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Latest Forum Threads in SAP NetWeaver Technology Platform

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  • 04/14/14--05:12: 0FI_AR_4 - Partial Clearing
  • Hi Guys,

    I have an issue with above extractor regarding the partial clearing. I know as this is a common extractor many of you would have gone through this issue before and able to give me a solution.


    In case of partial clearing against an invoice am not getting the clearing amount from this extractor. Please consider the scenario below.


    I have a billing document 90000 and corresponding account document for this is 10000 and invoice amount is 800 GBP.


    When I receive a partial payment from the customer say 200 GBP it clears and a clearing document gets generated say CLR001.


    Against this clearing document CLR001 I get 2 records.


    1) a credit entry( SHKZG = H) of 800 GBP where Ref doc is blank

    2) a debit entry(SHKZG = S) of 600 GBP where the Ref Doc is 10000


    If I receive another payment from customer say 300 GBP and clear it the new clearing document CLR002 I get 2 records


    1) a credit entry( SHKZG = H) of 600 GBP where Ref doc is blank

    2) a debit entry(SHKZG = S) of 300GBP where the Ref Doc is 10000



    The outstanding amount is displayed against the document status 'O' which is easy to find out.


    This gone on till it gets fully cleared.


    My question here is, If I am required to find out the amount of cleared each time how would I calculated this. Do I have to write routine in the transformation by comparing the debit and credit line item of each clearing document and taking the difference based on debit/credit indicator.


    Please advise. Maybe I will have few more queries after I get your reply.


    Thanking you in advance...

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    I fatally deleted too many files of my Sneak-Preview (I didn't want to do so, so let's don't discuss why or how this could happen) so that now nothing works anymore.

    The attempt to reinstall stops at the same point like the attempt to delete it via UNINSTSAP.BAT:

    "MDB-07057  The system is inconsistent. Registry or SAP_DBTech information is available, but software is not complete."

    I tried to delete the specific Registry-Entries, but the System didn't let me to do so.


    Is there anybody having an Idea how to tell the Installation to ignore the Entries in the Registry or how to delete the Entries in the Registry?

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    Some Internet users receive the error message “Login to ISA unsuccessful - function startLogin in response detected!” some days in the afternoon when they connect on the Internet site (EP portal, connected to CRM).


    I found this error message in the portal logs, but this does not give the root cause.


    I can see that the number of portal connections increases during the afternoon. Is it related? It is the cause or the consequence? I cannot determine it.


    Could you please advise me on how to analyze and solve this issue?


    Best regards


    Daniel Ouin

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    wondering if the HCM System is included in this installation.

    If not what image would I need to download?


    Thank you


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    Hi SAP community,


    is it possible to enable SSO on NW 7.0 (ERP 6.0 SR3 - Win64-Kernel 720) based on SPNEGO with Active Directory?


    The notes (for example 1798979) I found so far, this can be first used with NW 7.02 and Kernel 7.2.1.


    Just want to make sure, that I didn't miss something ...


    As far as I understood, SSO in this landscape will work only via SNC library ... that has some limits (like changing SAP password, last time I checked) ...


    Is there a way to provide in alternate way SSO without losing ABAP as UME?


    Many thanks for your help.


    Best regards




    Carlos Behlau

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    Hi experts,


    We configured here the SAP Webdispatcher do run in SSL. We follow this instruction:


    But now when we tries to access the https://servername.domain:https_port/sap/admin/public/default.html show us this message:


    403 forbidden (wrong port)


    In dev_webdisp log appear:

    [Thr 1129187648] *** ERROR => IcmConnInitServerSSL: SapSSLSessionStart returned (-25): SSSLERR_NO_SSL_REQUEST [icxxconn_mt. 1689]


    Have you any idear what should we do to solve this issue?







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  • 03/24/14--00:57: SAP STARTUP FAILED: TIMEOUT
  • HI,



    I have SAP ECC6 EHP6 ON SYBASE ( it is High Availability system on RedHad Linux)


    when I try to start SAP  with startsap <VHOSTNAME>, i get the error


    /home/SIDADM/startsap_ERS10 log



    I had tried with other possible options like

    > startsap <INSTANCE_NAME>

    > startsap


    it says no profiles found


    my ERS log in /usr/sap/SID/ERS/work/disp_enrepsrv.log


    [Thr 140737353979680] Fri Mar 21 17:44:43 2014

    [Thr 140737353979680] Replication server start with instance number 00

    [Thr 140737353979680] Enqueue server on host <VHOST>, IP-addr, port 50016

    [Thr 140737353979680] ***LOG Q0I=> NiPConnect2: connect (111: Connection refused) [nixxi.cpp 3286]

