use the class CL_SRA_LOGIN.


    I modified the system logon on the Error Page tab and i am able to display the login page that says "via popup" in the textboxes and then click to show the popup but i don't want the page to appear at all, i want only the http basic auth popup directly when you access the url of the service. How can i achieve this?




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    Hi All, My SAP landscape as below: DEV- Client 100 (Master Configuration Client)       - Client 200 (SIT Client)       - Client 300 (Mock Conversion Client) QAS- Client 400 (UAT)       -  Client 500 (FDR Client) I've a requirement in which require to copy any Transport  Request (TR) created in Client 100 (Master Config Client) in DEV to Client 300 in DEV by automatically. Is that any standard SAP program which allow me to schedule it as daily bacgkround to copy the TRs from Client 100 to 300 in DEV? (Released status)? The other requirement is to automate the transport request import process in QAS system. E.g.: Any TR imported/transported to Client 400 it needs to transport into Client 500 as well by automatically. Would really appreciate if anyone can share the experience with me. Thanks, Thomas

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    First post in SCN so not sure if this is the right place etc. so please bare with me.


    In preparation for a system copy I need to upgrade the SAP Kernel on the target system from 720_EXT to 742. I can't find any documentation/notes on this so trying here.


    Is it possible to perform this upgrade manually? ... if so, could you please direct me to any documentation/notes that you deem releveant.


    If a manual upgrade is not possible, are you aware of any appropriate tool(s) to use to perform the upgrade.




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    Dear Expert:

    After I finished SAProuter set up and tried to login with /H/218....../H/.

    But prompt up an error.


    Service 'sapdp00' unknown




    Line 489

    Method NiPGetServByName:service 'sapdp00' not found

    Return Code -91





    what's wrong???


    and below is the SAProuter's dev_rout log file


                • NI-ROUTER LOOP ********

    NiIRead: hdl 1 received data (rcd=66,pac=1,MESG_IO)

    NiSelISelectInt: 1 handles selected (1 buffered)


    DATA from C1/-1 ( received

    NiRClientHandle: route received

    executing NiRExRouteCon

    NiRRouteRepl: copying input to route and replacing name

    C1/-1 has NI-layer-version 39

    NiBufIRouteToTable result from total 2 entries:

    hostname            /service                         /                                  /sapdp00                       < next


    NiHsLGetServNo: found service name 'sapdp00' in cache

    NiHsLGetServNo: retrying to get port number for 'sapdp00'

    ***LOG Q0I=> NiPGetServByName: service 'sapdp00' not found: getservbyname [ninti.c 489]

    NiHsLGetServNo: service name 'sapdp00' not found by operating system

        • ERROR => NiRExRouteCon: NiBufIRouteGetNext failed (rc=-3) [nirout.cpp   2677]

        • ERROR => NiRClientHandle: NiRExRouteCon for C1/-1 '' failed (rc=-3) [nirout.cpp   2243]

    NiBufISendErr: send ni-error rc -91 to hdl 1

    NiIWrite: hdl 1 sent data (wrt=263,pac=1,MESG_IO)

    NiRCloseConn: closing C1/-1

    NiICloseHandle: shutdown and close hdl 1 / sock 800


                • NI-ROUTER LOOP ********

    Tue Dec 01 17:52:10 2009

    NiSelISelectInt: 0 handles selected (0 buffered)


                • NI-ROUTER LOOP ********


    Please Help~


    Thank you very much~



    Jack Lee

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    Hi all!


    I`m facing with an error during the system copy, the error is during the "perform clean up of the temporary and obsolete database objectos" of smwp (sap tools for MSSQL).

    The version of database source and target is MSSQL 2008 R2.

    I attached to this message a print screen of this error (error_smwp.png)

    Any tips!?

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    Hi All..


    I am new in SAP EP. I need help to find existing application in server in NWDS.



    Thanks in Adv.


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    Hi SCN,


    Good day!


    I need to setup an Event-Controlled Message Processing scenario for Integration Engine to delay processing of certain messages.


    Actually, I was able to define message filter in SXMSFILTER and schedule message processing in SXMSJOBS.


    After I was done with the configuration, I sent several test messages for the concerned interface (to be delayed).


    Messages were stuck in queue name - XBTJ20130114132808467889 and actual XML messages are maintained in status "scheduled for outbound processing".


    At this point, I think the filtering and stopping of the messages worked fine but I noticed that they are not getting processed even after job end date.


    On SXMSJOBS, I have set the following:

    Start Date - 14.01.2013

    Start Time - 13:50:00

    End Date - 14.01.2013

    End Time - 13:55:00

    Period - 1 hour


    Even after the above period/time, messages are still stuck in queue.


    010  BATCHADM     STOP                            XBTJ20130114132808467889  14.01.2013  14:50:40  Transaction recorded                                QLOCKSIN111111111111111


    Anyone here who have successfully configured Event-Controlled Message Processing scenarios?


    What seems to be the problem with my setup?


    How can the messages be processed/started after it has been stopped?


    Thanks and Regards,



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  • 12/23/14--11:07: XSengine 500 dispatch error
  • SPS 80

    suse linux enterprise server 11 sp 2

    was working fine.. all the sudden today it is throwing an error..

    trace file

    [Thr 140359035451136] *** ERROR => no valid destination server available for '!ALL' rc=7 {00000003} [http_route.c 3448]

    [Thr 140359034922752] *** ERROR => no valid destination server available for '!J2EE' rc=7 {00000004} [http_route.c 3448]


    500 Dispatching Error


    Error is logged with Tag: {00020132}

    Tue Dec 23 19:04:41 2014



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  • 02/12/15--02:54: SAP ERP 6.0 under RHEL 7
  • Hi all,


    I need to perform an homogenous system copy from RHEL 4.5/Oracle 10.2 to RHEL 7.X /11g.

    two questions :


    What the best path to do this migration?, we are in :

    SAP_BASIS 700 0011
    SAP_ABA 700 0011
    ST-PI 2005_1_700 0005
    PI_BASIS 2006_1_700 0001
    SAP_BW 700 0012
    SAP_AP 700 0008
    SAP_APPL 600 0009
    SAP_HR 600 0018


    Kernel information:


    Version kernel     700

    Nº Supp. Package  150

    ABAP-Load         1563

    CUA-Load          30



    And we want to migrate kernel 700 to kernel 721 or 721 EXT, or other compatible?


    Thank you in advance for your help.

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  • 07/28/11--03:16: SAPinst Command Line Options
  • Hello,


    is it possible to install e.g. NW 7.0 from the Windows/Linux command line without GUI, only with parameters ?

    Is there any documentation ?


    Best regards


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    Dear all,


    we've a BW as a dual-stack-installation and a standalone EP. Now I want to create a system connection to the BW-Java to call BWReport iViews in the Portal via AppIntegrator Scenario from: BW Java and SAP NetWeaver Portal Integration


    But how to create system connection? What are the properties for WAS and ITS and Connector?



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    i am using sap netweaver trial version, but license have expiered.

    so i visited at ps://

    but system id is not available to select item.


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  • 12/04/11--22:15: SMTP Configuration
  • Hi All,


    I am working on SMTP (Mail)Configuration in SAP Solution Manager 7.1.


    I read note 455140 and configured accordingly.


    Steps I followed:


    1. parameters maintained:   icm/server_port_2 = PROT=SMTP,PORT=25000,TIMEOUT=180

                                                is/SMTP/virt_host_0 = *:25000;

    2. User maintained: Dialog user with S_A.SCON profile with user address as  username@<companyname>.com

    3.Client Assignment: (SICF):  a. Host Data:Profile Parameter Number: is/SMTP/virt_host_0

                                                   b. Service data: Client 100, user: username, password: ***, language: EN.

                                                   c. Handler List: CL_SMTP_EXT_SAPCONNECT in the first position

    Saved Changes n Activated.

    4.SAPconnect administration (SCOT):

    a. Default domain: <companyname>.com

    b. Nodes: SMTP  Under node:   Mail Host: <HOSTNAME_OF_SOLMAN>     Mail Port: 25000  In Internet  Address Area: *


    5.Scheduled periodic Job with SAP&CONNECTALL variant

    6. telnet <HOSTNAME> 25000 is successful


    With this settings I am unable to send mails to my company's mail id i.e to Internet Mail . I am getting error:      from SOST:

    No delivery to ishan.sangai@<companyname>.com  (Its a internet mail id )


    Message no. XS812



    The SAP system has processed the message correctly. However, an error occurred in a subsequent system. The message was not delivered to recipient ishan.sangai@<companyname>.com.


    Information from External System

    554 Transaction failed.


    I am not getting why this is happening  but mails within system i.e to user are working.  Please help me to sole this problem.


    Thanks & Regards,


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