    [Thr 140737353979680] *** ERROR => NiPConnect2: SiPeekPendConn failed for hdl 1/sock 8

        (SI_ECONN_REFUSE/111; I4; ST; [nixxi.cpp    3286]

    [Thr 140737353979680] *** ERROR => EncNiConnect: unable to connect (NIECONN_REFUSED) [encomi.c     447]

    [Thr 140737353979680] *** ERROR => RepServer: main: connect failed with return code -7 [enrepserv.cp 760]



    need some light on this.


    thanks & regards,


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    SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.31

    AIX 7.1

    Oracle 11G


    in EWA report found




    6 Hardware Capacity


    No CPU virtualization data is available for at least one shared CPU pool LPAR (SPLPAR).


    Please suggest how to fix this?

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    Hi All


    I am trying to run the backup thru brtool utility and am getting below mentioned error.




    BR0051I BRBACKUP 7.00 (32)

    BR0055I Start of database backup: benqcbwx.ffd 2014-04-14 15.20.31

    BR0484I BRBACKUP log file: /oracle/RJH/sapbackup/benqcbwx.ffd

    BR0071E BRBACKUP currently running or was killed

    BR0072I Please delete file /oracle/RJH/sapbackup/.lock.brb if BRBACKUP was killed

    BR0073E Setting of BRBACKUP lock failed

    BR0280I BRBACKUP time stamp: 2014-04-14 15.20.31

    BR0301E SQL error -1033 at location BrDbConnect-2, SQL statement:

    'CONNECT /'

    ORA-01033: ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress

    BR0310E Connect to database instance RJH failed



    BR0056I End of database backup: benqcbwx.ffd 2014-04-14 15.20.31

    BR0280I BRBACKUP time stamp: 2014-04-14 15.20.31

    BR0054I BRBACKUP terminated with errors

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    where and how can I find the correct kernel "NW740" for my SAP Web Dispatcher installation?


    I proceeded like this:


    Software Provisioning Manager -> SAPinst -> SAP Netweaver 7.4 -> MS SQL Server -> SAP Systems -> Standalone Engines -> Web Dispatcher.


    Now during step 2 "defining parameters" I need to provide a software package calles "Kernel NW740". My server is a MS server 2008 x64.

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    I have a requirement to Migrate the OLD kpro server ( Content Server 630, MaxDB 7.5, Windows 2003 32-bit) to the NEW kpro server ( Content Server 640, MaxDB 7.8, Windows 2008 64-bit).


    Following are the installations i have done on Windows 2008 64 bit.


    1) Installed Content Server 640.

    2) Installed MaxDB 7.6.and Upgraded MaxDB to 7.8.

    3) Backed up the Database of MaxDB 7.5.

    4) Restored the database of MaxDB 7.5 to MaxDB 7.8.

    5) Connected the Content Server to the SAP System.


    All the above steps completed successfully. Content Server is up and running however Content Repository's status is showing OFFLINE. CSADMIN or ContentServer URL shows repository is offline. I tried deleting and recreating content repository multiple time but no luck. Does anyone have any idea?


    ServerType="SAP HTTP Content Server";serverVendorId="Copyright SAP AG, All rights reserved 1998, 2001";serverVersion="6400";serverPatch="9";serverBuild="201";pVersion="0046";serverStatus="running";serverStatusDescription="";serverDate="2014-04-18";serverTime="05:46:33";startUpDate="2014-04-18";startUpTime="05:06:37";lastAccessDate="2014-04-18";lastAccessTime="05:43:29";
    contRep="ZTEST";contRepStatus="offline";pVersion="0046";storage="ContentStorage";storageVersion="015";storageBuild="201";contRepDescription="Test DMS";contentStorageHost="test";contentStorageName="SDB";secKeyVerification="y";defaultDocProt="";




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    Hi all,


    I am trying to setup CTS+ for BODS systems to transport the objects from dev--> QA---> Prod.

    I Couldnt find any document which explains about CTS+ for BODS systems.


    I have some knowledge on how CTS+ works and worked on CTS + for EP and PI.

    Can someone let me know the steps involved in setting up CTS + for BODS 4.1 systems.





    Message was edited by: Andy Silvey

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  • 04/20/14--19:18: Reg: Guided Procedures
  • Hello Guru's,


    We have recently upgraded our Portal Landscape to 7.4. And when accessing the Life and Work Events we are getting the message below:


    You have the Overseer role activated. All visibility customizations to the runtime panels are ignored.


    And I have checked the processes and see there is no Overseer Role assigned, and the Role Type is set to Initiator for all the processes.


    Please help me in fixing this issue.




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    it is about data migration and the source is a mainframe/VSAM.

    Yes, one approach is to create a mainframe script to dump the VSAM data into a structured file.


    For our volume of data and the limited downtime which we expect that will be a pretty "inconvenient" approach.


    I heard about Q-replicator and WebSphere MQ, and ODBC/DB OLE...

    Does anybody have the knowledge to give me some how-to's and advices?


    Thanks in advance and best regards,


    PS: target will be SAP HANA of course

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  • 02/22/12--07:14: Stuck on EHP1 upgrade
  • Hello Experts,


    I have stuck on the EHP1 configuration phase.


    ERROR: Unable to generate addon queue due to missing addons or support packages.

    Missing Support Package(s):






    You need to add the missing Support Packages or to repeat the current step

    and change the Add-On selection in phase IS_SELECT.


    Please let me know what is the exactly issue.


    I have already check with the stack file.


    But is not helpful.


    Waiting for the move this phase asap.


    Thanks for advanced.




    Hemant G

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    We update the BW landscape for version 7.4 suppport package 4 (whitout HANA).

    We use a external system connection to extract data from a SQLServer database (Microsoft Connector 1.1 for SAP/BW)


    In the previous version (BW 7.0.1 SP 10) run correctly, but now is in error.


    Below the  BW error log:



    Error: COMMUNICATION_FAILURE with function RSB_API_OHS_3RDPARTY_NOTIFY and target system SQLIS.

    Error when opening an RFC connection (CPIC-CALL: 'ThSAPOCMINIT' : cmRc=2 thRc=679 Transaction program not regist).



    Error log of Integrations Services


    [SAP BI Destination 1 [476]] Error: Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.SapBw.Connectivity.ERPException: An error occurred during the dispatch of the incoming function. The last return code was "RFC_FAILURE".

    em Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.SapBw.Components.SapBwSourceBWLoader.ProcessInput(Int32 inputID, PipelineBuffer buffer)

    em Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline.ManagedComponentHost.HostProcessInput(IDTSManagedComponentWrapper100 wrapper, Int32 inputID, IDTSBuffer100 pDTSBuffer, IntPtr bufferWirePacket)


    [SSIS.Pipeline] Error: SSIS Error Code DTS_E_PROCESSINPUTFAILED.  The ProcessInput method on component "SAP BI Destination 1" (476) failed with error code 0x80131500 while processing input "SAP BI Destination Input" (491). The identified component returned an error from the ProcessInput method. The error is specific to the component, but the error is fatal and will cause the Data Flow task to stop running.  There may be error messages posted before this with more information about the failure.



    I checked the topic and notes below, but without success


    CPIC Return Code 679 - Transaction Program not Registered - ABAP Connectivity - SCN Wiki


    Note 1480644 - gw/acl_mode versus gw/reg_no_conn_info.

    Note 353597 - Registering RFC server programs





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  • 04/22/14--14:29: Remove language in SMLT
  • Hi,


    I have to install French Canadian 3F language. I have classify it in SMLT with English as supplement language but not imported the supplementation language to individual clients.


    SAP is not allowing any changes to that entry nor i can able to delete (via report RSLANG20) and recreate it.


    Please suggest if anyone have any info on this.

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    I am trying to use a URL which points to our VIP.  I can use the URL in Internet Explorer 10 from my desktop and call /sap/bc/ping successfully.

    I know the port the VIP is off loading and have wdisp/system_0 = SID=, MSHOST=(my_url), MSSPORT=xxxx, and SRCSRV=*:xxxx configured in my profile.


    I can telnet to both the url and IP address with the  designated secure message server port from my source Microsoft Server 2008 SR2 x64.  I can start the Web Dispatcher locally but not successful in making an RFC call through the VIP and into the backend.


    Results of sapwebdisp pf=(my_profile) -checkconfig:


    Server info will be retrieved from host: with protocol: https
    Checking connection to message server of system (my SID)...
    ERROR: Unexpected HTTP OK code 404 received -
    please check that is really the HTTPS port of the Message Server

    Check ended with 1 errors, 0 warnings


    I have tried both secure ports which are active on the backend ABAP instance with identical results.  And as stated previously I can resolve the URL from my desktop successfully.


    Trace Level 3 log shows: [SAP Note 552286 is of course NOT Helpful!]


    Thr 2288]   Subject Alt Names:,,

    [Thr 2288]   MatchTargetName("", dNSName="") == EXACT match

    [Thr 2288] <<- SapSSLSessionStart(sssl_hdl=0000000008106800)==SAP_O_K

    [Thr 2288]  in/out: status = "resumed SSL session"

    [Thr 2288]   Subject DN = ", SN=400003312, BC=Private Organization, O=myurl., OID., OID., L=Houston, SP=Texas, C=US"

    [Thr 2288]   Issuer  DN = "CN=Entrust Certification Authority - L1E, OU="(c) 2009 Entrust, Inc.", is incorporated by reference, O="Entrust, Inc.", C=US"

    [Thr 2288] ->> SapSSLWrite(sssl_hdl=0000000008106800, buf=00000000153AF500, len=50, timeout=60000, &writelen=00000000153AF420)

    [Thr 2288] <<- SapSSLWrite(sssl_hdl=0000000008106800)==SAP_O_K

    [Thr 2288]  in/out: ... = "buf= 00000000153AF500, written= 50 of 50 (all)"

    [Thr 2288] ->> SapSSLRead(sssl_hdl=0000000008106800, buf=0000000014144CC0, buf_max=65535, timeout=60000, &readlen=00000000153AF410)

    [Thr 2288] <<- SapSSLRead(sssl_hdl=0000000008106800)==SAP_O_K

    [Thr 2288]  in/out: ... = "buf= 0000000014144CC0, max=65535, received=2502"

    [Thr 2288] IcrIHandleHTTPClientRequest received response: len = 2502

    [Thr 2288] ICT: IctIHttpOpenMessage: 0000000014154CD0 typ=2

    [Thr 2288] ICR: HTTP response error code = 404

    [Thr 2288] ICT: IctHttpCloseMessage( 0000000014154CD0 ) -> u=0 rc=0

    [Thr 2288] ->> SapSSLSessionDone(&sssl_hdl=0000000007F8C668)

    [Thr 2288] <<- SapSSLSessionDone()==SAP_O_K

    [Thr 2288]      in: sssl_hdl   = 0000000008106800

    [Thr 2288]  in/out: ... ni_hdl = 59

    [Thr 2288] NiICloseHandle: shutdown and close hdl 59/sock 32820

    [Thr 2288] IcmConnClientRqFree: Connection 0/8 closed

    [Thr 2288] IcmConnFreeContext: context 0 released

    [Thr 2288] IcmServDecrRefCount: webdisp1:65477 - new serv_ref_count: 0

    [Thr 2288] IcrIHandleHTTPClientRequest dest='' URL='/msgserver/text/logon?version=1.2' -> -1

    [Thr 2288] *** ERROR => Could not connect to SAP Message Server at URL=/msgserver/text/logon?version=1.2 [icrxx.c      4315]

    [Thr 2288] *** ERROR => rc=-1, HTTP response code: 404 [icrxx.c      4316]

    [Thr 2288] *** ERROR => see also SAP note 552286 [icrxx.c      4317]

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    we have a SAP Netweaver 7.3 Java only system and would like to know, if it's possible to do a kernel upgrade to 7.40 or 7.41.

    I checked PAM, but in PAM I can only see released kernels for ABAP Application server. If option "Application Server Java" is chosen, no kernels are shown.

    Do the kernels from "Application server ABAP" section correspond to JAVA section? According to this kernel 7.40/7.41 is not released for Netweaver 7.3.




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    Hi ~  We are in the process of upgrading our portal landscape from NW 7.01 to NW 7.3. As part of this upgrade we also need to migrate our JSP based PCR's to NW 7.3 complaint versions. We migrated PCR "par" files to "ear" files using PAR Migration Tool and deployed them in our  NW 7.3 sandbox portal. The migrated PCR's are not working which includes out-of-box PCR Team Viewer,  PCR Selection Page etc. We checked in NWA "Start & Stop: Java Applications" page to confirm if the applications were running and noticed they were stopped. We were able to restart some apps however PCR Team Viewer would not restart and the error we see in NWA is - "Implicit stopped (dependency failed)". The associated error from the log is pasted below (in bold letters). The root cause or atleast part of the problem appears to be a utilility ear "" which was missing after NW 7.3 upgrade. Gabbed copy of this utility from Dev portal and migrated / deployed it in Sandbox. The system for some reason does not recognize this util is deployed, and this is affecting many HCM applications some of which are listed below.



    Just wondering if you anyone has noticed this type of issue during your NW 7.3 upgrade project, and if so what you did to resolve them. Appreciate any information you can share in regards to this issue, and other PCR related issues.




    Application cannot be started. Reason: it has hard reference to the following resources, which are currently not available on the system: hard to SAPPORTAL/ (public) (f=true, cl=true); .
    In order to start the application, components...

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